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Osseous Projectile Weaponry

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Table of contents

1. Late Pleistocene Osseous Projectile Technology and Cultural Variability
Michelle C. Langley

Part I. Africa

2. Osseous Projectile Weaponry from Early to Late Middle Stone Age Africa
Lucinda Backwell, Francesco d’Errico

3. Bone Point Functional Diversity: A Cautionary Tale from Southern Africa
Justin Bradfield

Part II. Europe

4. Early Upper Paleolithic Osseous Points from Croatia
Ivor Karavanic´

5. Spanish Aurignacian Projectile Points: An Example of the First European Paleolithic Hunting Weapons in Osseous Materials
José-Miguel Tejero

6. Projectile Weaponry from the Aurignacian to the Gravettian of the Swabian Jura (Southwest Germany): Raw Materials, Manufacturing and Typology
Sibylle Wolf, Susanne C. Münzel, Krista Dotzel, Martina M. Barth, Nicholas J. Conard

7. Gravettian Projectile Points: Considerations About the Evolution of Osseous Hunting Weapons in France
Nejma Goutas

8. Upper Paleolithic Bone and Antler Projectiles in the Spanish Mediterranean Region: The Magdalenian Period
Valentín Villaverde, J. Emili Aura Tortosa, María Borao, Didac Roman

9. A Review of the Osseous Projectile Points from the Upper Paleolithic of Portugal
Marina Almeida Évora

10. Diversity and Evolution of Osseous Hunting Equipment During the Magdalenian (21,000–14,000 cal BP)
Michelle C. Langley, Jean-Marc Pétillon, Marianne Christensen

11. Osseous Projectile Points in the Magdalenian: ‘True’ Points Versus Pointed Waste-Products
François-Xavier Chauvière

Part III. Southeast Asia & Australia

12. Bone Technology from Late Pleistocene Caves and Rockshelters of Sri Lanka
Nimal Perera, Patrick Roberts, Michael Petraglia

13. The Walandawe Tradition from Southeast Sulawesi and Osseous Artifact Traditions in Island Southeast Asia
Ken Aplin, Sue O’Connor, David Bulbeck, Philip J. Piper, Ben Marwick, Emma St Pierre, Fadhila Aziz

14. Bone Projectile Points in Prehistoric Australia: Evidence from Archaeologically Recovered Implements, Ethnography, and Rock Art
Harry Allen, Michelle C. Langley, Paul S. C. Taçon

Part IV. The Americas

15. A Review of Late Pleistocene North American Bone and Ivory Tools
Michael J. O’Brien, R. Lee Lyman, Briggs Buchanan, Mark Collard

16. Hunter-Gatherers of the Old and New Worlds: Morphological and Functional Comparisons of Osseous Projectile Points
Marianne Christensen, Dominique Legoupil, Jean-Marc Pétillon

Keywords: Social Sciences, Archaeology, Anthropology, Regional and Cultural Studies, Cultural Studies, Cultural History, Biogeosciences

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Vertebrate Paleobiology and Paleoanthropology
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