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Companion Modelling

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
François Bousquet, Michel Étienne, Patrick d’Aquino

2. Companion Modelling: A Method of Adaptive and Participatory Research
Olivier Barreteau, François Bousquet, Michel Étienne, Véronique Souchère, Patrick d’Aquino

3. The Commodian Stance: Interpersonal Skills and Expertise
William’s Daré, Cécile Barnaud, Patrick d’Aquino, Michel Étienne, Christine Fourage, Véronique Souchère

4. Models for Sharing Representations
Christophe Le Page, Géraldine Abrami, Olivier Barreteau, Nicolas Becu, Pierre Bommel, Aurélie Botta, Anne Dray, Claude Monteil, Véronique Souchère

5. Contexts and Dependencies in the ComMod Processes
Raphaël Mathevet, Martine Antona, Cécile Barnaud, Christine Fourage, Guy Trébuil, Sigrid Aubert

6. Power Asymmetries in Companion Modelling Processes
Cécile Barnaud, Patrick d’Aquino, William’s Daré, Christine Fourage, Raphaël Mathevet, Guy Trébuil

7. Assessment and Monitoring of the Effects of the ComMod Approach
Pascal Perez, Sigrid Aubert, William’s Daré, Raphaèle Ducrot, Natalie Jones, Jérôme Queste, Guy Trébuil, AnneMarie Paassen

8. How do Participants View the Technologies Used in Companion Modelling?
Nicolas Becu, Pierre Bommel, Aurelie Botta, Christophe Le Page, Pascal Perez

9. ComMod: Engaged Research’s Contribution to Sustainable Development
Sigrid Aubert, Christine Fourage, AnneMarie Paassen, Pascal Perez, Raphaël Mathevet, Cécile Barnaud, Martine Antona

10. Learning About Interdependencies and Dynamics
William’s Daré, AnneMarie Paassen, Raphaèle Ducrot, Raphaël Mathevet, Jérôme Queste, Guy Trébuil, Cécile Barnaud, Erwann Lagabrielle

11. The Companion Modelling Approach: Dealing with Multiple Scales and Multiple Levels of Organization
Raphaèle Ducrot, Aurélie Botta, Patrick d’Aquino, Martine Antona, Géraldine Abrami, Stefano Farolfi, Jean-Pierre Müller, Erwann Lagabrielle, Christophe Le Page

12. Transferring the ComMod Approach
Michel Étienne, François Bousquet, Christophe Le Page, Guy Trébuil

13. Conclusion
Michel Étienne

Keywords: Environment, Sustainable Development, Environmental Monitoring/Analysis, Environmental Management

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Natural Sciences

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