Jr., Dudley L. Poston,

The Family and Social Change in Chinese Societies

Jr., Dudley L. Poston, - The Family and Social Change in Chinese Societies, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. The Family in Taiwan and China

1. Models of Resource Distribution in the Family in Taiwan
Chien-Liang Chen

2. Filial Piety and Autonomous Development of Adolescents in the Taiwanese Family
Kuang-Hui Yeh

3. Family Poverty in Taiwan
Te-mu Wang, Hua-chin Ho

4. Patterns and Changes in Household Structure in Hong Kong
Edward Jow-Ching Tu, Jianping Wang

Part II. Issues of Marriage, the Family and Fertility in Taiwan and China

5. Single and Happier? A Comparative Study of Marital Status, Socioeconomic Security and Wellbeing of Women in Hong Kong and Taiwan
Wen Shan Yang, Pei Chih Yen

6. Patterns of Sexual Activity in China and the United States
Ginny Garcia, Heather Terrell Kincannon, Dudley L. Poston, Carol S. Walther

7. Gender Imbalances and the Twisted Marriage Market in Taiwan
Wen Shan Yang, Ying-ying Tiffany Liu

8. Like Mother Like Daughter? The Effect of Mothers’ Attitudes on Their Daughters’ Interactions with Their Mothers-in-law
Hsiang-Ming Kung

9. Male and Female Fertility in Taiwan
Li Zhang, Dudley L. Poston, Chiung-Fang Chang

Part III. Children and the Family in East Asia and in Western Countries: Comparative Studies

10. Patterns of Grandparents Caring for Grandchildren in China
Feinian Chen

11. Family Values and Parent–Child Interaction in Taiwan
Cathy Ruey-Ling Chu

12. Diversity Among Families in Contemporary Taiwan: Old Trunks or New Twigs?
Cherng-Tay Hsueh

13. Adolescent Development in Taiwan
Lang-Wen Huang

14. Son Preference and Fertility in China, South Korea, and the United States
Dudley L. Poston, Hosik Min, Sherry L. McKibben

15. Determinants of Intergenerational Support in the Newly Industrialized Societies: The Case of Taiwan
Alfred Ko-wei Hu

Part IV. The Family and the Future in Taiwan

16. Taiwan’s Demographic Destiny: Marriage Market and Aged Dependency Implications for the Twenty-First Century
Dudley L. Poston, Li Zhang

Keywords: Social Sciences, Family, Demography, Sociology, general

Publication year
The Springer Series on Demographic Methods and Population Analysis
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18 pages

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