Petuya, Victor

New Advances in Mechanisms, Transmissions and Applications

Petuya, Victor - New Advances in Mechanisms, Transmissions and Applications, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Kinetostatic Benchmark of Rear Suspension Systems for Motorcycle
A. Noriega, D. A. Mántaras, D. Blanco

2. Interconnected Suspension System on Sport Motorcycles
C. Moreno-Ramírez, P. García-Fernández, A. de-Juan, M. Tomas-Rodríguez

3. Simulation Tool for Motorbike Prototype Design
P. García-Fernández, J. Gutierrez de Quevedo, C. Moreno-Ramírez, A. Fernández del Rincón

4. Modelling and Control of a Semi-active Suspension System
A. Colina, G. Lerma, I. Cabanes, I. Iglesias

5. Topological Synthesis of a Novel Parallel Mechanism for Vehicle Rear Suspensions
F. Malvezzi, T. A. H. Coelho

6. Vibration Model of a POM Chain Conveyor for the Automobile Industry
A. F. Cubero, M. Artés

7. Development of a Trochoidal Gear Reducer with a Slipping Rollers Type Torque Limiter
H. Terada, M. Kobayashi, K. Imase

8. Uncertainty Propagation in the Grinding Process of High Contact Ratio Gears for a Planetary Geared Turbofan
A. Martínez-Ciudad, L. N. López de Lacalle, J. Sánchez

9. Efficiency Analysis of Shifted Spur Gears
A. Diez-Ibarbia, A. Fernández del Rincón, M. Iglesias, F. Viadero

10. Interactive Geometric Design of Closed External Single-Range Gearing with Straight Toothing
A. A. Golovin, A. M. Duzhev

11. Adaptive Mechanical Continuously Variable Transmission
K. S. Ivanov, A. D. Dinassylov, E. K. Yaroslavceva

12. Design and Characterization of a New Planetary Gear Box
G. Balbayev, Marco Ceccarelli

13. The Issues of Spurious Residual Oscillations in the Displacement Laws of Cam Systems
M. Václavík, P. Dostrašil, P. Jirásko

14. Mechanism of a Leg Exoskeleton for Walking Rehabilitation Purposes
C. Copilusi, Marco Ceccarelli, G. Carbone, A. Margine

15. Human Finger Kinematics and Dynamics
Fai Chen Chen, Silvia Appendino, Alessandro Battezzato, Alain Favetto, Mehdi Mousavi, Francesco Pescarmona

16. Design and Simulation of a Simplified Mechanism for Sit-to-Stand Assisting Devices
Erika Ottaviano, Pierluigi Rea, Peru Errea, Charles Pinto

17. Collision Free Design of Dental Prosthesis
E. Solaberrieta, L. Barrenetxea, E. Bilbao, O. Etxaniz, N. Goikoetxea, R. Minguez, E. Sierra, A. Uribarri

18. Kinematics Simulation and Validation of a Medical Robot
A. Szilaghyi, D. Pisla, C. Vaida, B. Gyurka, N. Plitea

19. Experimental Design and Control Approach of an Active Knee Prosthesis with Geared Linkage
E. -C. Lovasz, V. Ciupe, K. -H. Modler, C. M. Gruescu, U. Hanke, I. Maniu, D. Mărgineanu

20. Motion Control and Fall Prevention for an Active Walker Mobility Aid
S. Irgenfried, H. Wörn

21. Workspace and Tension Analysis of a Cable-Based Parallel Manipulator for Lower Limb Rehabilitation
J. C. M. Carvalho, A. M. Barbosa, R. S. Gonçalves

22. Tool for the Analysis of New Skills Biped Pasibot
H. Rubio, A. Bustos, C. Castejón, J. Meneses, J. C. García Prada

23. Hybrid Quadruped Robot – Mechanical Design and Gait Modelling
M. Olinski, J. Ziemba

24. Wheel-Legged Robot – Construction and Obstacle Detection Sensors
A. Gronowicz, P. Sperzyński, J. Szrek, J. Jakubiak

25. Control of Constrained Dynamic System of Leg of Wheel-Legged Mobile Robot
P. Sperzyński, J. Szrek

26. Planning an Optimal Step Motion for a Hybrid Wheeled-Legged Hexapod
F. Gómez-Bravo, M. J. Aznar, G. Carbone

27. Geometrical Synthesis Approach for Compliant Mechanisms – Design of Applications Exploiting Fibre Reinforced Material Characteristics
J. Ehlig, U. Hanke, E. -C. Lovasz, M. Zichner, K. -H. Modler

28. Derivation of Input/Output Relationships for the Bennett 6R Linkages Based on the Method of Decomposition
R. I. Alizade, G. Kiper, M. İ. C. Dede, E. Uzunoğlu

29. Non-smooth Behaviour of a Linkage Mechanism with Revolute Clearance Joints
A. Krinner, T. Thümmel

30. Design of a Dynamometric Wheel Rim
Jesús Blasco, Francisco Valero, Antonio Besa, Francisco Rubio

31. Design of a Feeder with the Use of the Path Synthesis Method
J. Buśkiewicz

32. A Fairly Simple Mechanism Design for a Rural Water Pump
Marco Ceccarelli, Jorge Alencastre Miranda

33. Adjustable Low-Cost Robot Link
C. Teichgräber, M. Berger, J. Müglitz

34. 2D Scan-Head Motion Characterization and Machine-Tool Integration
E. Ukar, S. Martínez, A. Lamikiz, I. Tabernero

35. Development of a Pneumatic End-Effector for a 3-DOF Robotic Local Structure
S. Kurtenbach, M. Kochniss, A. Cousin, B. Corves

36. Enhancement of Mechanism Design Process by Interaction with Haptic Feedback-Systems
T. Kölling, M Hüsing, B. Corves

37. Giuseppe Antonio Borgnis and Significance of His Handbooks on Representation and Terminology of Machines
Michela Cigola, Marco Ceccarelli

38. A Comparative Study on Application of Decomposition Method in Function Generation Synthesis of Over-Constrained Mechanisms
O. W. N. Maaroof, M. İ. C. Dede

39. A Novel 4 DoFs (3T-1R) Parallel Manipulator with Actuation Redundancy – Workspace Analysis
Samah Shayya, Sébastien Krut, Olivier Company, Cédric Baradat, François Pierrot

40. Two Parallel Robots with Actuators Situated on the Base
A. V. Kozyrev, V. A. Glazunov

41. Geometric, Kinematic and Dynamic Analysis of Four Degrees of Freedom Manipulating Robot, Using Methods of Nonlinear Programming
A. Evgrafov, A. Kornishov

42. Robust Model Based Predictive Control for Trajectory Tracking of Parallel Robots
A. Zubizarreta, I. Cabanes, M. Marcos, Charles Pinto, J. Corral

43. A Calibration Method for a Six-Degree-of-Freedom Parallel Manipulator with a Redundant Passive Chain
T. Oiwa, H. Ikuma

44. Non-singular Transitions Based Optimal Design Methodology for Parallel Manipulators
M. Urízar, V. Petuya, M. Diez, E. Macho, A. Hernández

45. On the Fatigue Strength of Ball Burnished Mechanical Elements
R. Avilés, J. Albizuri, A. Rodríguez, L. N. López de Lacalle

46. Models for Determining the Static Stiffness of Collet Sleeves
E. Soriano, H. Rubio, J. C. García-Prada

47. Measuring How Well a Structure Supports Varying External Wrenches
François Guay, Philippe Cardou, Ana Lucia Cruz-Ruiz, Stéphane Caro

48. Effects of Plasticity Induced by Assembly Process on Contact Pressure of Shrink Fits with Grooved Hubs
J. C. Pérez-Cerdán, M. Lorenzo, C. Blanco

49. Study of the Stress Intensity Factor of an Unbalanced Rotating Cracked Shaft
B. Muñoz-Abella, L. Rubio, P. Rubio

50. Automatic Identification of the Inertia and Friction of an Electromechanical Actuator
C. Roldán, F. J. Campa, O. Altuzarra, E. Amezua

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Design, Mechatronics, Nanotechnology and Microengineering

Publication year
Mechanisms and Machine Science
Page amount
10 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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