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1. Genetic Algorithm for Energy Consumption Variance Minimisation in Manufacturing Production Lines Through Schedule Manipulation
Chris Duerden, Lik-Kwan Shark, Geoff Hall, Joe Howe

2. A Unified Approach to Data Analysis and Modeling of the Appearance of Materials for Computer Graphics and Multidimensional Reflectometry
Mikhail Langovoy

3. On the Efficiency of Second-Order d-Dimensional Product Kernels
F. O. Oyegue, S. M. Ogbonmwan, V. U. Ekhosuehi

4. Comparing the Markov Order Estimators AIC, BIC and EDC
Chang C. Y. Dorea, Paulo A. A. Resende, Catia R. Gonçalves

5. Neural Network Ensemble Based QSAR Model for the BBB Challenge: A Review
Mati Golani, Idit. I. Golani

6. Building Heating Feed-Forward Control Method and Its Application in South Ural State University Academic Building
Dmitry A. Shnayder, Vildan V. Abdullin, Aleksandr A. Basalaev

7. Comparisons of Vector Control Algorithms for Doubly-Fed Reluctance Wind Generators
Milutin Jovanović, Sul Ademi, Jude K. Obichere

8. Diagnosis of Alarm Systems: A Useful Tool to Impact in the Maximization for Operator’s Effectiveness at Power Plants
Eric Zabre, Víctor Jiménez

9. Solutions for the Massive Dirac Equation with Electric Potential, Employing a Biquaternionic Vekua Equation
Marco Pedro Ramirez Tachiquin, Vania Martinez Garza Garcia

10. Charatrization of Building Penetration Loss for GSM and UMTS Signals at 850 MHz and 1900 MHz Bands
Hisham Elgannas, Ivica Kostanic

11. Experimental Validation of Lafortune-Lacrous Indoor Propagation Model at 1900MHz Band
Ali Bendallah, Ivica Kostanic

12. Distributed Protection for the Enterprise
William R. Simpson

13. Comprehensive Non-repudiate Speech Communication Involving Geo-tagged Featuremark
A. R. Remya, A. Sreekumar, M. H. Supriya

14. Comparison of Conceptual Class Diagrams for Verifying Software Model Redesign
Pattamaporn Saisim, Twittie Senivongse

15. Transreal Limits and Elementary Functions
Tiago S. Reis, James A. D. W. Anderson

16. Transreal Logical Space of All Propositions
Walter Gomide, Tiago S. Reis, James A. D. W. Anderson

17. The Adaptive80 Round Robin Scheduling Algorithm
Christopher McGuire, Jeonghwa Lee

18. Intentional Agents
Nandan Parameswaran, Pani N. Chakrapani

19. Nonlinguistic Disaster Information Sharing System Using Visual Marks
Kakeru Kusano, Tomoko Izumi, Yoshio Nakatani

20. Dynamic Proximity Clouds on the GPU
Ryan Thomas, Sudhanshu Kumar Semwal

21. Sectional NoC Mapping Scheme Optimized for Testing Time
Zhang Ying, Wu Ning, Ge Fen

22. An Extension of Hard Switching Memristor Model
Wanlong Chen, Xiao Yang, Frank Z. Wang

23. On Circulant Graphs with the Maximum Leaf Number Property and Its One-to-Many Communication Scheme
Felix P. Muga

24. A Model for Quality Assurance in Higher Education: A Case Study with Nigeria Higher Education
Moses Emadomi Igbape, Omame Philipa Idogho

25. Investigation of Radiation Dose and Image Quality in X-Ray Radiographic Imaging
Rafidah Zainon, Nor Syazreena Abu Talib, Siti Nur Amira Abu Bakar, Nur Hanisah Mohd Moner, Nurul Athirah Abdul Aziz

26. Hybrid Computation Models for High Performance Biological Sequence Alignment on a Cloud System
Taylor Job, Jin H. Park

27. Modeling the Impact of International Travellers on the Trend of the HIV/AIDS Epidemic
Ofosuhene Okofrobour Apenteng, Noor Azina Ismail

28. Antibodies of HCV
Bhagwan D. Aggarwala

29. Gas Transport Through Inorganic Ceramic Membrane and Cation-Exchange Resins Characterization for Ethyl Lactate Separation
Edidiong Okon, Habiba Shehu, Edward Gobina

30. Gasification of Wood and Plastics in a Bubbling Fluidised Bed: The Crucial Role of the Process Modelling
Maria Laura Mastellone, Lucio Zaccariello

31. Impact of Some Agro Fluids on Corrosion Resistance of Mild Steel
Ayo Samuel Afolabi, Anthony Chikere Ogazi, Feyisayo Victoria Adams

32. Design and Characterization of a Model Fruit Juice Extracting Machine for Healthy and Vibrant Life in Today’s Modern
Austin Ikechukwu Gbasouzor, Chika Anthony Okonkwo

33. Efficient Operational Management of Enterprise File Server with User-Intended File Access Time
Toshiko Matsumoto, Takashi Onoyama

34. Uncertainty Characterization of Performance Measure: A Fuzzy Logic Approach
Sérgio Dinis Teixeira de Sousa, Eusébio Manuel Pinto Nunes, Isabel Silva Lopes

35. Survey on Maintenance Area of Companies ofthe Manaus Industrial Pole
Marcelo Albuquerque Oliveira, Isabel Silva Lopes, Danielle Lima Figueiredo

36. Characterizations Severe Plastic Deformation of Copper Processed by Equal Channel Angular Pressing Technique
Sanusi Kazeem Oladele, Afolabi Ayo Samuel, Muzenda Edison

37. The Effects of Microstructural Evolution and Mechanical Behaviour of Unalloyed Medium Carbon Steel (EN8 Steel) After Subsequent Heat Treatment
Kazeem Oladele Sanusi, Cullen Mayuni Moleejane, Olukayode Lawrence Ayodele, Graeme John Oliver

38. An Overview on Friction Stir Spot Welding of Dissimilar Materials
Mukuna P. Mubiayi, Esther T. Akinlabi

39. ANFIS Modeling for Higher Machining Performance of Aluminium Tempered Grade 6061 Using Novel SIO2 Nanolubrication
Mohd Sayuti Ab Karim, Ahmed Aly Diaa Mohammed Sarhan

40. Erratum to: Transactions on Engineering Technologies
Haeng Kon Kim, Mahyar A. Amouzegar, Sio-Iong Ao

Keywords: Engineering, Appl.Mathematics/Computational Methods of Engineering, Information Systems and Communication Service, Electrical Engineering

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