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Ecological Genomics

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Table of contents

1. Recent Advances in Ecological Genomics: From Phenotypic Plasticity to Convergent and Adaptive Evolution and Speciation
Christian R. Landry, Nadia Aubin-Horth

2. Trait Transitions in Explicit Ecological and Genomic Contexts: Plant Mating Systems as Case Studies
Vincent Castric, Sylvain Billiard, Xavier Vekemans

3. Revisiting Mortimer’s Genome Renewal Hypothesis: Heterozygosity, Homothallism, and the Potential for Adaptation in Yeast
Paul M. Magwene

4. Ecological Genomics of Adaptation and Speciation in Fungi
Jean-Baptiste Leducq

5. Integrating Phenotypic Plasticity Within an Ecological Genomics Framework: Recent Insights from the Genomics, Evolution, Ecology, and Fitness of Plasticity
Matthew Morris, Sean M. Rogers

6. Eco-Evo-Devo: The Time Has Come
Ehab Abouheif, Marie-Julie Favé, Ana Sofia Ibarrarán-Viniegra, Maryna P. Lesoway, Ab Matteen Rafiqi, Rajendhran Rajakumar

7. Evolutionary and Ecological Genomics of Developmental Plasticity: Novel Approaches and First Insights From the Study of Horned Beetles
Armin P. Moczek, Teiya Kijimoto, Emilie Snell-Rood, Guilherme Rocha, Melissa Pespeni, Karen Kafadar

8. Neurogenomics of Behavioral Plasticity
Rayna M. Harris, Hans A. Hofmann

9. Ecological Genomics of Host Behavior Manipulation by Parasites
François Olivier Hébert, Nadia Aubin-Horth

10. Ecological Epigenetics
Holly J. Kilvitis, Mariano Alvarez, Christy M. Foust, Aaron W. Schrey, Marta Robertson, Christina L. Richards

11. The Reproducibility of Adaptation in the Light of Experimental Evolution with Whole Genome Sequencing
Guillaume Achaz, Alejandra Rodriguez-Verdugo, Brandon S. Gaut, Olivier Tenaillon

12. Ecological Genomics of Host Shifts in Drosophila mojavensis

Luciano M. Matzkin

13. The Genomics of an Adaptive Radiation: Insights Across the Heliconius Speciation Continuum
Megan Supple, Riccardo Papa, Brian Counterman, W. Owen McMillan

14. Merging Ecology and Genomics to Dissect Diversity in Wild Tomatoes and Their Relatives
David C. Haak, Jamie L. Kostyun, Leonie C. Moyle

15. Integrated Genomics Approaches in Evolutionary and Ecological Endocrinology
Jun Kitano, Asano Ishikawa, Sean C. Lema

16. Evolutionary Genomics of Environmental Pollution
Andrew Whitehead

17. Signatures of Natural Selection and Ecological Differentiation in Microbial Genomes
B. Jesse Shapiro

Keywords: Life Sciences, Molecular Ecology, Gene Function, Evolutionary Biology, Bioinformatics, Microbial Genetics and Genomics, Animal Genetics and Genomics

Publication year
Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology
Natural Sciences

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