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Radiological Safety and Quality

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Table of contents

Part I. Radiological Safety and Quality

1. Radiological Safety and Quality: Paradigms in Leadership and Innovation
Lawrence Lau, Kwan-Hoong Ng

2. How Radiation Protection Influences Quality in Radiology
Eliseo Vano, Kwan-Hoong Ng, Lawrence Lau

3. Dose Assessment in the Management of Patient Protection in Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology
Paul C. Shrimpton, Kwan-Hoong Ng

4. Monitoring of Medical Radiation Exposure for Individuals
Donald P. Frush, Richard Morin, Madan M. Rehani

5. UNSCEAR: Analysing Population Survey Data for Collaborative Development of Evidence-Based Radiation Protection Policies
F. Shannoun, M. Crick

Part II. Procedure Justification, Protection Optimization, and Error Reduction

6. National, Regional and Global Radiology and Medical Imaging Referral Guidelines: Issues and Opportunities
Lawrence Lau

7. Use of Imaging Appropriateness Criteria for Decision Support During Radiology Order Entry: The MGH Experience
Chris L. Sistrom, Jeffrey B. Weilburg, Daniel I. Rosenthal, Keith J. Dreyer, James H. Thrall

8. Use of Referral Guidelines as a Justification Tool: National Perspective
Osnat Luxenburg, Esti Shelly, Michal Margalit

9. Team Approach to Optimize Radiology Techniques
Robert George, Lawrence Lau, Kwan-Hoong Ng

10. Advances in Technological Design to Optimize Exposure and Improve Image Quality
Daniel F. Gutierrez, Habib Zaidi

11. System for Reporting and Analysing Incidents
Catherine Mandel, William Runciman

Part III. Infrastructure Improvements

12. Promoting Public Awareness and Communicating Radiation Safety
Theocharis Berris, Madan M. Rehani

13. Sustaining Praxis: Quality Assurance of Education and Training Programmes of the IAEA’s Division of Human Health
Soveacha Ros, Thomas N. B. Pascual, Rethy K. Chhem

14. Professional and Regulatory Collaborations to Ensure Competency
Lizbeth M. Kenny

15. Safety and Radiation Protection Culture
Kelly Classic, Bernard Guen, Kenneth Kase, Richard Vetter

16. Improving Quality Through Lean Process Improvement: The Example of Clinical Decision Support
Lucy Glenn, C. Craig Blackmore

17. Clinical Audit and Practice Accreditation
Hannu Järvinen, Pamela Wilcox

18. The International Basic Safety Standards and Their Application in Medical Imaging
John Heron, Cari Borrás

19. International Clinical Teleradiology: Potential Risks and Safeguards
Adrian K. Dixon, Arl Moore

Part IV. Global, Regional and National Challenges, Actions and Opportunities

20. Leadership and Innovations to Improve Quality Imaging and Radiation Safety in Africa
Michael G. Kawooya, Azza Hammou, Hassen A. Gharbi, Lawrence Lau

21. Leadership and Innovations to Improve Radiology Quality and Radiation Safety
in China: Regional, National and Global Perspectives
Bin Song, Wentao Wu, Xiaoyuan Feng, Lawrence Lau

22. Status of Medical Diagnostic Radiation Safety in Korea
Dong-Wook Sung, Byung Ihn Choi

23. Euratom Initiatives and Perspective on Advancing Radiation Protection in Radiology
Georgi Simeonov, Remigiusz Baranczyk, Augustin Janssens

24. Bridging the Radiological Healthcare Divide with Social Entrepreneurship
Evelyn Lai-Ming Ho

25. From Volume to Outcomes: The Evolution of Pay for Performance in Medical Imaging
Richard Duszak, Ezequiel Silva

26. Global System-Based Quality Improvement in Radiation Medicine and Medical Imaging
Lawrence Lau

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Imaging / Radiology, Medical and Radiation Physics, Effects of Radiation/Radiation Protection, Human Physiology

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Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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