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Sabkha Ecosystems

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Table of contents

1. Spatial Distribution of Soil Salinity and Management Aspects in the Northern United Arab Emirates
Mahmoud A. Abdelfattah, Shabbir A. Shahid

2. Gypsum Crystals Formation and Habits, Umm Said Sabkha, Qatar
Mariam Al-Youssef

3. Distribution, Ecology and Ecophysiology of Mangroves in Pakistan
Irfan Aziz, Farzeen Khan

4. Halophytes for the Production of Liquid Biofuels
J. Jed Brown, Iwona Cybulska, Tanmay Chaturvedi, Mette H. Thomsen

5. Feasibility of Halophyte Domestication for High-Salinity Agriculture
J. Jed Brown, Edward P. Glenn, S. E. Smith

6. The Gypsum Dunes of Cuatrociénegas Valley, Mexico – A Secondary Sabkha Ecosystem with Gypsophytes
Alexander Czaja, José Luis Estrada-Rodríguez, Hilda Flores Olvera

7. Effects of Seed Storage on Germination of Desert Halophytes with Transient Seed Bank
Ali El-Keblawy

8. Halophytes of Southwest Asia
Shahina A. Ghazanfar, Ernaz Altundag, Ahmet Emre Yaprak, Joanna Osborne, Gull Nilhan Tug, Mecit Vural

9. From Halophyte Research to Halophytes Farming
K. Ben Hamed, C. Magné, C. Abdelly

10. Interactive Effect of Salinity and Drought on the Germination of Dimorphic Seeds of Suaeda salsa
Wei Huang, Weiqiang Li, Zhen Niu, Zhixia Xie, Xiaojing Liu

11. Kochia (Kochia scoparia (L.) Schrad) Unwanted or Wanted Plant for Forage Production in Harsh Environments
Mohammad Kafi, Bilquees Gul, Masoumeh Salehi

12. Importance of the Diversity within the Halophytes to Agriculture and Land Management in Arid and Semiarid Countries
Hans-Werner Koyro, Helmut Lieth, Bilquees Gul, Raziuddin Ansari, Bernhard Huchzermeyer, Zainul Abideen, Tabassum Hussain, M. Ajmal Khan

13. Is Soil Heterogeneity the Major Factor Influencing Vegetation Zonation at Karachi Coast?
Salman Gulzar, Abdul Hameed, M. Zaheer Ahmed, M. Ajmal Khan

14. Research and Development with Seawater and Halophytic Plants for Sustainable Saline Agro Systems in the Arabian Gulf
Ronald A. Loughland, Ali Qasam, Bruce Burwell

15. Salinity Tolerant Turfgrasses for Biosaline Urban Landscape Agriculture
Kenneth B. Marcum

16. Ecology, Distribution and Ecophysiology of Salicornia Europaea L.
A. Muscolo, M. R. Panuccio, A. Piernik

17. Germination Pre-treatments in Haloxylon persicum (Amaranthaceae), an Economically Important Tree of Desert Ecosystems in Western Asia
Kazem Nosrati, Salman Zare, Todd P. Egan

18. Halophytes in the East Mediterranean – Their Medicinal and Other Economical Values
Münir Öztürk, Volkan Altay, Salih Gucel, Aykut Guvensen

19. Germination and Early Seedling Growth of Two Salt-Tolerant Atriplex Species That Prevent Erosion in Iranian Deserts
Afsaneh Shahbazi, Kazem Nosrati, Todd P. Egan

20. Salt Marshes and Biodiversity
A. Teixeira, B. Duarte, I. Caçador

21. Distinctive Features and Role of Sulfur-Containing Compounds in Marine Plants, Seaweeds, Seagrasses and Halophytes, from an Evolutionary Point of View
Xuan-Vy Nguyen, Marion Klein, Anja Riemenschneider, Jutta Papenbrock

22. The Chemical Composition and Technological Properties of Seagrasses a Basis for Their Use (A Review)
N. A. Milchakova, Benno Böer, L. I. Boyko, D. V. Mikulich

23. Short Communication: Seagrass Terraces for Food Security and Carbon Sequestration
Benno Böer

24. Floating Mangroves: The Solution to Reduce Atmospheric Carbon Levels and Land-Based Marine Pollution?
Benno Böer, Chanthy Huot, Mark Sutcliffe

25. World Halophyte Garden: Economic Dividends with Global Significance
Benno Böer, M. Ajmal Khan, Kenneth B. Marcum

26. Erratum to: Sabkha Ecosystems: Volume IV: Cash Crop Halophyte and Biodiversity Conservation
M. Ajmal Khan, Benno Böer, Münir Öztürk, Thabit Zahran Abdessalaam, Miguel Clüsener-Godt, Bilquees Gul

Keywords: Environment, Environment, general, Life Sciences, general, Energy, general, Education, general, Sustainable Development

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Tasks for Vegetation Science
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