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Seaweed Phylogeography

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Table of contents

Part I. The Field of Phylogeographic Research on Seaweeds

1. Seaweed Phylogeography from 1994 to 2014: An Overview
Zi-Min Hu, De-Lin Duan, Juan Lopez-Bautista

2. Paradigm Shifts in the Phylogeographic Analysis of Seaweeds
W. Stewart Grant

3. The Dynamic Biogeography of the Anthropocene: The Speed of Recent Range Shifts in Seaweeds
Sandra C. Straub, Mads Solgaard Thomsen, Thomas Wernberg

Part II. Seaweed at Sea: Floating as a Dispersal Mechanism

4. Float and Raft: Role of Buoyant Seaweeds in the Phylogeography and Genetic Structure of Non-buoyant Associated Flora
Erasmo C. Macaya, Boris López, Fadia Tala, Florence Tellier, Martin Thiel

5. Change in Southern Hemisphere Intertidal Communities Through Climate Cycles: The Role of Dispersing Algae
Ceridwen I. Fraser

Part III. Invasive Seaweeds

6. Non-native Seaweeds Drive Changes in Marine Coastal Communities Around the World
Mads Solgaard Thomsen, Thomas Wernberg, Paul M. South, David R. Schiel

7. Towards an Integrative Phylogeography of Invasive Marine Seaweeds, Based on Multiple Lines of Evidence
Marianela Zanolla, Nikos Andreakis

Part IV. Comparative Phylogeography of Seaweeds

8. Phylogeography of Tropical Pacific Marine Algae
Alison R. Sherwood, Giuseppe C. Zuccarello

9. Evolution and Biogeography of Laminarialean Kelps
Hiroshi Kawai, Takeaki Hanyuda, Shinya Uwai

10. Phylogeography of Seaweeds in the South East Pacific: Complex Evolutionary Processes Along a Latitudinal Gradient
Marie-Laure Guillemin, Myriam Valero, Florence Tellier, Erasmo C. Macaya, Christophe Destombe, Sylvain Faugeron

11. Climate Oscillations, Range Shifts and Phylogeographic Patterns of North Atlantic Fucaceae
João Neiva, Ester A. Serrão, Jorge Assis, Gareth A. Pearson, James A. Coyer, Jeanine L. Olsen, Galice Hoarau, Myriam Valero

12. Survival in Glacial Refugia Versus Postglacial Dispersal in the North Atlantic: The Cases of Red Seaweeds

Jing-Jing Li, Zi-Min Hu, De-Lin Duan

13. Comparative Population Genetics of Red Alga Occupying Different Salinity Conditions
Helena Korpelainen

14. Phylogeography of Macroalgal Species Distributed in Brackish Water: Ulva prolifera (Ulvophyceae) and Pyropia tenera (Bangiophyceae)
Satoshi Shimada, Kensuke Ichihara, Yuka Masakiyo, Riko Kawaguchi, Norio Kikuchi

Part V. Troubleshooting New Genomic Approaches for Seaweeds

15. DNA Extraction Techniques for Genomic Analyses of Macroalgae
Laura J. Wilson, Xénia A. Weber, Tania M. King, Ceridwen I. Fraser

Keywords: Life Sciences, Ecology, Marine & Freshwater Sciences

Publication year
1st ed. 2016
Natural Sciences
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