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Materials and Joints in Timber Structures

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Table of contents

Part I. Structures

1. Horizontal Displacements in Medium-Rise Timber Buildings: Basic FE Modeling in Serviceability Limit State
Ida Näslund, Helena Johnsson

2. Improving the Moment Resistance of a Concealed Timber Post Base Joint
Jérôme Humbert, Sang-Joon Lee, Joo-Saeng Park, Moon-Jae Park

3. The Multifunctional TES-Façade Joint
Stefan Loebus, Stephan Ott, Stefan Winter

4. Green-Glued Products for Structural Applications
Erik Serrano, Jan Oscarsson, Magdalena Sterley, Bertil Enquist

5. Experimental Analysis of a Post-tensioned Timber Connection
Flavio Wanninger, Andrea Frangi

6. Risk Based Investigations of Partly Failed or Damaged Timber Constructions
Gerhard Fink, Jochen Kohler

7. Naturally Grown Round Wood – Ideas for an Engineering Design
Matthias Frese, Hans Joachim Blaß

8. Recycling and End-of-Life Scenarios for Timber Structures
Annette Hafner, Stephan Ott, Stefan Winter

9. Advancements for the Structural Application of Fiber-Reinforced Moulded Wooden Tubes
Jörg Wehsener, Tom-Egmont Werner, Jens Hartig, Peer Haller

10. Sole Plate Fixing Details for Modern Methods of Timber Construction
Jesus M. Menendez, Kenneth Leitch, Robert Hairstans

11. Thin-Walled Timber Structures
Benoit P. Gilbert, Steven B. Hancock, Henri Bailleres

12. Recommendations for the Design of Complex Indeterminate Timber Structures
Andrew Lawrence

13. Novel Lightweight Timber Composite Element: Web Design in Shear and Compression
Simon Aicher, C. Stritzke

14. New Timber Bridges: Inventive Design by Block-Gluing
Frank Miebach, Dominik Niewerth

Part II. Mechanical Connections

15. Steel-to-Timber Joints with Very High Strength Steel Dowels Using Spruce, Beech and Azobé
Jan-Willem Kuilen, Carmen Sandhaas, Hans Joachim Blaß

16. Wood Load-Carrying Capacity of Timber Connections: An Extended Application for Nails and Screws
Pouyan Zarnani, Pierre Quenneville

17. Ductility in Timber Structures: Investigations on Over-Strength Factors
Frank Brühl, Jörg Schänzlin, Ulrike Kuhlmann

18. An Experimental Study on Bearing Strength in Compression for Bolted Joint of Plywood
Akiko Ohtsuka, Sumiya Takahashi, Takumi Ito, Wataru Kambe

19. Investigations Concerning the Force Distribution along Axially Loaded Self-tapping Screws
A. Ringhofer, G. Schickhofer

20. Experimental Analysis on the Structural Behaviour of Connections with LVL Made of Beech Wood
Peter Kobel, René Steiger, Andrea Frangi

21. The Embedment Failure of European Beech Compared to Spruce Wood and Standards
Steffen Franke, Noëlie Magnière

22. Modelling of Non-metallic Timber Connections at Elevated Temperatures
Daniel Brandon, Martin P. Ansell, Richard Harris, Pete Walker, Julie Bregulla

23. Analysis of the Brittle Failure and Design of Connections Loaded Perpendicular to Grain
Bettina Franke, Pierre Quenneville

24. Structural Performance and Advantages of DVW Reinforced Moment Transmitting Timber Joints with Steel Plate Connectors and Tube Fasteners
Daniel Brandon, Adriaan Leijten

25. Fully Threaded Self-tapping Screws Subjected to Combined Axial and Lateral Loading with Different Load to Grain Angles
Robert Jockwer, René Steiger, Andrea Frangi

26. Alternative Approach to Avoid Brittle Failure in Dowelled Connections
Daniela Wrzesniak, Massimo Fragiacomo, André Jorissen

27. Resistance and Failure Modes of Axially Loaded Groups of Screws
U. Mahlknecht, R. Brandner, A. Ringhofer, G. Schickhofer

28. A Method to Determine the Plastic Bending Angle of Dowel-Type Fasteners
Michael Steilner, Hans Joachim Blaß

29. Low-Damage Design Using a Gravity Rocking Moment Connection
Mamoon Jamil, Pierre Quenneville, Charles Clifton

Part III. Glued Joints and Adhesives

30. Finger Jointing of Freshly Sawn Norway Spruce Side Boards – A Comparative Study of Fracture Properties of Joints Glued with Phenol-Resorcinol and One-Component Polyurethane Adhesive
Magdalena Sterley, Erik Serrano, Bertil Enquist, Joanna Hornatowska

31. Pressure Distribution in Block Glue Lines Analyzed by Theory of Beams on Elastic Foundation
Gordian Stapf, Simon Aicher

32. EPI for Glued Laminated Timber
Kristin Grøstad, Ronny Bredesen

33. Bonding of Various Wood Species – Studies about Their Applicability in Glued Laminated Timber
Y. Jiang, J. Schaffrath, M. Knorz, Stefan Winter

34. Fatigue Performance of Adhesive Connections for Wooden Wind Towers
Leander Bathon, Oliver Bletz-Mühldorfer, Jens Schmidt, Friedemann Diehl

35. Multifunctional Wood-Adhesives for Structural Health Monitoring Purposes
Christoph Winkler, Ulrich Schwarz

36. Assessment of the Glue-Line Quality in Glued Laminated Timber Structures
Bettina Franke, Florian Scharmacher, Andreas Müller

37. Review of Recent Research Activities on One-Component PUR-Adhesives for Engineered Wood Products
Christian Lehringer, Joseph Gabriel

Part IV. Timber and Concrete/Cement/Polymer Composites

38. Development of a High-Performance Hybrid System Made of Composites and Timber (High-Tech Timber Beam®)
Markus Jahreis, Martin Kästner, Wolfram Hädicke, Karl Rautenstrauch

39. Experimental Study of the Composite Timber- Concrete SBB Connection under Monotonic and Reversed-Cyclic Loadings
Manuel Manthey, Quang Huy Nguyen, Hugues Somja, Jérôme Duchêne, Mohammed Hjiaj

40. The Predictive Model for Stiffness of Inclined Screws as Shear Connection in Timber-Concrete Composite Floor
F. Moshiri, R. Shrestha, K. Crews

41. Shear Performance of Wood-Concrete Composite with Different Anchorage Length of Steel Rebar
Sang-Joon Lee, Jérôme Humbert, Kwang-Mo Kim, Joo-Saeng Park, Moon-Jae Park

42. Development of Prefabricated Timber-Concrete Composite Floors
Petr Kuklík, Pavel Nechanický, Anna Kuklíková

43. Wood-Based Construction for Multi-story Buildings: Application of Cement Bonded Wood Composites as Structural Element
Alireza Fadai, Michael Fuchs, Wolfgang Winter

44. Rehabilitation, Upgrading and Repair of Historic Timber Structures with Polymer Concrete and FRP-Reinforcement
Markus Jahreis, Karl Rautenstrauch

45. Fatigue Performance of Single Span Wood-Concrete-Composite Bridges
Leander Bathon, Oliver Bletz-Mühldorfer

46. Hybrid Wall-Slabs for Multi-storey Buildings: Made of Timber with a Directly Applied Mineral Cover Layer
Christian Dorn, Alexander Stief, Markus Jahreis, Karl Rautenstrauch

47. An Innovative Prefabricated Timber-Concrete Composite System
Roberto Crocetti, Tiziano Sartori, Roberto Tomasi, José L. F. Cabo

Part V. Cyclic, Seismic Behaviour

48. A Component Model for Cyclic Behaviour of Wooden Structures
Giovanni Rinaldin, Massimo Fragiacomo

49. Overview of a Project to Quantify Seismic Performance Factors for Cross Laminated Timber Structures in the United States
M. Omar Amini, John W. Lindt, Shiling Pei, Douglas Rammer, Phil Line, Marjan Popovski

50. Force Modification Factors for CLT Structures for NBCC
Marjan Popovski, Shiling Pei, John W. Lindt, E. Karacabeyli

51. Experimental Testing of a Portal Frame Connection Using Glued-In Steel Rods
James Walker, Robert Xiao

Part VI. Hardwood, Modified Wood and Bamboo

52. Bending Strength and Stiffness of Glulam Beams Made of Thermally Modified Beech Timber
Robert Widmann, Wilfried Beikircher, José L. F. Cabo, René Steiger

53. Structural Veneer Based Composite Products from Hardwood Thinning – Part I: Background and Manufacturing
Ian D. Underhill, Benoit P. Gilbert, Henri Bailleres, Robbie L. McGavin, Dale Patterson

54. Glue Laminated Bamboo (GluBam) for Structural Applications
Y. Xiao, B. Shan, R. Z. Yang, Z. Li, J. Chen

55. Glulam Composed of Glued Laminated Veneer Lumber Made of Beech Wood: Superior Performance in Compression Loading
Gerhard Dill-Langer, Simon Aicher

56. Structural Performance of Accoya® Wood under Service Class 3 Conditions
Julian Marcroft, Ferry Bongers, Fernando Perez Perez, John Alexander, Ian Harrison

57. Structural Veneer Based Composite Products from Hardwood Thinning – Part II: Testing of Hollow Utility Poles
Benoit P. Gilbert, Ian D. Underhill, Henri Bailleres, Robbie L. McGavin

58. Glulam from European White Oak: Finger Joint Influence on Bending Size Effect
Simon Aicher, Gordian Stapf

59. Non-homogeneous Thermal Properties of Bamboo
Puxi Huang, Wen-Shao Chang, Andy Shea, Martin P. Ansell, Mike Lawrence

Part VII. Cross-Laminated Timber

60. Tapered Beams Made of Cross Laminated Timber
Marcus Flaig, Hans Joachim Blaß

61. Influence of the Connection Modelling on the Seismic Behaviour of Crosslam Timber Buildings
I. Sustersic, B. Dujic, Massimo Fragiacomo

62. Behaviour of Cross-Laminated Timber Panels under Cyclic Loads
Igor Gavric, Massimo Fragiacomo, Marjan Popovski, Ario Ceccotti

63. CLT Plates under Concentrated Loading – Experimental Identification of Crack Modes and Corresponding Failure Mechanisms
Georg Hochreiner, Josef Füssl, Josef Eberhardsteiner, Simon Aicher

64. Seismic Strengthening of Existing Concrete and Masonry Buildings with Crosslam Timber Panels
I. Sustersic, B. Dujic

65. In-Plane Stiffness of Traditional Timber Floors Strengthened with CLT
Jorge M. Branco, Milos Kekeliak, Paulo B. Lourenço

66. Propose Alternative Design Criteria for Dowel Type Joint with CLT
Shoichi Nakashima, Akihisa Kitamori, Takuro Mori, Kohei Komatsu

Part VIII. Properties and Testing ofWood

67. Length Effects on Tensile Strength in Timber Members With and Without Joints
R. Brandner, G. Schickhofer

68. New Perspectives in Machine Strength Grading: Or How to Identify a Top Rupture
Julia K. Denzler, Andreas Weidenhiller

69. Aspects of the Difference between the Local and Global Modulus of Elasticity of Structural (hardwood) Timber
G. J. P. Ravenshorst, P. A. Vries, Jan-Willem Kuilen

Part IX. Glulam

70. A Study of Australian Glulam
H. R. Milner, Con Y. Adam

71. Improving Strength of Glulam Laminations of Norway Spruce Side Boards by Removal of Weak Sections Using Optimized Finger Jointing
Jan Oscarsson, Anders Olsson, Bertil Enquist

72. Double Span Continuous Glulam Slabs Strengthened with GFRP
Jorge M. Branco, Marco P. Jorge, José Sena-Cruz

73. Simplified Design of Glued Laminated Timber Girders for the Torsional Moment Caused by Stability Effects
R. Hofmann, Ulrike Kuhlmann

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Design, Building Materials, Structural Materials

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