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The Scientific Study of Personal Wisdom

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Table of contents

Part I. Person-Based Wisdom

1. The Need to Distinguish Personal from General Wisdom: A Short History and Empirical Evidence
Ursula M. Staudinger

2. Relevance, Meaning and the Cognitive Science of Wisdom
John Vervaeke, Leonardo Ferraro

3. Personal Wisdom in the Balance
Robert J. Sternberg

4. The MORE Life Experience Model: A Theory of the Development of Personal Wisdom
Judith Glück, Susan Bluck

5. Neurobiological Basis of Personal Wisdom
Jeff D. Sanders, Dilip V. Jeste

Part II. Wisdom in Everyday, Real-Life Contexts

6. From Personal Striving to Positive Influence: Exploring Wisdom in Real-Life Contexts
Shih-ying Yang

7. Stories of Wisdom to Live By: Developing Wisdom in a Narrative Mode
Michel Ferrari, Nic M. Weststrate, Anda Petro

8. Religion, Spirituality, and Personal Wisdom: A Tale of Two Types
Paul Wink, Michele Dillon

9. A Social Interpretation of Personal Wisdom
Ricca Edmondson

Part III. Self-Transcendent and Contemplative Wisdom

10. The Transpersonal in Personal Wisdom
Michael R. Levenson, Carolyn M. Aldwin

11. The Grinch Who Stole Wisdom
Eleanor Rosch

12. Wisdom of the East and West: A Relational Developmental Systems Perspective
Masami Takahashi

13. The Paradoxical Nature of Personal Wisdom and Its Relation to Human Development in the Reflective, Cognitive, and Affective Domains
Monika Ardelt, W. Andrew Achenbaum, Hunhui Oh

Part IV. The Transformative Potential of Wisdom Inquiry

14. Wisdom: Object of Study or Basic Aim of Inquiry?
Nicholas Maxwell

Part V. Conclusion

15. The Scientific Study of Personal Wisdom
Michel Ferrari, Nic M. Weststrate

Keywords: Education, Educational Psychology, Philosophy of Education, Educational Philosophy

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