Haltinner, Kristin

Teaching Race and Anti-Racism in Contemporary America

Haltinner, Kristin - Teaching Race and Anti-Racism in Contemporary America, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Challenges and Opportunities in Teaching About Race and Anti-Racism in the Twenty-First Century
Kristin Haltinner

Part I. Cultivating the Sociological Imagination

2. Pulling Back the “Post-Racial” Curtain: Critical Pedagogical Lessons from Both Sides of the Desk
Jennifer C. Mueller, Joe Feagin

3. The Importance of a Race-Critical Perspective in the Classroom
Joyce M. Bell

4. Beyond the Trial: The Disproportionate Imprisonment of African Americans
Joshua Page, Sarah Whetstone

5. Confronting White Educational Privilege in the Classroom: Theoretical and Empirical Foundations and Models
Melissa F. Weiner

6. Teaching About Race and Racism: The Imperative of History
Tema Okun

7. Teaching About Organized Racism
Kathleen Blee, Kelsy Burke

Part II. The Importance of Communication and Class Climate

8. Getting Students to Say What They Are Not Supposed to Say: The Challenges and Opportunities in Teaching About Race in a College Classroom
Paul R. Croll

9. Managing Emotions in the Classroom
Carissa M. Froyum

10. Hózhó Nahasdlii: Finding Harmony in the Long Shadow of Colonialism. Two Perspectives on Teaching Anti-Racism at a Tribal College
Miranda Haskie, Bradley Shreve

11. Teaching Millennials About Difference Through First-Year Learning Communities
Carrie L. Cokely, Melissa Anyiwo

Part III. Connecting with Students

12. After Colorblindness: Teaching Antiracism to White Progressives in the U.S.
Jonathan Warren

13. Double Consciousness: Faculty of Color Teaching Students of Color About Race
Enid Logan, Stayce Blount, Louis Mendoza, Chavella Pittman, Rashawn Ray, Nicole Trujillo-Pagan

14. Bringing Students into the Matrix: A Framework and Tools for Teaching Race and Overcoming Student Resistance
Abby Ferber

Part IV. Innovative Techniques

15. Transformatory, Community Based Teaching About Race
Rose M. Brewer

16. Teaching About Race Through Sports: Documents from the Jack Johnson-Jim Jeffries Fight
John Bloom

17. Teaching About Affirmative Action: Challenges from a Freshmen Seminar
Jennifer L. Pierce

18. Repacking the White Privilege Knapsack
Kristin Haltinner

19. Connections and Crossroads: Using Memoirs to Teach About Race/Ethnicity in the United States
Kristina B. Wolff, Kristina B. Wolff

20. Lessons from Crash

Charlotte A. Kunkel

21. Experiencing Racialization: Digital Ethnography as Professional Development for Teachers
Nicholas P. Wysocki

22. ‘Veiled for Day’: Social Justice Experiments and Race Pedagogies
Jamil Khader

Part V. Engaging with Academic Institutions

23. How “Diversity” Trumped “Race” at One Elite Research University
Jorge Mariscal

24. Teaching About Systemic White Racism
Noel A. Cazenave

25. Teaching Anti-Racism Through Environmental Justice Studies
David N. Pellow

26. Race, Class and Transformation: Confronting Our History to Move Forward
Walda Katz-Fishman, Jerome Scott, Ralph Gomes

27. Conclusion: Lessons Learned – Pedagogical and Theoretical Strategies for Teaching Race
Kristin Haltinner

Keywords: Social Sciences, Sociology, general, Cultural Studies, Teaching and Teacher Education

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