Fischer-Kowalski, Marina

Ester Boserup’s Legacy on Sustainability

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Table of contents

Part I. Ester Boserup’s Intellectual Heritage

1. Ester Boserup: An Interdisciplinary Visionary Relevant for Sustainability
B. L. Turner, Marina Fischer-Kowalski

2. “Finding Out Is My Life”: Conversations with Ester Boserup in the 1990s
Jon Mathieu

3. Boserup’s Theory on Technological Change as a Point of Departure for the Theory of Sociometabolic Regime Transitions
Marina Fischer-Kowalski, Fridolin Krausmann, Andreas Mayer, Anke Schaffartzik

Part II. Land Use, Technology and Agriculture

4. The Dwindling Role of Population Pressure in Land Use Change—a Case from the South West Pacific
Torben Birch-Thomsen, Anette Reenberg

5. Conceptual and Empirical Approaches to Mapping and Quantifying Land-Use Intensity
Karlheinz Erb, Maria Niedertscheider, Jan Philipp Dietrich, Christoph Schmitz, Peter H. Verburg, Martin Rudbeck Jepsen, Helmut Haberl

6. Malthusian Assumptions, Boserupian Response in Transition to Agriculture Models
Carsten Lemmen

7. Reconciling Boserup with Malthus: Agrarian Change and Soil Degradation in Olive Orchards in Spain (1750–2000)
Juan Infante-Amate, Manuel González de Molina, Tom Vanwalleghem, David Soto Fernández, José Alfonso Gómez

8. Beyond Boserup: The Role of Working Time in Agricultural Development
Lisa Ringhofer, Simron Jit Singh, Marina Fischer-Kowalski

Part III. Population and Gender

9. Following Boserup’s Traces: From Invisibility to Informalisation of Women’s Economy to Engendering Development in Translocal Spaces
Gudrun Lachenmann

10. Daughters of the Hills: Gendered Agricultural Production, Modernisation, and Declining Child Sex Ratios in the Indian Central Himalayas
Pernille Gooch

11. Revisiting Boserup’s Hypotheses in the Context of Africa
Ngozi M. Nwakeze, Anke Schaffartzik

12. An Interpretation of Large-Scale Land Deals Using Boserup’s Theories of Agricultural Intensification, Gender and Rural Development
Julia A. Behrman, Ruth Meinzen-Dick, Agnes R. Quisumbing

13. Labour Migration and Gendered Agricultural Asset Shifts in Southeastern Mexico: Two Stories of Farming Wives and Daughters
Birgit Schmook, Claudia Radel, Ana Crisol Méndez-Medina

14. Working Time of Farm Women and Small-Scale Sustainable Farming in Austria
Barbara Smetschka, Veronika Gaube, Juliana Lutz

15. A Human Ecological Approach to Ester Boserup: Steps Towards Engendering Agriculture and Rural Development
Parto Teherani-Krönner

16. Conclusions: Re-Evaluating Boserup in the Light of the Contributions to this Volume
Marina Fischer-Kowalski, Anette Reenberg

Jon Mathieu

Marina Fischer-Kowalski, Anette Reenberg, Anke Schaffartzik, Andreas Mayer

Keywords: Environment, Sustainable Development, Agriculture, Gender Studies, Ecosystems, Human Geography

Publication year
Human-Environment Interactions
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25 pages
Natural Sciences
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