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Handbook of Sustainable Travel

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. Overview of Handbook of Sustainable Travel
Dick Ettema, Margareta Friman, Tommy Gärling

2. Spatial, Generational and Gendered Trends and Trend-Breaks in Mobility
Lotta Frändberg, Bertil Vilhelmson

3. Benefits of Travel: Needs Versus Constraints in Uncertain Environments
Soora Rasouli, Harry J. P. Timmermans

4. Satisfaction and Travel Choices
Maya Abou-Zeid, Moshe Ben-Akiva

Part II. Car Use

5. The Unsustainability of Car Use
Bert Wee

6. Psychological Motives for Car Use
Birgitta Gatersleben

7. Pricing Methods to Influence Car Use
Peter Bonsall, Luis Willumsen

8. Social Marketing in Travel Demand Management
John Thøgersen

9. Psychological Contributions to the Development of Car Use Reduction Interventions
Sebastian Bamberg

10. Theoretical Underpinnings of Practical Strategies for Changing Travel Behaviour
Satoshi Fujii, Ayako Taniguchi

Part III. Travel and Social Sustainability

11. Social Exclusion and Travel
John Stanley, Janet Stanley

12. Rose Tinted Memories as a Cause of Unsustainable Leisure Travel
Jeroen Nawijn, Paul Peeters

13. Health and Travel
Susan Handy

14. Business Travel and Sustainability
Anne Aguiléra

Part IV. Future Sustainable Travel

15. Do Future Land-Use Policies Increase Sustainable Travel?
Bert Wee, Susan Handy

16. Integrated Transportation Solutions: Images of the Future
Robin Hickman, David Banister, Jian Liu, Jimin Zhao

17. High Quality Public Transport: Gaining Acceptance of Bus Rapid Transit Systems
David A. Hensher, Corinne Mulley, Zheng Li

18. Non-motorized Travel as a Sustainable Travel Option
Christina Bernardo, Chandra Bhat

19. E-Commerce: Implications for Travel and the Environment
Orit Rotem-Mindali

20. The Need to Change How People Think About the Consequences of Travel
Tommy Gärling, Dick Ettema, Margareta Friman

Keywords: Environment, Environment, general, Landscape/Regional and Urban Planning, Civil Engineering, Environmental Economics, Human Geography, Behavioural Sciences

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Natural Sciences

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