Ansari, Abid A.

Eutrophication: Causes, Consequences and Control

Ansari, Abid A. - Eutrophication: Causes, Consequences and Control, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Eutrophication: Challenges and Solutions
M. Nasir Khan, Firoz Mohammad

2. Eutrophication: Global Scenario and Local Threat to Dynamics of Aquatic Ecosystems
Fareed A. Khan, Fauzia Naushin, Farha Rehman, Ather Masoodi, Mudasir Irfan, Farah Hashmi, Abid A. Ansari

3. Effects of Eutrophication
Mohamed M. Dorgham

4. The Economics of Eutrophication
Eirik Romstad

5. Eutrophication of Lakes
Marcos Callisto, Joseline Molozzi, José Lucena Etham Barbosa

6. Lake Eutrophication and Plankton Food Webs
Karl E. Havens

7. Environmental Impacts of Tourism on Lakes
Martin T. Dokulil

8. Eutrophication in the Great Lakes of the Chinese Pacific Drainage Basin: Changes, Trends, and Management
William Y. B. Chang

9. Photoautotrophic Productivity in Eutrophic Ecosystems
Martin T. Dokulil

10. Seasonal and Spatial Nutrient Dynamics in Saronikos Gulf: The Impact of Sewage Effluents from Athens Sewage Treatment Plant
A. Pavlidou, H. Kontoyiannis, N. Zarokanelos, I. Hatzianestis, G. Assimakopoulou, R. Psyllidou-Giouranovits

11. Eutrophication Impacts on Salt Marshes Natural Metal Remediation
Isabel Caçador, Bernardo Duarte

12. Household Detergents Causing Eutrophication in Freshwater Ecosystems
Abid A. Ansari, Fareed A. Khan

13. Estimating Fish Production in the Itaipu Reservoir (Brazil): The Relationship Between Fish Trophic Guilds, Limnology, and Application of Morphoedaphic Index
Rinaldo Antonio Ribeiro Filho, Julia Myriam de Almeida Pereira, Simone Friderigi Benassi

14. Phytoplankton Assemblages as an Indicator of Water Quality in Seven Temperate Estuarine Lakes in South-East Australia
Dongyan Liu, R. J. Morrison, R. J. West

15. Biogeochemical Indicators of Nutrient Enrichments in Wetlands: The Microbial Response as a Sensitive Indicator of Wetland Eutrophication
Salvador Sánchez-Carrillo, K. Ramesh Reddy, Kanika S. Inglett, Miguel Álvarez-Cobelas, Raquel Sánchez-Andrés

16. Task of Mineral Nutrients in Eutrophication
M. Naeem, Mohd. Idrees, M. Masroor A. Khan, Mohammad A. Moinuddin, Abid A. Ansari

17. Phytoremediation Systems for the Recovery of Nutrients from Eutrophic Waters
Abid Ali Ansari, Sarvajeet Singh Gill, Fareed A. Khan, M. Naeem

18. Ultraviolet Radiation and Bromide as Limiting Factors in Eutrophication Processes in Semiarid Climate Zones
Elias Salameh, Sura Harahsheh, Arwa Tarawneh

Keywords: Environment, Waste Water Technology / Water Pollution Control / Water Management / Aquatic Pollution, Water Quality/Water Pollution, Freshwater & Marine Ecology, Plant Ecology

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Natural Sciences

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