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Biocommunication of Animals

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Table of contents

1. Why Biocommunication of Animals?
Guenther Witzany

2. Signs of Communication in Chimpanzees
Mary Lee A. Jensvold, Lisa Wilding, Savannah M. Schulze

3. African and Asian Elephant Vocal Communication: A Cross-Species Comparison
Angela S. Stoeger, Shermin Silva

4. The Information Content of Wolf (and Dog) Social Communication
Tamás Faragó, Simon Townsend, Friederike Range

5. Social Origin of Vocal Communication in Rodents
Stefan M. Brudzynski

6. Why the Caged Mouse Sings: Studies of the Mouse Ultrasonic Song System and Vocal Behavior
Gustavo Arriaga

7. Vibrational Communication: Spiders to Kangaroo Rats
Jan A. Randall

8. Communicative Coordination in Bees
Guenther Witzany

9. Social Association Brings Out the Altruism in an Ant
Kenji Hara

10. Termite Communication During Different Behavioral Activities
Ana Maria Costa-Leonardo, Ives Haifig

11. Crows and Crow Feeders: Observations on Interspecific Semiotics
John M. Marzluff, Marc L. Miller

12. Interspecies Communication with Grey Parrots: A Tool for Examining Cognitive Processing
Irene M. Pepperberg

13. Singing in Space and Time: The Biology of Birdsong
Marc Naguib, Katharina Riebel

14. Chemical Persuasion in Salamanders
Lynne Houck

15. Chelonian Vocal Communication
Camila R. Ferrara, Richard C. Vogt, Jacqueline C. Giles, Gerald Kuchling

16. Cetacean Acoustic Communication
Laela S. Sayigh

17. Communication in the Ultraviolet: Unravelling the Secret Language of Fish
Ulrike E. Siebeck

18. Young Squeaker Catfish Can Already Talk and Listen to Their Conspecifics
Walter Lechner

19. Cognition and Recognition in the Cephalopod Mollusc Octopus vulgaris: Coordinating Interaction with Environment and Conspecifics
Elena Tricarico, Piero Amodio, Giovanna Ponte, Graziano Fiorito

20. How Corals Coordinate and Organize: An Ecosystemic Analysis Based on Biocommunication and Fractal Properties
Pierre Madl, Guenther Witzany

21. Nematode Communication
Yen-Ping Hsueh, Daniel H. W. Leighton, Paul W. Sternberg

Keywords: Life Sciences, Community & Population Ecology, Sociolinguistics, Animal Physiology, Animal Biochemistry, Behavioural Sciences, Philosophy of Biology

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