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Air Quality Management

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Steven Sakiyama, Randolph P. Angle

Part I. Air Pollution Science

2. A History of Air Quality Management
Ann McMillan, G. Foley

3. The State of Air Quality in Canada: National Patterns
Jeffrey R. Brook, Tom F. Dann, Elisabeth Galarneau, Dennis Herod, Jean Pierre Charland

4. Long-Range Transport of Air Pollutants and Regional and Global Air Quality Modelling
Michael D. Moran, Ashu Dastoor, Gilles Morneau

5. Modelling the Dispersion of Pollutants: Two Case Studies
Bob Humphries, Tyler Abel

6. Air Quality Forecasting
Brian Bukoski, Eric M Taylor

Part II. Air Quality Impacts

7. Air Quality Impacts on Health
David M. Stieb, Ling Liu

8. Visual Air Quality Management
Eric Taylor

Part III. Management of Emissions

9. Industrial Emissions Management
Randolph P. Angle

10. Transportation Emissions: Sources and Regulation
Deniz Karman, Greg Rideout, Wendy Bailey, Andrew Green, Peter Eggleton

11. Effects of Agriculture on Air Quality in Canada
S. Bittman, D. I. Massé, E. Pattey, M. Cournoyer, G. Qiu, A. Narjoux, S. C. Sheppard, A. Van der Zaag

12. Air Quality, Health Effects and Management of Ammonia Emissions from Fertilizers
S. Bittman, Jeffrey R. Brook, Albert Bleeker, T. W. Bruulsema

13. Inventories of Air Pollutant Emissions
Warren McCormick

Part IV. Policy and Planning

14. Ambient Air Quality Objectives
Randolph P. Angle

15. Federal-Provincial Relations in Air Quality Management
Randolph P. Angle

16. The Canada-US Air Quality Agreement and its Impact on Air Quality Management in Canada
Jean O. Melious

17. Airshed Management
Norm Zirnhelt, Randolph P. Angle, D. Laurie Bates-Frymel, Monique Gilbert, Sonia Melancon, Natalie Suzuki, Rebecca Freedman

Part V. Communicating Air Quality Information

18. Air Quality Management: Canadian Perspectives on a Global Issue
Eric Taylor

19. Communicating About Air Quality—Lessons From Canada’s AQHI
Sharon Stevens

20. The Future of Air Quality Management
Eric Taylor, Jeffrey R. Brook, Mike Moran, Dave M. Stieb, R. P. Angle, Deniz Karman, Judi Krzyzanowski, Ann McMillan, Sharon Stevens, James Young, Ed Piché

Keywords: Environment, Atmospheric Protection/Air Quality Control/Air Pollution, Atmospheric Sciences, Public Health

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