Zarifis, George K.

Challenging the 'European Area of Lifelong Learning'

Zarifis, George K. - Challenging the 'European Area of Lifelong Learning', ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Maria N. Gravani, George K. Zarifis

Part I. Lifelong Learning and New Basic Skills for All

2. The Skills: A Chimera of Modern European Adult Education
Katarina Popović

3. Computer Literacy Among the Generations: How Can Older Adults Participate in Digital Society?
Bernhard Schmidt-Hertha, Claudia Strobel-Dümer

4. Basic Skills for Becoming a Citizen
Emilio Lucio-Villegas

5. ‘New Basic Skills’, Nonbasic Skills, Knowledge Practices and Judgement: Tensions Between the Needs of Basic Literacy, of Vocational Education and Training and of Higher and Professional Learning
Martin Gough

Part II. Lifelong Learning and More Investment in Human Resources

6. Incentives and Disincentives to Invest in Human Resources
Marcella Milana

7. An Inconsistent Policy: Lifelong Learning and Adult Education Policy Towards a Competitive Advantage
Paula Guimarães, Fátima Antunes

8. Vocational Education: The Tension Between Educational Flexibility and Predictability
Eva Andersson, Gun-Britt Wärvik

9. Lifelong Learning and Employability
Andreas Fejes

10. Human Capital and Human Action in Lifelong Learning: Questions Concerning the Revival of a Seemingly Obvious Theory
Despina Tsakiris

Part III. Lifelong Learning, Innovative Teaching and Learning, and Rethinking Guidance and Counselling

11. Re-representing Education’s Image and Status: In the ‘Interest’ of Pedagogical Innovation
Stephen O’Brien

12. Teaching Methods and Professional Teaching in Adult Education: Questioning the Memorandum’s Understanding of Professional Teaching
Regina Egetenmeyer, Patrick Bettinger

13. From ‘Innovation’ to ‘Quality’: The Topic of Professionalisation for Adult Learning Staff in Selected European Policy Documents
Simona Sava

14. Being an Adult Learner and Learning Through Life
Larissa Jõgi

15. Perspectives on Guidance and Counselling as Strategic Tools to Improve Lifelong Learning in Portugal
Maria Paula Paixão, José Tomás Silva, Albertina L. Oliveira

Part IV. Lifelong Learning and Valuing Learning

16. Contradicting Values in the Policy Discourse on Lifelong Learning
Nils Bernhardsson

17. Quality in Adult Learning: EU Policies and Shifting Paradigms?
Bert-Jan Buiskool, Simon Broek

18. The Adoption of an International Education Policy Agenda at National Level: Conceptual and Governance Issues
Alexandra Ioannidou

19. Vocational Learning: Shifting Relationships Between Education and Working Life
Erik Kats, Jaap Lakerveld

20. Evaluating Learning and the Work of a Researcher in the Era of Lifelong Learning
Kristiina Brunila

21. Focus on Learners: A Search for Identity and Meaning in Autobiographical Practices
Laura Formenti, Micaela Castiglioni

Part V. Lifelong Learning and Bringing Learning Closer to Home

22. ‘Bringing Learning Closer to Home’: Understanding ‘Outreach Work’ as a Mobilisation Strategy to Increase Participation in Adult Learning
Barry J. Hake

23. Lifelong Learning and Schools as Community Learning Centres: Key Aspects of a National Curriculum Draft Policy Framework for Malta
Peter Mayo

24. The Rise and Fall and Rise Again of Learning Cities
Lynette Jordan, Norman Longworth, Michael Osborne

25. Collective Dimensions in Lifelong Education and Learning: Political and Pedagogical Reflections
Françoise F. Laot

26. Reinstating the Invisible: A Proposed Framework for European Learning Collectives
George K. Zarifis, Maria N. Gravani

Keywords: Education, Lifelong Learning/Adult Education, Educational Policy and Politics, Teaching and Teacher Education

Publication year
Lifelong Learning Book Series
Page amount
14 pages
Upbringing, Education

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