Riesenfeld, Dana

Perspectives on Theory of Controversies and the Ethics of Communication

Riesenfeld, Dana - Perspectives on Theory of Controversies and the Ethics of Communication, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introductory Essay: «Sob o mesmo céu». Listening and Dialogue as Ethics of Communication
Giovanni Scarafile

2. The Exclusion Argument
Yaron Senderowicz

3. Rationality and Controversy: Reading Darwin Through Dascalian Eyes
Anna Carolina K. P. Regner

4. Extrinsical or Intrinsical Necessity? Hobbes and Bramhall on Free Will
Daniel Mishori

5. Locke and Leibniz on the Balance of Reasons
Markku Roinila

6. Harmonizing the Poles: A Note on Leibniz’s Notion of Justice
Noa Naaman-Zauderer

7. On the “Sum of All Differences” and the Origin of Mathematics According to Leibniz: Mathematical and Philosophical Aspects
Michel Serfati

8. Emoticons and Illocutionary Force
Eli Dresner, Susan C. Herring

9. Brandom and the Boy Who Cried Wolf
Dana Riesenfeld

10. Speaker’s Meaning: With Reference to Marcelo Dascal’s Book Mashav HaRuah

Rodica Amel

11. Religion and Politics: The Controversy over the Political Mandate of the Protestant Church in Germany (EKD) Relating to the Eastern Policy 1950–1972
Hartmut Rudolph

12. The Dynamic Role of Toleration in an Emerging Pluralism
Herzl Baruch

13. Elements of Controversy: Responses to Anti-Semitism in Nascent German Social Science
Amos Morris-Reich

14. The “Esprit Prophetique”: Brief Remarks on the Phenomenology of Genius in Diderot
Giovanni Scarafile

15. On What Is Harmful: The Negative Basis of Normative Agreements
Carlos Thiebaut

16. Unity of Science and Encyclopaedia: From the Idea to the Configurations
Olga Pombo

17. Habit, Self-Organization, and Abduction
Ramon S. Capelle Andrade, Mariana Claudia Broens, Itala M. Loffredo D’Ottaviano, Maria Eunice Quilici Gonzalez

18. Dialogues and Monologues in Logic
Shahid Rahman

19. A Controversy that Never Happened: Ancient and Modern Concepts of Opinion, Knowledge, and Information-Seeking Behavior
Peter J. Schulz

20. Postface: Philosophical Dialogue
Marcelo Dascal

Keywords: Philosophy, Philosophy of Language, Political Philosophy, Theoretical Languages

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Logic, Argumentation & Reasoning
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8 pages

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