Fort, Monique

Landscapes and Landforms of France

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Landscapes and Landforms of France, A Large Diversity
Jean-Pierre Peulvast

2. Paris and the Seine River: Antic Sites, Underground Resources and Risks
Monique Fort, Christine Chaussé, Nathalie Vanara, Gilles Thomas

3. The Seine River from Ile-de-France to Normandy: Geomorphological and Cultural Landscapes of a Large Meandering Valley
Jean-Pierre Peulvast, François Bétard, Christian Giusti

4. The High Normandy Chalk Cliffs: An Inspiring Geomorphosite for Painters and Novelists
Stéphane Costa

5. The Mont-Saint-Michel Bay: An Exceptional Megatidal Environment Influenced by Natural Evolution and Man-Made Modifications
Chantal Bonnot-Courtois, Anne-Véronique Walter-Simonnet, Agnès Baltzer

6. The “Pink Granite” Coast (Northern Brittany)
Yannick Lageat

7. Another Loire: The Armorican Loire
Nathalie Carcaud, Hervé Davodeau

8. The Arcachon Bay Estuary: A “Collage” of Landscapes
Frédéric Bertrand

9. The Volcanic Chaîne des Puys: A Unique Collection of Simple and Compound Monogenetic Edifices
Pierre Boivin, Jean-Claude Thouret

10. Velay and Mézenc Massif: Harsh Volcanic Highlands Around the Loire River Source
Emmanuelle Defive, Alexandre Poiraud

11. The Cirque de Navacelles: A Major Geomorphosite in the Grands Causses Karstic Region
Martine Ambert

12. The Gavarnie Cirque: A Celebrated “Nature’s Colossus”
Monique Fort

13. The Têt River Valley: A Condensed Record of Long-Term Landscape Evolution in the Pyrenees
Marc Calvet, Yanni Gunnell, Magali Delmas

14. The Vosgian-Alsatian Side of the Rhine Graben: A Unique, Tectonically Controlled and Manmade Landscape
Jean-Michel Carozza

15. Karstic valleys, Vineyards and Palafittic Settlements of the External Jura
Marie-Françoise André

16. Glacial Imprint on the Main Ridge of the Vosges Mountains
Jean-Luc Mercier

17. On the Roof of Europe: High-Altitude Morphodynamics in the Mont Blanc Massif
Philip Deline, Ludovic Ravanel

18. In the Folds of the Earth: French Prealpine Geomorphological Landscapes
Fabien Hobléa

19. The Lower Ardèche River Karst Landscapes and Caves (Lower Rhône Valley): Unique Morphologies Induced by the Messinian Salinity Crisis
Ludovic Mocochain, Stéphane Jaillet

20. The Lower Valley and the Delta of the Rhône River: Water Landscapes of Nature and History
Gilles Arnaud-Fassetta, Mireille Provansal

21. Glacial Landscapes and Protohistoric Cultural Heritage of the Mount Bego Region, Southern French Alps
Jérôme Magail, Patrick Simon

22. Karst Memories Above and Beneath the Sea: Marseilles and Its Continental Shelf During the Cosquer Cave Occupation
Jacques Collina-Girard

23. Scenic Granitic Landscapes of Corsica
Charles Coeur

24. Exceptional Coral Reef and Lagoon Geomorphology in French Polynesia
Samuel Etienne

25. La Réunion Island: A Typical Example of a Basaltic Shield Volcano with Rapid Evolution
Nicolas Villeneuve, Patrick Bachèlery, Jacobus Kemp

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Geomorphology, Nature Conservation, Physical Geography

Publication year
World Geomorphological Landscapes
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19 pages
Natural Sciences

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