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Multicultural Science Education

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Culture, Equity, and Social Justice for Science Teacher Educators
Malcolm B. Butler, Mary M. Atwater, Melody L. Russell

Part I. Historical and Sociocultural Perspectives on Science Teacher Education

2. The Systematic Misuse of Science
André M. Green

3. Second-Class Citizens, First-Class Scientists: Using Sociocultural Perspectives to Highlight the Successes and Challenges of African American Scientists During the Jim Crow Era
Malcolm B. Butler

4. Science Education and Females of Color: The Play Within a Play
Leon Walls

5. Sociocultural Consciousness and Science Teacher Education
Brenda Brand

Part II. Foundations of Science Teacher Education

6. The Impact of Beliefs and Actions on the Infusion of Culturally Relevant Pedagogy in Science Teacher Education
Natasha Hillsman Johnson, Mary M. Atwater

7. Motivation in the Science Classroom: Through a Lens of Equity and Social Justice
Melody L. Russell

Part III. Pedagogical and Curricular Issues in Science Teacher Education

8. Negotiating Science Content: A Structural Barrier in Science Academic Performance
Barbara Rascoe

9. Internationally Inclusive Science Education: Addressing the Needs of Migrants and International Students in the Era of Globalization
Charles B. Hutchison

10. Using Problem-Based Learning to Contextualize the Science Experiences of Urban Teachers and Students
Neporcha Cone

Part IV. Equity, Multiculturalism, and Social Justice: Diversity Issues in Science Teaching

11. African American and Other Traditionally Underrepresented Students in School STEM: The Historical Legacy and Strategies for Moving from Stigmatization to Motivation
Obed Norman

12. Preparing Science Teachers for Diversity: Integrating the Contributions of Scientists from Underrepresented Groups in the Middle School Science Curriculum
Rose M. Pringle, Cheryl A. McLaughlin

13. The Triangulation of the Science, English, and Spanish Languages and Cultures in the Classroom: Challenges for Science Teachers of English Language Learners
Regina L. Suriel

Part V. Policy Reform for Science Teacher Education

14. STEM-Based Professional Development and Policy: Key Factors Worth Considering
Celestine H. Pea

15. Policy Issues, Equity, Multicultural Science Education, and Local School District Support of In-Service Science Teachers
Bongani D. Bantwini

16. Policy Issues in Science Education: The Importance of Science Teacher Education, Equity, and Social Justice
Sheneka M. Williams, Mary M. Atwater

17. Conclusion and Next Steps for Science Teacher Educators
Melody L. Russell, Malcolm B. Butler, Mary M. Atwater

Keywords: Education, Science Education, Teaching and Teacher Education, Learning & Instruction, Assessment, Testing and Evaluation, Educational Policy and Politics

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