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Parenting Across Cultures

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Helaine Selin

2. Parenting Practices and Shyness in Chinese Children
Yiyuan Xu, Lijin Zhang, Puanani Hee

3. Parenting in Hong Kong: Traditional Chinese Cultural Roots and Contemporary Phenomena
Daniel T. L. Shek, Rachel C. F. Sun

4. Parenting in India
Rita Isaac, I. K. Annie, H. R. Prashanth

5. Parenting in Vietnam
Tatyana Mestechkina, Nguyen Duc Son, Jin Y. Shin

6. Child Rearing in Japan
Susan D. Holloway, Ayumi Nagase

7. Parental Beliefs and Fathers’ and Mothers’ Roles in Malaysian Families
Ziarat Hossain

8. Parenting in Pakistan: An Overview
Riffat Moazam Zaman

9. Parenting in the Philippines
Liane Peña Alampay

10. Childrearing, Motherhood and Fatherhood in Bangladeshi Culture
Jena Derakhshani Hamadani, Fahmida Tofail

11. The Evolving Challenges of Modern-Day Parenthood in Singapore
Karen Mui-Teng Quek

12. Understanding Coparenting and Family Systems Among East and Southeast Asian-Heritage Families
James P. McHale, Khanh T. Dinh, Nirmala Rao

13. Parenting: The Turkish Context
Hilal Sen, H. Melis Yavuz-Muren, Bilge Yagmurlu

14. Parenting in Israel: Together Hand in Hand, You Are Mine and I Am Yours
Miri Scharf

15. Parenting in Jordan
Hanan Takash, Suha Al-Hassan

16. Parenting in a Rainbow Nation: A South African Perspective on Parenting
Nicolette V. Roman

17. Childrearing, Motherhood and Fatherhood in Ghana
Kingsley Nyarko

18. Changing Patterns of Yoruba Parenting in Nigeria
Emmanuel D. Babatunde, Kelebogile Setiloane

19. Parenting Among the Nso of the Northwest Province of Cameroon
Relindis D. Yovsi

20. The Kenyan Parent in Changing Times
Pamela Akinyi Wadende, Kathleen Fite, Jon Lasser

21. Argentine Culture and Parenting Styles
María Cristina Richaud Minzi, Viviana Lemos, Jael Vargas Rubilar

22. Family Socialization in Brazil
Isabel Martínez, Leoncio Camino, Cleonice Camino, Edie Cruise

23. Parenting and Parent-Child Relationships in Chile
Kevin Ray Bush, Gary W. Peterson

24. Parenting in Ecuador: Behaviors That Promote Social Competence
Paul L. Schvaneveldt

25. Parenting Across Social Classes: Perspectives on Jamaican Fathers
Patricia Anderson, Camille Daley

26. Parenting in Mexico: Relationships Based on Love and Obedience
Pedro Solís-Cámara, Michael P. Fung, Robert A. Fox

27. Parenting in Two Cultural Worlds in the Presence of One Dominant Worldview: The American Indian Experience
Betsy Davis, Renda Dionne, Michelle Fortin

28. Parenting in Canadian Aboriginal Cultures
Karen M. Benzies

29. Global Grandparents: New Roles and Relationships
Barbara H. Settles

30. Parenting Styles and Children’s Academic Performance
Kingsley Nyarko

31. The Indulgent Parenting Style and Developmental Outcomes in South European and Latin American Countries
Fernando García, Enrique Gracia

32. Parent, Peers, and Adolescent Outcomes: Interactions and Cultural Variations
Ioakim Boutakidis, Eli Lieber

33. Parents’ Aggression Toward Children and Children’s Own Aggression
Jennifer E. Lansford

34. Fathers, Fathering, and Fatherhood Across Cultures
Rudy Ray Seward, Leslie Stanley-Stevens

35. Mother-Child Emotional Availability Across Cultures: Findings from Western and Non-Western Countries
Diane L. Putnick, Marc H. Bornstein, Dana A. Breakstone, Joan T. D. Suwalsky

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Maternal and Child Health, Regional and Cultural Studies, Family

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