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Life Cycle Management

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Table of contents

Part I. Introducing Life Cycle Management

1. Introduction: Life Cycle Management
Gerald Rebitzer

2. Life Cycle Management: Implementing Sustainability in Business Practice
Guido Sonnemann, Eskinder Demisse Gemechu, Arne Remmen, Jeppe Frydendal, Allan Astrup Jensen

3. Life Cycle Management as a Way to Operationalize Sustainability Within Organizations
Sarra Harbi, Manuele Margni, Yves Loerincik, Jon Dettling

4. How to Implement Life Cycle Management in Business?
Eskinder Demisse Gemechu, Guido Sonnemann, Arne Remmen, Jeppe Frydendal, Allan Astrup Jensen

5. Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment: A Tool for Exercising Due Diligence in Life Cycle Management
Bernard Mazijn, Jean-Pierre Revéret

6. Life Cycle Management: Labelling, Declarations and Certifications at the Product Level – Different Approaches
Frieder Rubik

7. Mainstreaming the Use of Life Cycle Management in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Using a Sector Based and Regional Approach
Naeem Adibi, Vanessa Pasquet, Aubin Roy, Alice Salamon, Jodie Bricout, Catherine Beutin, Quentin Renault, Marie Darul, François Xavier Callens, Marc Haquette, Patrick Orlans, Jeanne Meillier, Joanne Boudehenn, Sophie Reynaud, Sophie Cabaret, Christophe Bogaert, Christelle Demaretz

Part II. Advancing the Implementation of Life Cycle Management in Business Practice

8. From Projects to Processes to Implement Life Cycle Management in Business
Martin Baitz

9. How to Make the Life Cycle Assessment Team a Business Partner
Mark Goedkoop, Eric Mieras, Anne Gaasbeek, Soledad Contreras

10. Sustainability Improvements and Life Cycle Approaches in Industry Partnerships
Peter Saling

11. Sustainable Value Creation with Life Cycle Management
B. M. Krishna Manda, Henk Bosch, Ernst Worrell

Part III. Life Cycle Management as Part of Sustainable Consumption and Production Strategies and Policies

12. Hotspots Analysis: Providing the Focus for Action
Mark Barthel, James A. Fava, Curtis A. Harnanan, Philip Strothmann, Sofia Khan, Simon Miller

13. From Sustainable Production to Sustainable Consumption
Marc-Andree Wolf, Kirana Chomkhamsri

14. Life Cycle Management Responsibilities and Procedures in the Value Chain
Fritz Balkau, Eskinder Demisse Gemechu, Guido Sonnemann

15. Policy Options for Life Cycle Assessment Deployment in Legislation
Annekatrin Lehmann, Matthias Finkbeiner, Clare Broadbent, Russ T. Balzer

Part IV. Mainstreaming and Capacity Building on Life Cycle Management

16. Taking Life Cycle Management Mainstream: Integration in Corporate Finance and Accounting
Cornelis Theunis Lugt

17. Building Organizational Capability for Life Cycle Management
Thomas E. Swarr, Anne-Claire Asselin, Llorenç Milà i Canals, Archana Datta, Angela Fisher, William Flanagan, Kinga Grenda, David Hunkeler, Stephane Morel, Oscar Alberto Vargas Moreno, M. Graça Rasteiro

18. Promoting Life Cycle Thinking, Life Cycle Assessment and Life Cycle Management Within Business in Brazil
Marina Santa Rosa Rocha, Luiz Gustavo Ortega, Yuki Hamilton Onda Kabe, Maria Graça C.B. Popi, Felipe Duarte, Maria Luisa Nerys

19. Mainstreaming Life Cycle Sustainability Management in Rapidly Growing and Emerging Economies Through Capacity-Building
Sonia Valdivia, Sanjeevan Bajaj, Guido Sonnemann, Ana Quiros, Cassia Maria Lie Ugaya

20. Communication and Collaboration as Essential Elements for Mainstreaming Life Cycle Management
Philip Strothmann, Jodie Bricout, Guido Sonnemann, Jim Fava

Part V. Implementation and Case Studies of Life Cycle Management in Different Business and Industry Sectors

21. Exploring Challenges and Opportunities of Life Cycle Management in the Electricity Sector
Miguel Fernandez Astudillo, Karin Treyer, Christian Bauer, Mourad Ben Amor

22. Life Cycle Management Applied to Urban Fabric Planning
Xavier Gabarrell, Joan Rieradevall, Alejandro Josa, Jordi Oliver-Solà, Joan Manuel F. Mendoza, David Sanjuan-Delmás, Anna Petit-Boix, Esther Sanyé-Mengual

23. Implementing Life Cycle Engineering in Automotive Development as a Helpful Management Tool to Support Design for Environment
Florian Broch, Jens Warsen, Stephan Krinke

24. Managing Life Cycle Sustainability Aspects in the Automotive Industry
Marzia Traverso, Patrick Kim, Stefan Brattig, Volkmar Wagner

25. Life Cycle Management as a Way to Operationalize the Creating Shared Value Concept in the Food and Beverage Industry: A Case Study
Angela Adams, Urs Schenker, Yves Loerincik

Keywords: Environment, Sustainable Development, Environmental Management, Renewable and Green Energy, Environmental Science and Engineering

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LCA Compendium – The Complete World of Life Cycle Assessment
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