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Sowing Seeds in the City

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Planting Seeds
Bill Yosses

Part I. Perspectives on Food Security and the Impacts of Urban Agriculture

2. Food Security and Urban Agriculture
Angie Tagtow

3. Urban Agriculture as a Resiliency Strategy
Steve Hallett

4. The Long Tradition of Urban Agriculture in the U.S.: And Its Future
Ken Meter

Part II. Individual and Community Health Benefits of Urban Agriculture

5. Harvesting Health in the Garden
Katherine Alaimo, Caroline Crawford, Elizabeth Hodges Snyder

6. Social Health and Social Capital
Caroline Crawford, Katherine Alaimo

7. Urban Gardening Practices and Culture
Nancy A. Nix

8. Nature Contact, Health, and the Built Environment
Jerry Smith

9. A Case Study: Advancing Public Health through Gardens for Healthy Communities (GHC) in New York City: The Role of Anti-obesity Objectives in Urban Agriculture Policy
Yolanda Gonzalez, Matthew Potteiger, Anne Bellows, Evan Weissman, Carolin Mees

Part III. Managing the Risks of Urban Agriculture

10. Assessing and Communicating the Risks and Benefits of Community Participation in Urban Agriculture
Elizabeth Hodges Snyder, John F. Obrycki

11. Modeling to Predict High Pb Areas
Kirsten Schwarz

12. Screening for Soil Lead Using a Common Soil Test Method
John F. Obrycki, Kristen K. Minca, Nicholas T. Basta

13. Mechanisms to Reduce Risk Potential
Ganga M. Hettiarachchi, Chammi P. Attanayake, Phillip P. Defoe, Sabine E. Martin

14. A Case Study: Potential Health Risks Posed by Eating Eggs from Free Range Chickens in New York City
Henry M. Spliethoff

Part IV. Democracy, Ethics, and Sovereignty in Urban Agriculture

15. Common Roots: Urban Agriculture’s Potential for Cultivating Deep Democracy
David W. McIvor, James Hale

16. Ethics of Urban Agriculture
Gavin Horn

17. A Case Study: Spatial and Economic Sovereignty: Reclaiming Space and Building Community in Philadelphia One Vacant Lot at a Time
Brandon M. Hoover

Part V. Research on Urban Agriculture and Food Security

18. Case Studies: Urban Food Security Research with a Focus on Methodology
Shannon Donovan, Renata Ballesteros-Lopez, Liza Root, Shaina Seidner, Carol McCarty, Elizabeth Hodges Snyder

19. A Case Study: Native Perspectives of Gardening
Megan Bang

20. A Case Study: Learning Gardens in an Urban Indigenous Community: Expanding the Scope of Learning
Megan Bang

21. A Case Study: Growing Community through Gardens in Chicago’s Southwest Side
Nicole Llorens-Monteserin, Howard Rosing

Part VI. Urban Agriculture Programming and Education – Non-Profit Organizations

22. A Case Study: Intense Urban Agriculture as a Tool to Educate and Build Communities: A Glance at What Farmer Frog Is Doing in the Pacific Northwest
Zsofia Pasztor

23. A Case Study: Rainier Beach Urban Farm and Wetlands: Urban Farm Enterprise Creates Community Connections
Katie Pencke

24. A Case Study: Garden-Raised Bounty (GRuB): Everyone at the Table
Katie Rains, Justin Umholtz

25. A Case Study: Seattle Tilth Empowers Urban Youth
Tyler Hughes

26. A Case Study: Community Managed Open Space: Community Greening Resource Network, Baltimore, MD
Sarah Krones

Part VII. Urban Agriculture Programming and Education: Cities, Universities, Entrepreneurs, and Religious Groups

27. A Case Study: A For-Profit Model of Adult Education at the Williams Street Farmhouse
Saskia Esslinger

28. A Case Study: Washington State University Pierce County Extension Master Gardener Program: Volunteer Educators in Home Gardening and Environmental Stewardship
Kerri Buckingham

29. A Case Study: Seeds of Hope: An Integrated Vision of the Role of Agriculture for the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles
Sally Brown, Tim Alderson

30. A Case Study: Sustainability in Prisons Project (SPP) Horticulture Programs
Joslyn Trivett, Kelli Bush, Carl Elliott, Jaal Mann, Rodney Pond, Ed Tharp, Julie Vanneste, Dan Pacholke, Carri Leroy

31. A Case Study: Integrating Urban Agriculture into the Municipal Infrastructure in Tacoma, WA
Kristen McIvor, Sally Brown

Keywords: Life Sciences, Agriculture, Urban Ecology, Sustainable Development

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