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Handbook of Community Well-Being Research

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Table of contents

Part I. Foundations

1. Community Functioning That Fosters Sustainable Social Well-Being
Ronald E. Anderson

2. Punk Rock Wisdom: An Emancipative Psychological Social Capital Approach to Community Well-Being
Craig A. Talmage, C. Bjørn Peterson, Richard C. Knopf

3. The ART of Hope: Healing the Wounded City
Derek Cook

4. Multi-dimensional Model of Community Well-Being from a Public Service Delivery Perspective
Youngwha Kee

5. Happiness: An Alternative Objective for Sustainable Community Development
Scott Cloutier, Deirdre Pfeiffer

Part II. Engaging and Participating for Well-Being

6. Debriefs as Process Evaluation for Community Well-Being: Community-based Participatory Research with Métis Settlements in Alberta, Canada
Fay Fletcher, Alicia Hibbert, Brent Hammer

7. Achieving Community Well-Being Through Community Participatory Governance: The Case of Saemaul Undong
Seung Jong Lee, Yunji Kim

8. A Citizen-Led Approach to Enhancing Community Well-Being
Sylvia Cheuy, Leesa Fawcett, Karen Hutchinson, Tracey Robertson

9. Community Well-Being and Information Technology
Claire Wallace, Kathryn Vincent

10. Festivity, Play, Well-Being … Historical and Rhetorical Relationships: Implications for Communities
Vern Biaett

Part III. The “Health” of Well-Being

11. What We Can Learn from America’s Highest Well-Being Communities
Dan Witters

12. Public Health and Urban Planning: Challenging Options for Well-Being: Experiences from Germany
Sabine Baumgart

13. Community-Driven Health Impact Assessment and Asset-Based Community Development: An Innovate Path to Community Well-Being
Colleen Cameron, Tanya Wasacase

14. The Human Development Approach: Stimulating a Fact-Based Conversation About Improving the Human Condition in Sonoma County, California
Sarah Burd-Sharps, Patrick Nolan Guyer, Kristen Lewis

15. Community Capacity in End of Life Care: Can a Community Development Model Address Suffering and Enhance Well-Being?
Kyle Y. Whitfield, Martin LaBrie

Part IV. Planning, Design, and Measuring

16. From National to Local: Measuring Well-Being at the Community Level
Bryan Smale, Margo Hilbrecht

17. Building Well-Being: Neighbourhood Flourishing and Approaches for Participatory Urban Design Intervention
Jamie Anderson, Cathy Baldwin

18. Stakeholder Preferences on a Working Waterfront: Quality of Life, Land Uses and Planning Processes in Chelsea, Massachusetts
Justin B. Hollander, Jessica Soule

19. LISADEMAS: A Life Satisfaction Decision-Making System for Integrated Community Development Planning
Vaios Kotsios

20. A Geographic and Mixed Methods Approach to Capture Unequal Quality-of-Life Conditions
Javier Martinez, Jeroen Verplanke, Gianluca Miscione

21. Distinguishing Flourishing from Distressed Communities: Vulnerability, Resilience and a Systemic Framework to Facilitate Well-Being
Clifford J. Shultz, Don R. Rahtz, M. Joseph Sirgy

22. Measuring Community Well-Being and Individual Well-Being for Public Policy: The Case of the Community Well-Being Atlas
Yunji Kim, Kai Ludwigs

23. Delivering Community Well-Being from the Happy City Concept: A Practical Approach to Urban Planning and Design
Tzu-Yuan Stessa Chao, Shao-Kuan Liu, Balint Kalman, Hsin-Chieh Cindy Lu, Miaoqi Cai

Part V. Community Concepts and Applications

24. The Role of Community-Based Organizations: The Case of the Saemaul Undong Women’s Club
Oe-Chool Choi

25. Rural Poverty and Well-Being: Material and Sociocultural Disconnections
Paul Milbourne, Brian Webb

26. The Role of Spirituality in Building Capacity for Women’s Leadership in Crisis Conditions: A Community Level Analysis of Burma
Phyusin Myint

27. The Decisive Contribution of Youth to Community Well-Being
Ilya Shodjaee-Zrudlo, Hoda Farahmandpour

28. Community Well-Being and National Well-Being: The Opinion of Young People
Graciela Tonon

29. Understanding the Impact of Alberta’s Early Child Development Community Coalitions on Community Well-Being
Samantha Berger, Launa Clark, Line Marie Perron

30. The Green Machine Mobile Market: An Innovative Response to Food Insecurity in the Bluff City
Antonio Raciti, Kenneth M. Reardon

31. Can Living Wage Be a Win-Win Policy? A Study of Living Wage Effects on Employer and Employee Performance in Hamilton, Canada
Zhaocheng Zeng, Benson Honig

32. Erratum: LISADEMAS: A Life Satisfaction Decision-Making System for Integrated Community Development Planning
Vaios Kotsios

Keywords: Social Sciences, Quality of Life Research, Community and Environmental Psychology, Sustainable Development, Landscape/Regional and Urban Planning

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