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Federalism and Legal Unification

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Table of contents

Part I. Comparative Analysis

1. Federalism and Legal Unification: Comparing Methods, Results, and Explanations Across 20 Systems
Daniel Halberstam, Mathias Reimann

Part II. National Reports

2. The Argentine Federal Legislative System
Alfredo M. Vítolo

3. The Australian Federation: A Story of the Centralization of Power
Cheryl Saunders, Michelle Foster

4. Federalism and Legal Unification in Austria
Anna M. Gamper, Bernhard A. Koch

5. Belgium: A Broken Marriage?
Alain-Laurent Verbeke, Alain-Laurent Verbeke, Alain-Laurent Verbeke

6. Federalism and Legal Unification in Brazil
Jacob Dolinger, Luís Roberto Barroso

7. Unification of Laws in Federal Systems: The Canadian Model
Aline Grenon

8. The European Union: A Federation in All but Name
Jan Wouters, Hanne Cuyckens, Thomas Ramopoulos

9. Unification of Laws in the Federal System of Germany
Jürgen Adam, Christoph Möllers

10. India: From Political Federalism and Fiscal Centralization to Greater Subnational Autonomy
Sunita Parikh

11. Emergence of the Italian Unitary Constitutional System, Modified by Supranational Norms and Italian Regionalism
Louis Duca, Patrick Duca

12. Federalism and Legal Unification in Malaysia
Hean Leng Ang, Amanda Whiting

13. Federalism and Legal Unification in Mexico
Oscar Echenique Quintana, Nadja Dorothea Ruíz Euler, Ricardo Carrasco Varona

14. How Federal Is the Russian Federation?
Jeffrey Kahn, Alexei Trochev, Nikolay Balayan

15. Federalism and Legal Unification in South Africa
Karthy Govender

16. The Trend Towards Homogenization in the Spanish ‘State of Autonomies’
Aida Torres Pérez

17. Federalism and Legal Unification in Switzerland
Eleanor Cashin Ritaine, Anne-Sophie Papeil

18. The United Kingdom: Devolution and Legal Unification
Stathis Banakas

19. United States Federalism: Harmony Without Unity
James R. Maxeiner

20. Venezuela: The End of Federalism?
Allan R. Brewer-Carías, Jan Kleinheisterkamp

Keywords: Law, Private International Law, International & Foreign Law, Comparative Law, Political Science, general, Constitutional Law

Publication year
Ius Gentium: Comparative Perspectives on Law and Justice
Upbringing, Education

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