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Mathematics Curriculum in School Education

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction and Perspectives

1. Mathematics Curriculum in School Education: Advancing Research and Practice from an International Perspective
Yeping Li, Glenda Lappan

2. Curriculum Design and Systemic Change
Hugh Burkhardt

3. Mathematics Curriculum Policies and Practices in the U.S.: The Common Core State Standards Initiative
Barbara J. Reys

4. Reflections on Curricular Change
Alan H. Schoenfeld

Part II. Curriculum and Policy

5. Mathematics Curriculum Policies: A Framework with Case Studies from Japan, Korea, and Singapore
Khoon Yoong Wong, Masataka Koyama, Kyeong-Hwa Lee

6. Decision Making in the Mathematics Curricula among the Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong, and Taiwan
Hak Ping Tam, Ngai-Ying Wong, Chi-Chung Lam, Yunpeng Ma, Lije Lu, Yu-Jen Lu

7. Potential Impact of the Common Core Mathematics Standards on the American Curriculum
Hung-Hsi Wu

8. Brief Considerations on Educational Directives and Public Policies in Brazil Regarding Mathematics Education
Antonio Vicente Marafioti Garnica

9. The Australian Curriculum: Mathematics—How Did it Come About? What Challenges Does it Present for Teachers and for the Teaching of Mathematics?
Max Stephens

Part III. Curriculum Development and Analysis

10. Three Pillars of First Grade Mathematics, and Beyond
Roger Howe

11. Forging New Opportunities for Problem Solving in Australian Mathematics Classrooms through the First National Mathematics Curriculum
Judy Anderson

12. Freedom of Design: The Multiple Faces of Subtraction in Dutch Primary School Textbooks
Marc Zanten, Marja Heuvel-Panhuizen

13. Changes to the Korean Mathematics Curriculum: Expectations and Challenges
JeongSuk Pang

14. The Singapore Mathematics Curriculum Development—A Mixed Model Approach
Ngan Hoe Lee

15. School Mathematics Textbook Design and Development Practices in China
Yeping Li, Jianyue Zhang, Tingting Ma

Part IV. Curriculum, Teacher, and Teaching

16. Teachers as Participants in Textbook Development: The Integrated Mathematics Wiki-book Project

Ruhama Even, Shai Olsher

17. Mathematics Teacher Development in the Context of District Managed Curriculum
Mary Kay Stein, Julia Kaufman, Miray Tekkumru Kisa

18. Curriculum, Teachers and Teaching: Experiences from Systemic and Local Curriculum Change in England
Margaret Brown, Jeremy Hodgen

19. Teaching Mathematics Using Standards-Based and Traditional Curricula: A Case of Variable Ideas
Jinfa Cai, Bikai Nie, John C. Moyer, Ning Wang

20. Supporting the Effective Implementation of a New Mathematics Curriculum: A Case Study of School-Based Lesson Study at a Japanese Public Elementary School
Akihiko Takahashi

21. Does Classroom Instruction Stick to Textbooks? A Case Study of Fraction Division
Rongjin Huang, Z. Ebrar Yetkiner Ozel, Yeping Li, Rebecca V. Osborne

Part V. Curriculum and Student Learning

22. Curriculum Intent, Teacher Professional Development and Student Learning in Numeracy
Vince Geiger, Merrilyn Goos, Shelley Dole

23. The Impact of a Standards-Based Mathematics Curriculum on Classroom Instruction and Student Performance: The Case of Mathematics in Context

Mary C. Shafer

24. Curriculum and Achievement in Algebra 2: Influences of Textbooks and Teachers on Students’ Learning about Functions
Sharon L. Senk, Denisse R. Thompson, Jamie L. W. Wernet

25. Learning Paths and Learning Supports for Conceptual Addition and Subtraction in the US Common Core State Standards and in the Chinese Standards
Karen C. Fuson, Yeping Li

26. The Virtual Curriculum: New Ontologies for a Mobile Mathematics
Nathalie Sinclair, Elizabeth Freitas

Part VI. Cross-national Comparison and Commentary

27. Forty-Eight Years of International Comparisons in Mathematics Education from a United States Perspective: What Have We Learned?
Zalman Usiskin

28. (Mathematics) Curriculum, Teaching and Learning
Ngai-Ying Wong, Qiaoping Zhang, Xiaoqing Li

29. Improving the Alignment Between Values, Principles and Classroom Realities
Malcolm Swan

Keywords: Education, Mathematics Education, Curriculum Studies, International and Comparative Education

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Advances in Mathematics Education
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