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Africa from MIS 6-2

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Table of contents

1. Africa from MIS 6-2: The Florescence of Modern Humans
Brian A. Stewart, Sacha C. Jones

Part I. Coasts

2. Mid to Late Quaternary Landscape and Environmental Dynamics in the Middle Stone Age of Southern South Africa
Andrew S. Carr, Brian M. Chase, Alex Mackay

3. Technological Change and the Importance of Variability: The Western Cape of South Africa from MIS 6-2
Alex Mackay

4. Cultural Change, Demography, and the Archaeology of the Last 100 kyr in Southern Africa
Judith Sealy

5. Patterns of Hominin Occupation and Cultural Diversity Across the Gebel Akhdar of Northern Libya Over the Last ~200 kyr
Sacha Jones, Annita Antoniadou, Huw Barton, Nick Drake, Lucy Farr, Chris Hunt, Robyn Inglis, Tim Reynolds, Kevin White, Graeme Barker

Part II. Deserts

6. Climate Change and Modern Human Occupation of the Sahara from MIS 6-2
Nick Drake, Paul Breeze

7. Climate, Environment, and Population Dynamics in Pleistocene Sahara
Emanuele Cancellieri, Mauro Cremaschi, Andrea Zerboni, Savino Lernia

8. Technological Systems, Population Dynamics, and Historical Process in the MSA of Northern Africa
Philip Peer

9. Late Quaternary Environmental Change and Human Occupation of the Southern African Interior
Sallie L. Burrough

10. The Kalahari During MIS 6-2 (190–12ka): Archaeology, Paleoenvironment, and Population Dynamics
Lawrence H. Robbins, George A. Brook, Michael L. Murphy, Andrew H. Ivester, Alec C. Campbell

11. Paleoenvironments, Sea Levels, and Land Use in Namaqualand, South Africa, During MIS 6-2
Genevieve Dewar, Brian A. Stewart

Part III. Grasslands, Woodlands and Rainforests

12. Human Evolution in Late Quaternary Eastern Africa
Marta Mirazón Lahr, Robert A. Foley

13. Environmental Change, Ungulate Biogeography, and Their Implications for Early Human Dispersals in Equatorial East Africa
J. Tyler Faith, Christian A. Tryon, Daniel J. Peppe

14. Follow the Senqu: Maloti-Drakensberg Paleoenvironments and Implications for Early Human Dispersals into Mountain Systems
Brian A. Stewart, Adrian G. Parker, Genevieve Dewar, Mike W. Morley, Lucy F. Allott

15. Across Rainforests and Woodlands: A Systematic Reappraisal of the Lupemban Middle Stone Age in Central Africa
Nicholas Taylor

16. The Later Pleistocene in the Northeastern Central African Rainforest
Els Cornelissen

Part IV. Broader Perspectives

17. The Late Quaternary Hominins of Africa: The Skeletal Evidence from MIS 6-2
Frederick E. Grine

18. A Genetic Perspective on African Prehistory
Pedro Soares, Teresa Rito, Luísa Pereira, Martin B. Richards

19. Africa from MIS 6-2: Where Do We Go from Here?
Peter Mitchell

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Paleontology, Archaeology, Genetics and Population Dynamics, Cultural Anthropology, African History, Demography

Publication year
1st ed. 2016
Vertebrate Paleobiology and Paleoanthropology
Natural Sciences
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