Wei, Ran

Mobile Media, Political Participation, and Civic Activism in Asia

Wei, Ran - Mobile Media, Political Participation, and Civic Activism in Asia, ebook


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Table of contents

1. The Mobile Phone and Political Participation in Asia: Theorizing the Dynamics of Personalized Technologies and Networked Externality
Ran Wei

Part I. Asian Mobile Communication Research in Global Perspective

2. Mobile Media as a Political Institution in Asia: Preliminary Evidence from Empirical Research 2000–2015
Ran Wei, Jane O’Boyle

3. Developing Political Associational Ties on Mobile Social Media: A Cross-National Study of the Asia-Pacific Region
Wan Chi Leung

Part II. Mobile Communication and Civic Engagement

4. Political Conversations as Civic Engagement: Examining Patterns from Mobile Communication Logs in Japan
Takahisa Suzuki, Tetsuro Kobayashi, Jeffrey Boase

5. Public Discourse on Genetically Modified Foods in the Mobile Sphere: Framing Risks, Opportunities, and Responsibilities in Mobile Social Media in China
Nan Yu, Qian Xu

6. Examining the Role of Mobile Media in Public Engagement with GMO Foods Among Chinese Consumers
Nainan Wen, Xiaoming Hao, Xin Han

7. Civic Engagement in Myanmar: The Promise and Threat of Mobile Communication and the Internet
Rajiv George Aricat, Rich Ling

8. The Impacts of Mobile Social Media on Collective Action: Two Case Studies from Singapore and Indonesia
Natalie Pang, Debbie Goh, Abdul Rohman

Part III. Mobile Communication and Political Activism

9. Social Media, Mobile Communication, and the Elections: Examining Independent Candidates’ Weibo Use for Local People’s Congress Election Campaigns in China
Fei Shen

10. The Effects of Social Media and Mobile Apps Use on Political Participation in Taiwan
Yi-Ning Katherine Chen

11. Exploring the Potential for Mobile Communications to Engender an Engaged Citizenry: A Comparative Study of University Students in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan
Michael Chan, Francis Lee, Hsuan-ting Chen

12. Rethinking Mobile Media Tactics in Protests: A Comparative Case Study of Hong Kong and Malawi
Bruce Mutsvairo, Suzanne Temwa Gondwe Harris

Keywords: Social Sciences, Communication Studies, Regional and Cultural Studies

Publication year
Mobile Communication in Asia: Local Insights, Global Implications
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15 pages
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