Gopalakrishnan, Sundararaman G.

Advanced Numerical Modeling and Data Assimilation Techniques for Tropical Cyclone Prediction

Gopalakrishnan, Sundararaman G. - Advanced Numerical Modeling and Data Assimilation Techniques for Tropical Cyclone Prediction, ebook


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Table of contents

Part 1. State-of-the-art Observations for Advancing TC Research

1. Advancing the Understanding and Prediction of Tropical Cyclones Using Aircraft Observations
Frank D. Marks

2. Use of Satellite Observations in Tropical Cyclone Studies
C. M. Kishtawal

Part 2. Advances in Numerical Weather Predictions for Tropical Cyclones

3. Overview of the NOAA/NCEP Operational Hurricane Weather Research and Forecast (HWRF) Modelling System
Vijay Tallapragada

4. Physical Processes in Tropical Cyclone Models
Jian-Wen Bao

5. Sub-Grid Vertical Turbulent Mixing in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer
Jian-Wen Bao

6. Air-Sea Turbulent Flux Parameterizations in Tropical Cyclone Models
Jian-Wen Bao

7. Present State of Knowledge of Electrification and Lightning within Tropical Cyclones and Their Relationships to Microphysics and Storm Intensity
Alexandre O. Fierro

8. The Role of Land Surface Processes on Tropical Cyclones: Introduction to Land Surface Models
Dev Niyogi, Subashini Subramanian, Krishna K. Osuri

9. The Role of Land Surface Processes on Extreme Weather Events: Land Data Assimilation System
Dev Niyogi, Krishna K. Osuri, S. Subramanian, U. C. Mohanty

10. Ocean Component of the HWRF Coupled Model and Model Evaluation
Richard M. Yablonsky

Part 3. Advanced Assimilation and Vortex Initialization Techniques

11. Introduction to Data Assimilation Techniques and Ensemble Kalman Filter
A. Routray, Krishna K. Osuri, S. Pattanayak, U. C. Mohanty

12. Data Assimilation and Predictability of Tropical Cyclones
Fuqing Zhang

13. Data Assimilation: Comparison and Hybridization between Ensemble and Variational Methods
Fuqing Zhang, Ashish Routray

Part 4. Monitoring and Prediction of Tropical Cyclones

14. Operational ACCESS-TC: Vortex Specification, 4DVAR Initialization, Verification and Structure Diagnostics
Noel Davidson, Yi Xiao, Harry Weber, Yimin Ma, Charlie Lok, Lawrie Rikus, Jeff Kepert, Peter Steinle, James Fraser, Radhika Kanase

15. Physical Initialization in Tropical Cyclone Forecasting
T. N. Krishnamurti, A. Jaya Kumar, Y. E. A. Raj, S. B Thampi

16. Monitoring and Forecasting of Tropical Cyclones over North Indian Ocean
M. Mohapatra

17. Operational Tropical Cyclone Forecasts Models at IMD and Their Performance
S. K. Roy Bhowmik

18. Tropical Cyclone Research over the North Indian Ocean: Impact of Data and Vortex Initialization in High Resolution Mesoscale Models
U. C. Mohanty, Krishna K. Osuri, Sujata Pattanayak

19. Superensemble Technique for Tropical Cyclone Prediction
T. N. Krishnamurti, S. Pattnaik, M. Mandal

20. Advanced Diagnostics for the HWRF Hurricane Modelling System
Thiago Quirino, Sundararaman G. Gopalakrishnan

Part 5. Advances in Tropical Cyclone Research

21. Introduction to Hurricane Dynamics: Tropical Cyclone Intensification
Michael T. Montgomery

22. Recent Advances in Tropical Cyclogenesis
Michael T. Montgomery

23. The Hurricane Boundary Layer
Sundararaman G. Gopalakrishnan, C. Venkata Srinivas, Kieran T. Bhatia

24. Balanced Dynamics in Tropical Cyclones
Chanh Q. Kieu, Da-Lin Zhang

25. Quasi-balanced Dynamics in Tropical Cyclones
Chanh Q. Kieu, Da-Lin Zhang

26. Using Budgets to Study Tropical Cyclones
Wallace Hogsett, Da-Lin Zhang

27. The Storm Surge Prediction over Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea: A Review
Sujata Pattanayak, U. C. Mohanty, S. K. Dube

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Atmospheric Sciences, Natural Hazards, Earth System Sciences, Environmental Science and Engineering

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