Mohanty, U. C.

Monitoring and Prediction of Tropical Cyclones in the Indian Ocean and Climate Change

Mohanty, U. C. - Monitoring and Prediction of Tropical Cyclones in the Indian Ocean and Climate Change, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Tropical Cyclones and Climate Change

1. Construction and Quality of Best Tracks Parameters for Study of Climate Change Impact on Tropical Cyclones over the North Indian Ocean during Satellite Era
M. Mohapatra, B. K. Bandyopadhyay, Ajit Tyagi

2. "Climate Change and Southern Hemisphere Tropical Cyclones" International Initiative – Progress since the First International Conference on Indian Ocean Tropical Cyclones and Climate Change
Yuriy Kuleshov

3. Climate Change in Tropical Cyclones and Monsoon Depressions of North Indian Ocean
K. S. Krishnamohan, K. Mohanakumar, P. V. Joseph

4. Mechanism of the Indian Ocean Tropical Cyclone Frequency Changes due to Global Warming
Masato Sugi, Hiroyuki Murakami, Jun Yoshimura

5. Recent Research at GFDL on Surface Temperature Trends and Simulations of Tropical Cyclone Activity in the Indian Ocean Region
Thomas R. Knutson, Fanrong Zeng, Andrew Wittenberg, Hyeong-Seog Kim, Joseph Sirutis, Morris Bender, Ming Zhao, Robert Tuleya

Part II. Climatological Characteristics of Tropical Cyclones and Future Projection

6. Future Changes in Tropical Cyclone Activity in the North Indian Ocean Projected by the New High-Resolution MRI-AGCM
Hiroyuki Murakami, Masato Sugi, Akio Kitoh

7. Tropical Cyclone Activity over the Indian Ocean in the Warmer Climate
A. A. Deo, D. W. Ganer

8. An Analysis of Environmental Dynamical Control of Tropical Cyclone Intensity over the Bay of Bengal during 1981-2010
S. D. Kotal, S. K. Roy Bhowmik

9. Analysis of Cyclone Tracks of North Indian Ocean Using Cluster Analysis
Mukta Paliwal, Anand Patwardhan

10. Characteristics of Cyclogenesis over the Indian Region during 1891-2011 with Special Emphasis on Bay of Bengal vis-à-vis Arabian Sea
R. K. Jenamani, O. P. Singh

Part III. Tropical Cyclone Predictability: Status and Plan for Operational Forecasting

11. Extended Prediction of North Indian Ocean Tropical Cyclones Using the ECMWF Variable Ensemble Prediction System
Peter J. Webster, James I. Belanger, Judith A. Curry

12. Prospects for Improving the Operational Seasonal Prediction of Tropical Cyclone Activity in the Southern Hemisphere
Y. Kuleshov, Y. Wang, J. Apajee, R. Fawcett, D. Jones

13. Extended Range Tropical Cyclone Predictions for East Coast of India
M. Rajasekhar, C. M. Kishtawal, M. Y. S. Prasad, V. Seshagiri Rao, M. Rajeevan

14. Status and Plans for Operational Tropical Cyclone Forecasting and Warning Systems in the North Indian Ocean Region
M. Mohapatra, B. K. Bandyopadhyay, Ajit Tyagi

15. Advancing Tropical Cyclone Forecasts Using Aircraft Observations
Frank D. Marks

16. Estimation of Centre and Intensity of Tropical Cyclones over the North Indian Ocean Using Microwave Imageries
Suman Goyal, M. Mohapatra

17. Multi-model Ensemble Based Extended Range Forecast of Tropical Cyclogenesis over the North Indian Ocean
D. R. Pattanaik, M. Mohapatra

Part IV. NWP Modelling for Tropical Cyclone Forecasting

18. Improvement in Track and Intensity Prediction of Indian Seas Tropical Cyclones with Vortex Assimilation
Sujata Pattanayak, U. C. Mohanty, S. G. Gopalakrishnan

19. NWP Forecast Guidance during Phet at Oman Meteorological Service
Sultan Salim Al-Yahyai

20. Impact of Variational Data Assimilation for Simulating Tropical Cyclones over Bay of Bengal Using WRF-ARW
V. Yesubabu, C. V. Srinivas, K. B. R. R. Hari Prasad, S. S. V. S. Ramakrishna

21. Improved Track and Intensity Predictions Using Cyclone Bogusing and Regional Assimilation
R. G. Ashrit, Manjusha Chourasia, C. J. Johny, John P. George

22. Role of Surface Roughness Length on Simulation of Cyclone Aila
Krishna K. Osuri, U. C. Mohanty, A. Routray

23. Simulation of Cyclone ‘Aila-2009’ by Using WRF-ARW Model and Numerical Storm Surge Model
Sujit Kumar Debsarma, Mizanur Rahman, Farhana F. Nessa

24. Mesoscale Modelling for Tropical Cyclone Forecasting over the North Indian Ocean
U. C. Mohanty, Krishna K. Osuri, S. Pattanayak

25. Real-Time Prediction of the Tropical Cyclogenesis Location over Bay of Bengal Using Global Forecast System (GFS)
V. R. Durai, S. K. Roy Bhowmik

26. Sensitivity of Mesoscale Simulation of Aila Cyclone to the Parameterization of Physical
Processes Using WRF Model
Kuvar Satya Sing, M. Mandal

27. Assimilation of Doppler Weather Radar Data in WRF Model for Numerical Simulation of Structure of Cyclone Aila (2009) of the Bay of Bengal at the Time of Landfall
Kuldeep Srivastava, Rashmi Bhardwaj, S. K. Roy Bhowmik

28. Simulation of Pre-monsoon Cyclones of Two Contrasting Monsoon Years Using Mesoscale Model WRF (ARW)
Surireddi S. V. S. Ramakrishna, C. V. Srinivas, A. Sravani, N. Nanaji Rao, V. Lakshmana Rao, N. Vijaya Saradhi

29. Role of Sea Surface Temperature in Simulation of Arabian Sea Cyclone
P. Sinha, U. C. Mohanty, M. M. Ali

Part V. Tropical Cyclone Impact, Vulnerability and Disaster Management

30. Storm Surge Inundation in South Asia under Climate Change Scenarios
S. K. Dube, A. D. Rao, Jismy Poulose, M. Mohapatra, T. S. Murty

31. Inundation Risk Assessment for Nagapatinam Coast, Tamil Nadu, Southeast Coast of India
Gowrappan Muthusankar, Chokalingam Lakshumanan, Sellappan Eswaramoorthi

32. Understanding the Properties of Cyclonic Storm ‘Aila’Using NWP Technique
Abdul Mannan, Arjumand Habib

33. Impact of Radiance Data Assimilation on Simulation of Tropical Cyclone Thane Using WRF-3DVAR Modelling System
A. Routray, U. C. Mohanty, Krishna K. Osuri

34. Retrieval of Atmospheric Temperature Profiles from AMSU-A Measurement Using Artificial Neural Network and Its Applications for Estimating Tropical Cyclone Intensity for ‘Gonu’ and ‘Nargis’
A. K. Mitra, A. K. Sharma, P. K. Kundu

35. Characteristic Features of Heavy Rainfall over Gujarat and Rajasthan States of India due to Very Severe Cyclonic Storm Phet over the Arabian Sea (31 May to 07 June 2010)
Manorama Mohanty, M. Mohapatra, S. N. A. Jaafry

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Oceanography, Meteorology, Natural Hazards, Coastal Sciences, Atmospheric Sciences

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