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Successful Family Language Policy

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Table of contents

1. Achieving Success in Family Language Policy: Parents, Children and Educators in Interaction
Mila Schwartz, Anna Verschik

Part I. Family Language Ideology, Practices and Management in Interaction with Mainstream Educational and Bilingual Education

2. Parents’ Choice of a Bilingual Hebrew-Arabic Kindergarten for the Children
Mila Schwartz, Victor Moin, Manal Klayle

3. The Role of Family Background in Early Bilingual Education: The Finnish-Russian Experience
Victor Moin, Ekaterina Protassova, Valeria Lukkari, Mila Schwartz

4. Children Learning Multilingually in Home, Community and School Contexts in Britain
Jean Conteh, Saiqa Riasat, Shila Begum

Part II. Family Language Policy as a Joint Social Venture

5. Love, Language and Little Ones: Successes and Stresses for Mothers Raising Bilingual Children in Exogamous Relationships
Lynda Yates, Agnes Terraschke

6. Family Language Policy and Management in a Changed Socio-political Situation: Russians and Russian Speakers in Lithuania
Meilutė Ramonienė

7. To Make the Root Stronger: Language Policies and Experiences of Successful Multilingual Intermarried Families with Adolescent Children in Tallinn
Colm Doyle

8. Family Language Policy from the Children’s Point of View: Bilingualism in Place and Time
Lyn Wright Fogle

Part III. The Interaction Patterns Between Parents and Their Children in Their Shared Language and Literacy Practices

9. Bimodal Bilingual Families: The Negotiation of Communication Practices Between Deaf Parents and Their Hearing Children
Ginger Pizer

10. Unity in Discourse, Diversity in Practice: The One Person One Language Policy in Bilingual Families
Åsa Palviainen, Sally Boyd

11. Happylingual: A Family Project for Enhancing and Balancing Multilingual Development
Shulamit Kopeliovich

12. Negotiating Family Language Policy: Doing Homework
Xiao Lan Curdt-Christiansen

Keywords: Education, Language Education, Sociolinguistics, Educational Policy and Politics

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Multilingual Education
Upbringing, Education

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