Young, Stephen L.

Automation: The Future of Weed Control in Cropping Systems

Young, Stephen L. - Automation: The Future of Weed Control in Cropping Systems, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Scope of the Problem—Rising Costs and Demand for Environmental Safety for Weed Control
Stephen L. Young, Francis J. Pierce, Pete Nowak

Section I. Agricultural Production Systems

2. Current State of Weed Management in Organic and Conventional Cropping Systems
Alec F. McErlich, Rick A. Boydston

Section II. Principles and Merging of Engineering and Weed Science

3. Engineering Advancements
John K. Schueller

4. Plant Morphology and the Critical Period of Weed Control
J. Anita Dille

5. The Biological Engineer: Sensing the Difference Between Crops and Weeds
David C. Slaughter

Section III. Primary Weed Control Tools for Automation

6. Precision Planting and Crop Thinning
Scott A. Shearer, Santosh K. Pitla

7. Automated Mechanical Weeding
M. Taufik Ahmad, Lie Tang, Brian L. Steward

8. Targeted and Microdose Chemical Applications
Stephen L. Young, D. Ken Giles

Section IV. Field Applications

9. Field Applications of Automated Weed Control: Western Hemisphere
Steven A. Fennimore, Bradley D. Hanson, Lynn M. Sosnoskie, Jayesh B. Samtani, Avishek Datta, Stevan Z. Knezevic, Mark C. Siemens

10. Field Applications of Automated Weed Control: Northwest Europe
Jan Willem Hofstee, Ard T. Nieuwenhuizen

11. Field Applications of Automated Weed Control: Asia
Hiroshi Okamoto, Yumiko Suzuki, Noboru Noguchi

Section V. Economies for Automated Weed Control

12. Economics of Technology for Precision Weed Control in Conventional and Organic Systems
Florian Diekmann, Marvin T. Batte

13. Future Adoption of Automation in Weed Control
Josse Baerdemaeker

14. Automation for Weed Control in Least Developed Countries (LDCs)
Renan Aguero, Noel M. Estwick, Edgar Gutierrez

Section VI. Future Directions

15. Future Directions for Automated Weed Management in Precision Agriculture
Stephen L. Young, George E. Meyer, Wayne E. Woldt

Keywords: Life Sciences, Agriculture, Robotics and Automation, Control, Robotics, Mechatronics, Agricultural Economics

Publication year
Natural Sciences

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