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The 8th International Conference on Knowledge Management in Organizations

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Table of contents

Part I. Service and Innovation

1. Servitization of Business: An Exploratory Case Study of Customer Perspective
Zahir Ahamed, Akira Kamoshida, Takehiro Inohara

2. A Service Field Concept for Service Value Creation
Michitaka Kosaka, Minh Chau Doan, Kunio Shirahada, Jing Wang

3. Development of Future Center: A Case Study
Timo Rossi, Lorna Uden, Marja Naaranoja

4. Cocreation Value Platform Based on User’s Behaviour to Increase the User Engagement
Aravind Kumaresan

5. Inquest for Competitive Factors of Restaurant Information Services
Hidenobu Sai

6. Cocreation and Implementing ITIL Service Management in the Cloud: A Case Study
Ronald Stanley

7. An Ontology-Based Advisement Approach for SOA Design Patterns
Lei Liu, Pinxin Miao, Luka Pavlic, Marjan Hericko, Rui Zhang

8. Creating Collaborative Innovative Environment Through Knowledge Management in Pharmaceutical Industry
Anna Závodská, Veronika Šramová

9. Adoption Intention of Mobile Real Time Location-Based Advertising Service for 3G Cell Phone Users in Taiwan
Flora Peng, Chien-Hsing Wu, Hsin-Yi Liao

Part II. Knowledge Management Practice and Case Study

10. Students’ Innovative Thinking and Their Perceptions About the Ideal Learning Environment
Miri Barak, Sigal Morad, Noa Ragonis

11. Sensor-Data-Driven Knowledge Creation Model: A Model and Empirical Test
Norihiko Moriwaki, Kazuo Yano, Dai Senoo

12. A Structural Equation Model of Knowledge Management Practices and Library Users’ Satisfaction at Malaysian University Libraries
Muhamad Saufi Che Rusuli, Rosmaini Tasmin, Josu Takala, Norazlin Hashim

13. A Bibliometric Study on the Mechanical Science and Engineering Researches in Taiwan
Wen-Lin Wang, Gregory Siy Ching

14. Comparing Knowledge Management Application in Chile and Other OECD Countries
Dario Liberona, Darcy Fuenzalida

15. Electronic Portfolio as a Knowledge Management Tool: A Comparative Analysis
Wardah Zainal-Abidin, Lorna Uden, Rose Alinda Alias

16. Knowledge and Community Formation via Cascading Modes of Communication with a Case Study and Research Design
Paul Wu Horng-Jyh

17. One-Size-Fits-All? Towards a Taxonomy of Knowledge Workers
Rémy Magnier Watanabe, Caroline Benton

18. A Conceptual Model for Privacy Preferences in Healthcare Environment
Fiza Abdul Rahim, Zuraini Ismail, Ganthan Narayana Samy

Part III. Information Technology and Knowledge Management

19. A Hybrid Patent Prior Art Retrieval Approach Using Claim Structure and Description
Fu-Ren Lin, Ke-Ren Chen, Szu-Yin Lin

20. Improving Near-Duplicate Detection in Multi-Layered Collaborative Requirements Engineering Discussions Through Discussion Clustering
Christian Sillaber, Ruth Breu

21. Concepts Labeling of Document Clusters Using a Hierarchical Agglomerative Clustering (HAC) Technique
Rayner Alfred, Tan Soo Fun, Asni Tahir, Chin Kim On, Patricia Anthony

22. A Visualization Approach to Automatic Text Documents Categorization Based on HAC
Rayner Alfred, Mohd Norhisham Bin Razali, Suraya Alias, Chin Kim On

23. A Literature Review and Discussion of Malay Rule - Based Affix Elimination Algorithms
Rayner Alfred, Leow Ching Leong, Chin Kim On, Patricia Anthony

24. Ontology-Based Query Expansion for Supporting Information Retrieval in Agriculture
Rayner Alfred, Kim On Chin, Patricia Anthony, Phang Wai San, Tan Li Im, Leow Ching Leong, Gan Kim Soon

25. Metafrastes: A News Ontology-Based Information Querying Using Natural Language Processing
Hanno Embregts, Viorel Milea, Flavius Frasincar

26. An Application for Recommender Systems in the Contents Industry
Giovanny Mauricio Tarazona Bermudez, Jordan Pascual Espada, Edward Rolando Nuñez-Valdez

27. Design and Development of a Location-Based Advertising and Recommending System
Chien-Hsing Wu, Dong-Jyu Huang, Flora Peng

28. Visualising Outliers in Nominal Data
Swee Chuan Tan

Part IV. Knowledge Management and Social Network

29. Knowledge Management Model Supported by Social Networks. Case: University-Enterprise
Víctor Hugo Medina García, Ramón Ernesto Correa Amado, Liliana Contreras Callejas

30. Social-Technology Fit: A Conceptual Model
Hsin-Yi Liao, Chien-Hsing Wu, Didi Sundiman, Flora Peng

31. The Use of Blogs as Knowledge Sharing in MBA
Eric Kin-Wai Lau

32. Top-X Querying in Online Social Networks with MapReduce Solution
Zheng Jianya, Li Weigang, Lorna Uden

33. SMEs: Social Media Marketing Performance
Hilary Berger, Chris Thomas

Part V. Knowledge Management in Business and Organization

34. Knowledge Extraction of Consumers’ Attitude and Behavior: A Case Study of Private Medical Insurance Policy in Japan
Yoko Ishino

35. Product Information Retrieval on the Web: An Empirical Study
Sabri Bouzidi, Damir Vandic, Flavius Frasincar, Uzay Kaymak

36. Japanese Students’ Perception of B2C
Takashi Okamoto

37. Bank Stock Leading Indicators and Extraction of Trigger Points
Junsuke Senoguchi, Setsuya Kurahashi

38. Empowering Leadership in R&D Teams: A Closer Look at the Process and Outcomes
Yu-Qian Zhu, Houn-Gee Chen

39. Distribution of Roles in Virtual Organization of Agents
Juan F. Paz, Carolina Zato, Gabriel Villarubia, Javier Bajo, Juan M. Corchado

40. Uncovering Hidden Characteristics of Your Business Leaders
Yasuhiro Sasaki, Masaaki Kunigami, Atsushi Yoshikawa, Takao Terano

41. Enterprise Knowledge Management Under Cloud Computing Environment
Liang Huo, Dapeng Ji, Zhenling Liu, Yu Yu

42. Knowledge Management Strategy Using Activity Theory for a Law Firm
Sanath Sukumaran, Kanchana Chandran, Kalpana Chandran

43. Towards New Framework of the Change Management of Stakeholder Dilemma in IT System Implementation
Takao Nomakuchi, Hiroshi Kuroki, Masakazu Takahashi

Part VI. Knowledge Transfer, Sharing and Creation

44. Knowledge Sharing in International Innovation Course
Anne-Maria Aho, Lorna Uden

45. Effectiveness of Information Systems Infrastructure and Team Learning in Integrating Knowledge Management and e-Learning Technologies
Ali Mahdi Owayid, Khalid Alrawi, Khaled Shaalan

46. Developing Innovative Training for Business Managers: I-SME Project Between Finland and Vietnam
Dao Ngoc Tien, Anne-Maria Aho, Lorna Uden

47. The Impact of Knowledge Sharing Platforms in Distributed Requirements Engineering Scenarios: A Systematic Review
Christian Sillaber, Ruth Breu

48. Investigation of Key Resistance Factors in Knowledge Sharing Towards Information Security Culture in Healthcare Organization
Noor Hafizah Hassan, Zuraini Ismail

49. Mainstreaming Indigenous Knowledge in Climate Change Response: Traditional ‘Rainmaking’ in Kenya
Tom Kwanya

50. ICT as a Means of Generating Knowledge for Project Management
Flor Nancy Díaz Piraquive, Víctor Hugo Medina García, Rubén González Crespo

Keywords: Computer Science, Computer Appl. in Administrative Data Processing, Organization/Planning, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Complex Networks, Communications Engineering, Networks

Publication year
Springer Proceedings in Complexity
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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