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Table of contents

Part I. Urban Management and Spatial Planning

1. Overview of Material and Energy Flows in Water Infrastructures in Context of Urban Metabolism
Eve Menger-Krug, Jutta Niederste-Hollenberg, Thomas Hillenbrand

2. Improvement of the Statutory Framework for Construction and Demolition Waste Management exemplified in Germany and Australia
Mei Li, Anna Kühlen, Jay Yang, Frank Schultmann

3. Carrying Capacity Dashboard Analyses—Australian Case Studies of Populations Scaled to Place
Murray Lane, Les Dawes

4. Contribution of CircUse Approach to Understanding of the Urbanized Land Use Dynamics
Jirina Bergatt Jackson, Anna Starzewska-Sikorska

5. Environmental Health Indicators for the Metropolitan Region of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Giuliana Carolina Talamini, Leandro Luiz Giatti

6. A City-Region in the Forest and its Challenges for Environmental and Health Sustainability
Leandro Luiz Giatti, Sylvain JM Desmoulière, Carlos Machado Freitas

7. Metropolitan Environmental Health: Asymmetrical Knowledge and Management in São Paulo, Brazil
Leandro Luiz Giatti, Paulo Roberto Nascimento, Silvana Audra Cutolo, Renata Ferraz Toledo, Giuliana Carolina Talamini, Juliane Gaviolli, Amanda Silveira Carbone, Rubens Landin, Carlos Machado Freitas

8. Will there be any Space for Private Parking in our Future City Centers?—The Growing Conflict Between the Human Beings’ Desire for Free Mobility and the Politicians’ and Authorities’ Increasing Wish of Controlling Mobility Management
Paul G Höglund, Susanne Ydstedt

9. Examining the Critical Factors of Implementing Sustainable Housing in a Multi-Stakeholder Context
Zhengyu Yang, Jay Yang

Part II. Green Cities and Urban Ecosystems

10. Ecosystem Services Provided by Urban Vegetation: A Literature Review
Christiane Weber

11. Assessment of Ecosystem Services in Urban Systems for the Example of Karlsruhe
Kevin Grönmeier, Sarah-Madeleine Hönig, Inge Jentsch, Simon Leib, Julia Loskyll, Caroline Mayer, Steffen Rothardt, Julia Seimetz, Sabrina Tweraser, Franziska Villinger, Guido Waldenmeyer, Stefan Norra

12. A Basis for Inquiry into Policy Considerations for Increasing the Application of Biophilic Urbanism
Angela Reeve, Cheryl Desha, Charlie Hargroves, Peter Newman, Doug Hargreaves

13. The Impact of Biogenic Isoprene in Dependence on Meteorological Conditions within Urban Green
Sascha Henninger

Part III. Urban Planning and Development

14. Regional Dynamics, Urbanisms and Environment in Colombia. An approach for the Bogotá Region
William Alfonso Piña, Clara Inés Pardo Martínez

15. The Roles of the Urban Spatial Structure of the Main Cities Slums in EGYPT and the Environmental Pollution
Ahmed Khaled Ahmed Elewa, Wael Ahmad Taha El-Garhy

16. Water Vulnerability with Population Growth in Metropolitan Areas of Developing Countries: An Interdisciplinary Approach
Silvana Audrá Cutolo, Giuliana Carolina Talamini, Juliane Gaviolli, Paulo Nascimento, Leandro Luiz Giatti

17. Urban Vulnerability Assessment in Flood-Prone Areas in West and East Africa
Nathalie Jean-Baptiste, Sigrun Kabisch, Christian Kuhlicke

18. Contextualizing Sustainable Development for Small Scale Water and Sanitation Systems in Cochabamba, Bolivia
Ida Helgegren, Helena Siltberg, Sebastien Rauch, Mikael Mangold, Graciela Landaeta, Carmen Ledo

Part IV. Air Quality and Noise

19. Transformations of 2-Stroke Nanoparticles along the Exhaust Gas Way
J. Czerwinski, P. Comte, A. Mayer, F. Reutimann

20. The Fidas®—A New Continuous Ambient Air Quality Monitoring System that Additionally Reports Particle Size and Number Concentration
Juergen Spielvogel, Maximilian Weiss

21. Vehicular Emission Factor of Gases and Particulate Matter Measured in Two Road Tunnels in São Paulo, Brazil
P.J. Pérez-Martínez, A. Fornaro, T. Nogueira, M.F. Andrade, R.M. Miranda, R. Inoue, M.L. Guardani

22. Source Identification and Seasonal Variations of Carbonaceous Aerosols in Beijing—A Stable Isotope Approach
Nina J. Schleicher, Yang Yu, Kuang Cen, Fahe Chai, Yizhen Chen, Shulan Wang, Stefan Norra

23. Monitoring of Ultrafine Particles in Rural and Urban Environments
F. Lenartz, C. Mentink, M. Severijnen, B. Bergmans

24. BaP Air Quality Modelling Simulation Using CMAQ Air Quality Modelling System
R San José, JL Pérez, M Callen, JM López, A Mastral

25. Very High Resolution Urban Simulations with WRF/UCM and CMAQ over European Cities
R. San José, J.L. Pérez, R.M. González

26. Modeling Urban Air Quality in Beijing during the Olympic Summer Games 2008
Stefanie Schrader, Heike Vogel, Bernhard Vogel, Klaus Schäfer, Renate Forkel, Peter Suppan, Guiqian Tang, Yuesi Wang, Nina Schleicher, Stefan Norra

27. The Effect of Government Policies on the Temporal Development of Contamination Characteristics Within the Aerosol Distribution in Beijing, China
Yuan Chen, Nina Schleicher, Yizhen Chen, Fahe Chai, Shulan Wang, Stefan Norra

28. Using GIS to Derive Spatial Indicators of Pedestrian Exposure to Urban Traffic Noise
Paulo Rui Anciães, Giles Atkinson

29. The Influence of Washout Processes on Dust Concentrations in the Air
Jaroslav Fišák, Kristýna Bartůňková

Part V. Urban Climate Change and Adaptation

30. Urban Climate—Impact and Interaction of Air Quality and Global Change
Stefan Emeis, Joachim Fallmann, Peter Suppan

31. Simulations of the Impact of Lake Area on Local Microclimate by Using COSMO NWP Model
Kristýna Bartůňková, Zbyněk Sokol, Jaroslav Fišák

32. The Estimation of CO2 Emission from Road Vehicles by Traffic Macro-Simulation
Gabriela Mitran, Sorin Ilie, Ion Tabacu

33. Energy Consumption and CO2 Emissions of Road Transport Toll Highways in Spain
P.J. Pérez-Martínez, R.M. Miranda

34. Energy and CO2 Emissions in German and Colombian Manufacturing Industries: An Econometric Application
Alexander Cotte Poveda, Clara Inés Pardo Martínez

35. Strategic Land-Use Planning in a Changing Climate—Adapting to the Spatial Dynamics of Risk in Ho Chi Minh City
Harry Storch, Nigel Downes

36. Neoliberalism and Spatial Adaptation
Lachlan McClure, Douglas Baker, Mellini Sloan

Part VI. Contamintation of Urban Waters and Its Effects

37. Occurrence, Sources and Pathways of Antimony and Silver in an Urban Catchment
Sophie Ayrault, Cindy Rianti Priadi, Pierre Le Pape, Philippe Bonté

38. Urban Pollutant Plumes around Wushan and Dachang City in the Three Gorges Reservoir
Andreas Holbach, Lijing Wang, Hao Chen, Nina Schleicher, Wei Hu, Binghui Zheng, Stefan Norra

39. Contamination of Bottom Sediments of Small Rivers in Moscow (Businka and Tarakanovka rivers as examples)
D Kramer, I Tikhonova

40. Assessment of Ground Water Quality as Influenced by Paper Mill Effluent in Namakkal District, Tamilnadu, India
S. Manorama, S. Paulsamy

41. Road Salt and Environmental Hazards—Identification of Vulnerable Water Resources
Kjersti Wike Kronvall

42. Purification Practices of Water Runoff from Construction of Norwegian Tunnels—Status and Research Gaps
Hedda Vikan, Sondre Meland

43. Seasonal Trends in Bioaccumulation of Heavy Metals in Fauna of Stormwater Ponds
Diana Agnete Stephansen, Asbjørn Haaning Nielsen, Thorkild Hvitved-Jacobsen, Carlos Alberto Arias, Hans Brix, Jes Vollertsen

44. Accumulation of Metals and Metalloids in Larvae of Insects and Frog Living in Wet Sedimentation Ponds Receiving Runoff from a Four Lane Motorway
Sondre Meland, Mari Bryn Damsgård, Lindis Skipperud, Lene Sørlie Heier

45. Mobility and Uptake of Antimony, Cadmium and Cobalt in Dragonfly Larvae (Odonata, Anisoptera) as a Function of Road Salt Concentrations—a Tracer Experiment
Lene Sørlie Heier, Mari Thanstrøm Nyheim, Lindis Skipperud, Sondre Meland

46. Hydrodynamic Modelling of Microbial Water Quality in a Drinking Water Source
Ekaterina Sokolova, Thomas J.R. Pettersson, Olof Bergstedt, Malte Hermansson

Keywords: Energy, Transportation, Sustainable Development, Landscape/Regional and Urban Planning

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