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Philosophy and Engineering: Reflections on Practice, Principles and Process

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Table of contents

Part I. Reflections on Practice

1. The Ignorance of Engineers and How They Know It
Hans Poser

2. Rules of Skill: Ethics in Engineering
Wade L. Robison

3. Engineering as Performance: An “Experiential Gestalt” for Understanding Engineering
Rick Evans

4. The Formulation of Engineering Identities: Storytelling as Philosophical Inquiry
Russell Korte

5. Ove Arup: Theoretical and Moral Positions in Practice and the Origins of an Engineering Firm
Andrew Chilvers, Sarah Bell

6. Transferable Skills Development in Engineering Students: Analysis of Service-Learning Impact
Donna M. Rizzo, Mandar M. Dewoolkar, Nancy J. Hayden

7. Future Reflective Practitioners: The Contributions of Philosophy
Viola Schiaffonati

8. Fitting Engineering into Philosophy
Joseph C. Pitt

9. Engineering as Willing
Jon Alan Schmidt

Part II. Reflections on Principles

10. Debunking Contemporary Myths Concerning Engineering
Billy Vaughn Koen

11. The Engineer’s Identity Crisis: Homo Faber or Homo Sapiens?
Priyan Dias

12. Varieties of Parthood: Ontology Learns from Engineering
Peter Simons

13. Engineered Artifacts
Byron Newberry

14. Engineering Ethics: From Preventive Ethics to Aspirational Ethics
Charles E. Harris

15. Making the Case for the Inclusion of Lay Persons on Engineering Accreditation Panels: A Role for an Engineering Hippocratic Oath?
William Grimson, Mike Murphy

16. Ethical Awareness in Chinese Professional Engineering Societies: Textual Research on Constitutions of Chinese Engineering Organizations
CAO Nanyan, SU Junbin, HU Mingyan

17. Engineering for Peace: An Obligation of Professional Capabilities
W. Richard Bowen

18. Roboethics and Telerobotic Weapons Systems
John P. Sullins

19. Normative Crossover: The Ethos of Socio-technological Systems
Rune Nydal

Part III. Reflections on Process

20. Translating Values into Design Requirements
Ibo Poel

21. Engineering Hubris: Adam Smith and the Quest for the Perfect Machine
Scott Forschler

22. The Technology of Collective Memory and the Normativity of Truth
Kieron O’Hara

23. Plans for Modeling Rational Acceptance of Technology
Wybo Houkes, Auke J. K. Pols

24. On the Epistemology of Breakthrough Innovation: The Orthogonal and Non-linear Natures of Discovery
Bruce A. Vojak, Raymond L. Price

25. Uncertainty in the Design of Non-prototypical Engineered Systems
William M. Bulleit

26. Object-Oriented Method and the Relationship Between Structure and Function of Technical Artifacts
PAN Enrong

27. The Methodological Ladder of Industrialised Inventions: A Description-Based and Explanation-Enhanced Prescriptive Model
M. H. Abolkheir

28. On the Feasibility of Nanotechnology: A Chinese Perspective
WANG Guoyu

29. Engineering Innovation: Energy, Policy, and the Role of Engineering
Zachary Pirtle

30. Is Engineering Philosophically Weak?
David E. Goldberg

Keywords: Philosophy, Philosophy of Technology, Engineering, general, Science Education

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Philosophy of Engineering and Technology
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19 pages

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