Huang, Yueh-Min

Advanced Technologies, Embedded and Multimedia for Human-centric Computing

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Table of contents

Part I. HumanCom

1. An Interface for Reducing Errors in Intravenous Drug Administration
Frode Eika Sandnes, Yo-Ping Huang

2. A Vocabulary Learning Game Using a Serious-Game Approach
Kanako Nakajima, Tatsuo Nakajima

3. An Improved Method for Measurement of Gross National Happiness Using Social Network Services
Dongsheng Wang, Abdelilah Khiati, Jongsoo Sohn, Bok-Gyu Joo, In-Jeong Chung

4. Advanced Comb Filtering for Robust Speech Recognition
Jeong-Sik Park

5. Fall Detection by a SVM-Based Cloud System with Motion Sensors
Chien-Hui (Christina) Liao, Kuan-Wei Lee, Ting-Hua Chen, Che-Chen Chang, Charles H.-P. Wen

6. A Study on Persuasive Effect of Preference of Virtual Agents
Akihito Yoshii, Tatsuo Nakajima

7. Human Computing for Business Modelling
Yih-Lang Chen, Yih-Chang Chen

8. Teaching and Learning Foreign Languages in a Digital Multimedia Environment
Vladimir Kryukov, Alexey Gorin, Dmitry Mordvintsev

9. An Interactive Web-Based Navigation System for Learning Human Anatomy
Haichao Zhu, Weiming Wang, Jingxian Sun, Qiang Meng, Jinze Yu, Jing Qin, Pheng-Ann Heng

10. Community Topical “Fingerprint” Analysis Based on Social Semantic Networks
Dongsheng Wang, Kyunglag Kwon, Jongsoo Sohn, Bok-Gyu Joo, In-Jeong Chung

11. Content Recommendation Method Using FOAF and SNA
Daehyun Kang, Kyunglag Kwon, Jongsoo Sohn, Bok-Gyu Joo, In-Jeong Chung

12. The Design of an Information Monitoring Platform Based on a WSN for a Metro Station
Dong Chen, Zhen-Jiang Zhang, Yun Liu

13. An Improved Social Network Analysis Method for Social Networks
Jongsoo Sohn, Daehyun Kang, Hansaem Park, Bok-Gyu Joo, In-Jeong Chung

Part II. Special Session

14. Power-Saving Scheduling Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
Ting-Chu Chi, Pin-Jui Chen, Wei-Yuan Chang, Kai-Chien Yang, Der-Jiunn Deng

15. Localization Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
Yin-Chun Chen, Der-Jiunn Deng, Yeong-Sheng Chen

16. Exploring Community Structures by Comparing Group Characteristics
Guanling Lee, Chia-Jung Chang, Sheng-Lung Peng

17. Emergency Broadcast in VANET by Considering Human Satisfaction
Yu-Shou Chang, Shou-Chih Lo, Sheng-Lung Peng

18. The Comparative Study for Cloud-Game-Based Learning from Primary and Secondary School Education Between Taiwan and America
Hsing-Wen Wang, Claudia Pong

19. The New Imperative for Creating and Profiting from Network Technology Under Open Innovation: Evidences from Taiwan and USA
Hsing-Wen Wang, Raymond Liu, Natalie Chang, Jason Chang

Part III. Exploration of Scientific Evidence on Affective Learning

20. What is Affective Learning?
Wen-Yen Wang, Ling-Chin Ko, Yueh-Min Huang, Yao-Ren Liu, Shen-Mao Lin

21. The Influences of Emotional Reactions on Learning Gains During a Computerized Self-Assessment Test
Yueh-Min Huang, Chin-Fei Huang, Ming-Chi Liu, Chang-Tzuoh Wu

22. A Conceptual Framework for Using the Affective Computing Techniques to Evaluate the Outcome of Digital Game-Based Learning
Chih-Hung Wu, Yi-Lin Tzeng, Ray Yueh Min Huang

23. Adopt Technology Acceptance Model to Analyze Factors Influencing Students’ Intention on Using a Disaster Prevention Education System
Yong-Ming Huang, Chien-Hung Liu, Yueh-Min Huang, Yung-Hsin Yeh

24. Designing an Interactive RFID Game System for Improving Students’ Motivation in Mathematical Learning
Ho-Yuan Chen, Ding-Chau Wang, Chao-Chun Chen, Chien-Hung Liu

Part IV. Multimedia Technology for Education

25. Design and Development of an Innovation Product Engineering Process Curriculum at Peking University
Win-Bin Huang, Junjie Shang, Jiang Chen, Yanyi Huang, Ge Li, Haixia Zhang

26. The Design of an Educational Game for Mobile Devices
Daniela Giordano, Francesco Maiorana

27. Activating Natural Science Learning by Augmented Reality and Indoor Positioning Technology
Tien-Chi Huang, Yu-Wen Chou, Yu Shu, Ting-Chieh Yeh

28. Using Particle Swarm Method to Optimize the Proportion of Class Label for Prototype Generation in Nearest Neighbor Classification
Jui-Le Chen, Shih-Pang Tseng, Chu-Sing Yang

29. A Novel Genetic Algorithm for Test Sheet Assembling Problem in Learning Cloud
Shih-Pang Tseng, Long-Yeu Chung, Po-Lin Huang, Ming-Chao Chiang, Chu-Sing Yang

Part V. Modern Learning Technologies and Applications with Smart Mobile Devices

30. Investigation of Google+ with Mobile Device Implement into Public Health Nursing Practice Course
Ting-Ting Wu, Shu-Hsien Huang

31. Cognitive Diffusion Model with User-Oriented Context-to-Text Recognition for Learning to Promote High Level Cognitive Processes
Wu-Yuin Hwang, Rustam Shadiev, Yueh-Min Huang

32. A Study of the Reader Recommendation Service Based on Learning Commons for Satisfaction of ePortfolio Users
Yu-Qing Huang, Cheng-Hsu Huang, Jen-Hua Yang, Tien-Wen Sung

33. A Study of the Wikipedia Knowledge Recommendation Service for Satisfaction of ePortfolio Users
Cheng-Hsu Huang, Yu-Qing Huang, Jen-Hua Yang, Wen-Yen Wang

34. Using Personal Smart Devices as User Clients in a Classroom Response System
Tien-Wen Sung, Chu-Sing Yang, Ting-Ting Wu

Part VI. Embedded Computing

35. 3D Bidirectional-Channel Routing Algorithm for Network-Based Many-Core Embedded Systems
Wen-Chung Tsai, Yi-Yao Weng, Chun-Jen Wei, Sao-Jie Chen, Yu-Hen Hu

36. An Energy-Aware Routing Protocol Using Cat Swarm Optimization for Wireless Sensor Networks
Lingping Kong, Chien-Ming Chen, Hong-Chi Shih, Chun-Wei Lin, Bing-Zhe He, Jeng-Shyang Pan

37. Software Baseband Optimization Except Channel Decoding for PC-Based DVB-T Software Radio Receiver
Shu-Ming Tseng, Yao-Teng Hsu, Yen-Yu Chang, Tseng-Chun Lee

38. In-Time Transaction Accelerator Architecture for RDBMS
Su Jin Kim, Seong Mo Lee, Ji Hoon Jang, Yeong Seob Jeong, Sang Don Kim, Seung Eun Lee

39. Intra-Body Communication for Personal Area Network
Sang Don Kim, Ju Seong Lee, Yeong Seob Jeong, Ji Hoon Jang, Seung Eun Lee

40. mrGlove: FPGA-Based Data Glove for Heterogeneous Devices
Seong Mo Lee, Ji Hoon Jang, Dae Young Park, Sang Don Kim, Ju Seong Lee, Seon Kyeong Kim, Seung Eun Lee

41. A Novel Wireless Context-Aware Network of Service Robot
Jianqi Liu, Qinruo Wang, Hehua Yan, Bi Zeng, Caifeng Zou

42. Architecture of Desktop as a Service Supported by Cloud Computing
Jianqi Liu, Hehua Yan, Caifeng Zou, Hui Suo

43. Lattice Boltzmann Method for the Velocity Analysis of Polymer Melt in Vane Extruder
Jianbo Li, Jinping Qu, Xiaoqiang Zhao, Guizhen Zhang

44. Integrated Approach for Modeling Cyber Physical Systems
Shuguang Feng, Lichen Zhang

45. Specification of Railway Cyber Physical Systems Using AADL
Lichen Zhang

46. Formal Specification of Railway Control Systems
Bingqing Xu, Lichen Zhang

47. A Clock Based Approach to the Formal Specification of Cyber Physical Systems
Bingqing Xu, Lichen Zhang

48. A Genetic-Based Load Balancing Algorithm in OpenFlow Network
Li-Der Chou, Yao-Tsung Yang, Yuan-Mao Hong, Jhih-Kai Hu, Bill Jean

49. QoS Modeling of Cyber Physical Systems by the Integration of AADL and Aspect-Oriented Methods
Lichen Zhang

50. Assessment of Performance in Data Center Network Based on Maximum Flow
Kai Peng, Rongheng Lin, Binbin Huang, Hua Zou, Fangchun Yang

51. A Situation-Oriented IoT Middleware for Resolution of Conflict Contexts Based on Combination of Priorities
Z. Cheng, J. Wang, T. Huang, P. Li, N. Yen, J. Tsai, Y. Zhou, L. Jing

52. Data Transmission Mechanism in Cluster-Based Wireless Sensor Networks with Mobile Sink
Ying-Hong Wang, Yu-Jie Lin, Shao-Wei Tsao

53. Border Detection of Skin Lesions on a Single System on Chip
Peyman Sabouri, Hamid GholamHosseini, John Collins

54. A New Computer Based Differential Relay Framework for Power Transformer
Rachid Bouderbala, Hamid Bentarzi

55. A New Computer Based Quadrilateral Distance Relay Framework for Power Transmission Lines
Abderrahmane Ouadi, Hamid Bentarzi

56. A Study for a Low-Power Way Predictor for Embedded Data Caches
Yul Chu

57. A Density Control Scheme Based on Disjoint Wakeup Scheduling in Wireless Sensor Network
EunHwa Kim

Part VII. Multimedia Computing

58. A Human Voice Song Requesting System Based on Connected Vehicle in Cloud Computing
Ding Yi, Jian Zhang

59. Access Control System by Face Recognition Based on S3C2440
Yongling Liu, Yong Lu, Yue Song

60. A Secure Digital Watermark Skeleton Based on Cloud Computing Web Services
Jian Zhang, Ding Yi

61. Video Transmission Quality Improvement Under Multi-Hop Wireless Network Architecture
Chih-Ang Huang, Chih-Cheng Wei, Kawuu W. Lin, Chih-Heng Ke

62. Mapping IDCT of MPEG2 on Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Array for Matching 1080p Video Decoding
Guoyong Li, Leibo Liu, Shouyi Yin, Changkui Mao, Shaojun Wei

63. Green Master Based on MapReduce Cluster
Ming-Zhi Wu, Yu-Chang Lin, Wei-Tsong Lee, Yu-Sun Lin, Fong-Hao Liu

64. Research on Graphic Digital Text Watermarking Research Framework
Jin Zhang, Xiaowei Liu, Xiaoli Gong, Rui Lu, Zhenlu Chen

65. A Predictive Method for Workload Forecasting in the Cloud Environment
Yao-Chung Chang, Ruay-Shiung Chang, Feng-Wei Chuang

66. Implementation of Face Detection Using OpenCV for Internet Dressing Room
Li-Der Chou, Chien-Cheng Chen, Chun-Kai Kui, Der-Ching Chang, Tai-Yu Hsu, Bing-Ling Li, Yi-Ching Lee

67. A Comparative Study on Routing Protocols in Underwater Sensor Networks
Jian Shen, Jin Wang, Jianwei Zhang, Shunfeng Wang

68. A Novel Verifiably Encrypted Signature from Weil Pairing
Jian Shen, Jin Wang, Yuhui Zheng, Jianwei Zhang, Shunfeng Wang

69. Location-Aware Routing Protocol for Underwater Sensor Networks
Jian Shen, Jin Wang, Jingwei Wang, Jianwei Zhang, Shunfeng Wang

70. Efficient Key Management Scheme for SCADA System
Jian Shen, Jin Wang, Yongjun Ren, Jianwei Zhang, Shunfeng Wang

Part VIII. Smart System

71. Dynamic Migration Technology Platform in the Cloud Computer Forensics Applied Research
Lijuan Yang, Shuping Yang

72. Research on Parameters of Affinity Propagation Clustering
Bin Gui, Xiaoping Yang

73. Ant Colony Algorithm and its Application in QoS Routing with Multiple Constraints
H. E. Huilin, Y. I. Fazhen

74. The Research and Exploration of the Development Trend of Cloud Computing
Shuping Yang, Lijuan Yang

75. The Research of Intelligent Storage System Based on UHF RFID
Yong Lu, Zhao Wu, Zeng-Mo Gao

76. An Efficient Detecting Mechanism for Cross-Site Script Attacks in the Cloud
Wei Kan, Tsu-Yang Wu, Tao Han, Chun-Wei Lin, Chien-Ming Chen, Jeng-Shyang Pan

77. A Novel Clustering Based Collaborative Filtering Recommendation System Algorithm
Qi Wang, Wei Cao, Yun Liu

78. A Secure and Flexible Data Aggregation Framework for Smart Grid
Lun-Pin Yuan, Bing-Zhe He, Chang-Shiun Liu, Hung-Min Sun

79. Data Integrity Checking for iSCSI with Dm-verity
Rui Zhou, Zhu Ai, Jun Hu, Qun Liu, Qingguo Zhou, Xuan Wang, Hai Jiang, Kuan-Ching Li

80. Opportunistic Admission and Scheduling of Remote Processes in Large Scale Distributed Systems
Susmit Bagchi

81. Feasible Life Extension Concept for Aged Tactical Simulation System by HLA Architecture Design
Lin Hui, Kuei Min Wang

82. Mobile Agents for CPS in Intelligent Transportation Systems
Yingying Wang, Hehua Yan, Jiafu Wan, Keliang Zhou

83. Improving Spectator Sports Safety by Cyber-Physical Systems: Challenges and Solutions
Hehua Yan, Zhuohua Liu, Jiafu Wan, Keliang Zhou

84. MapReduce Application Profiler
Tzu-Chi Huang, Kuo-Chih Chu, Chui-Ming Chiu, Ce-Kuen Shieh

Part IX. Cross Strait Conference on Information Science and Technology

85. Research on Micro-Blog Information Perception and Mining Platform
Xing Wang, Fei Xiong, Yun Liu

86. A New Algorithm for Personalized Recommendations in Community Networks
Xin Zhou, XinXiang Xing, Yun Liu

87. Design and Implementation of NGDC Geospatial Metadata Management System
Li Zhang

88. Apply Genetic Algorithm to Cloud Motion Wind
Jiang Han, Ling Li, Chengcheng Yang, Hui Tong, Longji Zeng, Tao Yang

89. A Topic Evolution Model Based on Microblog Network
Qingling Zhou, Genying Wang, Haiqiang Chen

90. A Platform for Massive Railway Information Data Storage
Xu Shan, Genying Wang, Lin Liu

91. Hybrid Data Fusion Method Using Bayesian Estimation and Fuzzy Cluster Analysis for WSN
Huilei Fu, Yun Liu, Zhenjiang Zhang, Shenghua Dai

92. Enhancements of Authenticated Differentiated Pre-distribution Key Methodology Based on GPSR
Lin Sun, Zhen-Jiang Zhang

93. Research on Kernel Function of Support Vector Machine
Lijuan Liu, Bo Shen, Xing Wang

94. Improved Multi-dimensional Top-k Query Processing Based on Data Prediction in Wireless Sensor Networks
Zhen-Jiang Zhang, Jun-Ren Jie, Yun Liu

95. An Improved LMAP++ Protocol Combined with Low-Cost and Privacy Protection
Fei Zeng, Haibing Mu, Xiaojun Wen

96. Empirical Analysis of User Life Span in Microblog
WeiGuo Yuan, Yun Liu

97. Study and Implement of Topology Analysis Based on Hyper-Nodes in GIS
Li Zhang

98. A New Lightweight RFID Grouping Proof Protocol
Ping Huang, Haibing Mu, Changlun Zhang

99. Iris Recognition
Hwei Jen Lin, Yue Sheng Li, Yuan Sheng Wang, Shih Min Wei

100. A LDoS Detection Method Based on Packet Arrival Time
Kun Ding, Lin Liu, Yun Liu

101. Simplifying Data Migration from Relational Database Management System to Google App Engine Datastore
Yao-Chung Chang, Ruay-Shiung Chang, Yudy Chen

102. A Degree-Based Method to Solve Cold-Start Problem in Network-Based Recommendation
Yong Liu, Fan Jia, Wei Cao

103. Security Flaws of Off-Line Micro Payment Scheme with Dual Signatures
Shin-Jia Hwang

104. Mobile Reference Based Localization Mechanism in Grid-Based Wireless Sensor Networks
Ying-Hong Wang, Yi-Hsun Lin, Han-Ming Chang

105. A Delegation-Based Unlinkable Authentication Protocol for Portable Communication Systems with Non-repudiation
Shin-Jia Hwang, Cheng-Han You

106. A Lightweight Mutual Authentication Protocol for RFID
Changlun Zhang, Haibing Mu

107. An Approach for Detecting Flooding Attack Based on Integrated Entropy Measurement in E-Mail Server
Hsing-Chung Chen, Shian-Shyong Tseng, Chuan-Hsien Mao, Chao-Ching Lee, Rendabel Churniawan

108. A Forecast Method for Network Security Situation Based on Fuzzy Markov Chain
Yicun Wang, Weijie Li, Yun Liu

109. IT Architecture of Multiple Heterogeneous Data
Yun Liu, Qi Wang, Haiqiang Chen

110. An Implementation Scheme of BB84-Protocol-Based Quantum Key Distribution System
Shao-sheng Jiang, Rui-nan Chi, Xiao-jun Wen, Junbin Fang

111. Precise Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Tracking and Segmentation
Shwu-Huey Yen, Hung-Zhi Wang, Hao-Yu Yeh

Part X. Advances in Multimedia Algorithms, Architectures, and Applications

112. Mining High Utility Itemsets Based on Transaction Deletion
Chun-Wei Lin, Guo-Cheng Lan, Tzung-Pei Hong, Linping Kong

113. Design and Implementation of a LBS General Website Content Extract System for Android
Yongbo Chen, Xin Zhou, Yun Liu

114. MR. Eye: A Multi-hop Real-time Wireless Multimedia Sensor Network
Yanliang Jin, Yingxiong Song, Jian Chen, Yingchun Li, Junjie Zhang, Junni Zou

115. Effects of the Online VOD Self-learning on English Ability of Taiwanese College Students: The ARCS Approach
Da-Fu Huang

116. Applying Firefly Synchronization Algorithm to Slot Synchronization
Yanliang Jin, Zhishu Bai, Lina Xu, Wei Ma, Xuqin Zhou, Muxin Wang

117. Novel Mutual Information Analysis of Attentive Motion Entropy Algorithm for Sports Video Summarization
Bo-Wei Chen, Karunanithi Bharanitharan, Jia-Ching Wang, Zhounghua Fu, Jhing-Fa Wang

118. A Framework Design for Human-Robot Interaction
Yu-Hao Chin, Hsiao-Ping Lee, Chih-Wei Su, Jyun-Hong Li, Chang-Hong Lin, Jhing-Fa Wang, Jia-Ching Wang

119. Blind Signal Separation with Speech Enhancement
Chang-Hong Lin, Hsiao-Ping Lee, Jyun-Hong Li, Chih-Wei Su, Yu-Hao Chin, Jhing-Fa Wang, Jia-Ching Wang

120. A Robust Face Detection System for 3D Display System
Yu Zhang, Yuanqing Wang

Part XI. Virtual Reality for Medical Applications

121. Using Inertia Measurement Unit to Develop Assessment Instrument for Self-Measurement of the Mobility of Shoulder Joint and to Analyze Its Reliability and Validity
Shih-Ching Yeh, Si-Huei Lee, Yi-Hang Gong

122. The Development of Interactive Shoulder Joint Rehabilitation System Using Virtual Reality in Association with Motion-Sensing Technology
Shih-Ching Yeh, Si-Huei Lee, Yao-Chung Fan

123. Development of a Virtual Reality-Based Pinch Task for Rehabilitation in Chronic Hemiparesis
Shuya Chen, Shih-Ching Yeh, Margaret McLaughlin, Albert Rizzo, Carolee Winstein

124. Developing Kinect Games Integrated with Virtual Reality on Activities of Daily Living for Children with Developmental Delay
I-Ching Chung, Chien-Yu Huang, Shyh-Ching Yeh, Wei-Chi Chiang, Mei-Hui Tseng

125. Automate Virtual Reality Rehabilitation Evaluation for Chronic Imbalance and Vestibular Dysfunction Patients
Ming-Chun Huang, Shuya Chen, Pa-Chun Wang, Mu-Chun Su, Yen-Po Hung, Chia-Huang Chang, Shih-Ching Yeh

Part XII. Recent Advances on Video Analysis and Its Applications

126. Machine-to-Machine Interaction Based on Remote 3D Arm Pointing Using Single RGBD Camera
Huang-Chia Shih, En-Rui Liu

127. Automatic Peak Recognition for Mountain Images
Wei-Han Liu, Chih-Wen Su

128. Gesture Recognition Based on Kinect
Chi-Hung Chuang, Ying-Nong Chen, Ming-Sang Deng, Kuo-Chin Fan

129. Fall Detection in Dusky Environment
Ying-Nong Chen, Chi-Hung Chuang, Chih-Chang Yu, Kuo-Chin Fan

130. Mandarin Phonetic Symbol Combination Recogniztion in Visioned Based Input Systems
Chih-Chang Yu, Hsu-Yung Cheng

Part XIII. All-IP Platforms, Services and Internet of Things in Future

131. Supporting Health Informatics with Platform-as-a-Service Cloud Computing
Garrett Hayes, Khalil El-Khatib, Carolyn McGregor

132. MABLIPS: Development of Agent-Based Vehicle Location Tracking System
Yun-Yao Chen, Yueh-Yun Wang, Chun-Wei Lin

133. Data Sensing and Communication Technology for the IoT-IMS Platform
Tin-Yu Wu, Wen-Kai Liou

134. Adaptive Multi-Hopping MAC Mechanism for WSN Scheduling
Lin-Huang Chang, Shuo-Yao Chien, H. F. Chang, Tsung-Han Lee

135. Avoiding Collisions Between IEEE 802.11 and IEEE 802.15.4 Using Coexistence Inter-Frame Space
Tsung-Han Lee, Ming-Chun Hsieh, Lin-Huang Chang, Hung-Shiou Chiang, Chih-Hao Wen, Kian Meng Yap

136. Implementation and Evaluation of Multi-Hopping Voice Transmission over ZigBee Networks
Lin-Huang Chang, Chen-Hsun Chang, H. F. Chang, Tsung-Han Lee

137. A Lightweight Intrusion Detection Scheme Based on Energy Consumption Analysis in 6LowPAN
Tsung-Han Lee, Chih-Hao Wen, Lin-Huang Chang, Hung-Shiou Chiang, Ming-Chun Hsieh

138. A k-Cooperative Analysis in Game-Based WSN Environment
Hsin-Hung Cho, Fan-Hsun Tseng, Timothy K. Shih, Li-Der Chou, Han-Chieh Chao, Tin-Yu Wu

139. An Enhanced Resource-Aware Query Based on RLS-based SIP Presence Information Service
Jenq-Muh Hsu, Yi-Han Lin

Part XIV. Networking and Applications

140. Authentication of Real-Time Communication System Using KIS Scheme
Binayak Kar, Eric Hsiao-kuang Wu

141. Innovative Wireless Dedicated Network for e-Bus
Eric Hsiao-Kuang Wu, Chung-Yu Chen, Ming-Hui Jin, Shu-Hui Lin

142. Cross-Platform Mobile Personal Health Assistant APP Development for Health Check
Eric Hsiao-Kuang Wu, S. S. Yen, W. T. Hsiao, C. H. Tsai, Y. J. Chen, W. C. Lee, Yu-Wei Chen

143. Cross-Platform and Light-Weight Stroke Rehabilitation System for New Generation Pervasive Healthcare
Eric Hsiao-Kuang Wu, C. C. Tseng, Y. Y. Yang, P. Y. Cai, S. S. Yen, Yu-Wei Chen

144. Off-line Automatic Virtual Director for Lecture Video
Di-Wei Huang, Yu-Tzu Lin, Greg C. Lee

145. Cycle Embedding in Alternating Group Graphs with Faulty Elements
Ping-Ying Tsai, Yu-Tzu Lin

Keywords: Engineering, Signal, Image and Speech Processing, Multimedia Information Systems, Computer Imaging, Vision, Pattern Recognition and Graphics, Circuits and Systems

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