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Information Technology Convergence

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Table of contents

Part I. Information Technology Convergence and Services

1. Novel Handoff Frequency Algorithms for Vehicular Area Networks
Shih-Chang Huang, Yu-Shenq Tzeng

2. RC4-2S: RC4 Stream Cipher with Two State Tables
Maytham M. Hammood, Kenji Yoshigoe, Ali M. Sagheer

3. Genetic Algorithm-Based Relocation Scheme in Electric Vehicle Sharing Systems
Junghoon Lee, Gyung-Leen Park

4. Improvement of Wireless LAN Connectivity by Optimizing Placement of Wireless Access Points
Taiki Honda, Makoto Ikeda

5. Performance Comparison of OLSR and AODV Protocols in a VANET Crossroad Scenario
Evjola Spaho, Makoto Ikeda, Leonard Barolli, Fatos Xhafa

6. WMN-GA System for Node Placement in WMNs: Effect of Grid Shape
Tetsuya Oda, Evjola Spaho, Admir Barolli, Leonard Barolli, Fatos Xhafa, Makoto Takizawa

7. DCT-Based Watermarking for Color Images via Two-Dimensional Linear Discriminant Analysis
I-Hui Pan, Ping Sheng Huang, Te-Jen Chang

8. Human Action Recognition Using Depth Images
Chaur-Heh Hsieh, Chin-Pan Huang, Jian Ming Hung

9. Performance Analysis of OLSR with ETX_ff for Different HELLO Packet Interval in a MANET Testbed
Masahiro Hiyama, Elis Kulla, Makoto Ikeda, Leonard Barolli, Makoto Takizawa

10. Multi-Flow Traffic Investigation of AODV Considering Routing Control Packets
Elis Kulla, Masahiro Hiyama, Makoto Ikeda, Leonard Barolli, Fatos Xhafa, Makoto Takizawa

11. An Estimation Method for Amplitude Modification Factor Using Floor Area Ratio in Urban Areas
Kazunori Uchida, Keisuke Shigetomi, Masafumi Takematsu, Junich Honda

12. A SURF Feature Based Building Recognition System for Distinctive Architectures
Shio-Wen Chen, Yi-Hao Chung, Hsin-Fu Chien, Chueh-Wei Chang

13. A Kinect-Based System for Golf Beginners’ Training
Yi-Hsuan Lin, Shih-Yu Huang, Kuei-Fang Hsiao, Kuei-Ping Kuo, Li-Tieng Wan

14. A Hill Climbing Algorithm for Ground Station Scheduling
Fatos Xhafa, Xavier Herrero, Admir Barolli, Makoto Takizawa

15. A Ferry Dispatching Optimization for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks Using the Virtual Multiple Message Ferry Backbone Routing Scheme
Chu-Fu Wang, Ya-Chi Yang

16. A Location-Estimation Experimental Platform Based on Error Propagation for Wireless Sensor Networks
Yih-Shyh Chiou, Sheng-Cheng Yeh, Shang-Hung Wu

17. Performance Evaluation of WMNs Using Hill Climbing Algorithm Considering Giant Component and Different Distributions
Xinyue Chang, Tetsuya Oda, Evjola Spaho, Makoto Ikeda, Leonard Barolli, Fatos Xhafa

18. Performance Evaluation of WMNs Using Simulated Annealing Algorithm Considering Different Number Iterations per Phase and Normal Distribution
Shinji Sakamoto, Tetsuya Oda, Elis Kulla, Makoto Ikeda, Leonard Barolli, Fatos Xhafa

19. UBMLRSS–Cognitive Financial Information Systems
Lidia Ogiela, Marek R. Ogiela

20. A Framework of Static Analyzer for Taint Analysis of Binary Executable File
Young-Hyun Choi, Jae-Won Min, Min-Woo Park, Jung-Ho Eom, Tai-Myoung Chung

21. An IoT-Based Framework for Supporting Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Ardiana Sula, Evjola Spaho, Keita Matsuo, Leonard Barolli, Fatos Xhafa, Rozeta Miho

22. Improvement of Fingerprint Verification by Using the Similarity Distribution
Seung-Hoon Chae, Sung Bum Pan

23. Improvement of Lung Segmentation Using Volume Data and Linear Equation
Seung-Hoon Chae, Daesung Moon, Deok Gyu Lee, Sung Bum Pan

24. WMN-GA System for Node Placement in WMNs: Performance Evaluation for Weibull Distribution of Mesh Clients
Admir Barolli, Tetsuya Oda, Fatos Xhafa, Leonard Barolli, Petraq Papajorgji, Makoto Takizawa

25. Indoor Navigation System for Wheelchair Using Smartphones
Nattapob Wattanavarangkul, Toshihiko Wakahara

26. Performance Comparison of Wireless Sensor Networks for Different Sink Speeds
Tao Yang, Elis Kulla, Leonard Barolli, Gjergji Mino, Makoto Takizawa

27. Induction Motor Drive Based Neural Network Direct Torque Control
Sy Yi Sim, Wahyu Mulyo Utomo, Zainal Alam Haron, Azuwien Aida Bohari, Nooradzianie Muhd. Zin, Roslina Mat Ariff

28. Adaptive Keyword Extraction System for the Hierarchical Category Search
Toshitaka Maki, Toshihiko Wakahara

29. Fuzzy Logic Control Design for Induction Motor Speed Control Improvement Through Field Oriented Control
Roslina Mat Ariff, Dirman Hanafi, Whayu Mulyo Utomo, Kok Boon Ching, Nooradzianie Muhd Zin, Sy Yi Sim, Azuwien Aida Bhohari

30. Considering Lifetime of Sensors for Clusterhead Selection in WSN Using Fuzzy Logic
Qi Wang, Leonard Barolli, Elis Kulla, Gjergji Mino, Makoto Ikeda, Jiro Iwashige

31. Speed Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Using FOC Neural Network
Nooradzianie Muhd. Zin, Wahyu Mulyo Utomo, Zainal Alam Haron, Azuwien Aida Bohari, Sy Yi Sim, Roslina Mat Ariff

32. An Interactive Learning System Using Smartphone for Improving Students Learning Motivation
Noriyasu Yamamoto, Toshihiko Wakahara

33. Design and Implementation of H.264/AVC Reverse Biorthogonal Wavelet-Based Flexible Macroblock Ordering
Jing-Siang Wei, Zeng-Yao Lin, Chian C. Ho

34. Design and Characteristics of Two-Dimensional Color Code Editor with Dotted Images
Toshihiko Wakahara, Damri Samretwit, Toshitaka Maki, Noriyasu Yamamoto

35. Studies on Loss Evaluation of Bending in Post Wall Waveguide for Microwave Transmission
Hiroshi Maeda, Kazuya Tomiura, Huili Chen, Kiyotoshi Yasumoto

36. Resource Management for Hybrid 3.75G UMTS and 4G LTE Cellular Communications
Ben-Jye Chang, Ying-Hsin Liang, Kai-Xiang Cao

37. Automatic Travel Blog Generator Based on Intelligent Web Platform and Mobile Applications
Yi-Jiu Chen, Wei-Sheng Zeng, Shian-Hua Lin

38. Thai Wikipedia Link Suggestion Framework
Arnon Rungsawang, Sompop Siangkhio, Athasit Surarerk, Bundit Manaskasemsak

39. Computing Personalized PageRank Based on Temporal-Biased Proximity
Bundit Manaskasemsak, Pramote Teerasetmanakul, Kankamol Tongtip, Athasit Surarerks, Arnon Rungsawang

40. KSVTs: Towards Knowledge-Based Self-Adaptive Vehicle Trajectory Service
Jin-Hong Kim, Eun-Seok Lee

Part II. Secure and Trust Computing, Data Management, and Applications

41. Secure and Reliable Transmission with Cooperative Relays in Two-Hop Wireless Networks
Yulong Shen, Xiaohong Jiang, Jianfeng Ma, Weisong Shi

42. RC4 Stream Cipher with a Random Initial State
Maytham M. Hammood, Kenji Yoshigoe, Ali M. Sagheer

43. Improved Redundant Power Consumption Laxity-Based Algorithm for Server Clusters
Tomoya Enokido, Ailixier Aikebaier, Makoto Takizawa

44. Security of Cognitive Information Systems
Marek R. Ogiela, Lidia Ogiela

45. The Design of a Policy-based Attack-Resilient Intrusion Tolerant System
Jungmin Lim, Yongjoo Shin, Seokjoo Doo, Hyunsoo Yoon

46. Algorithms for Batch Scheduling to Maximize the Learning Profit with Learning Effect and Two Competing Agents
Jen-Ya Wang, Yu-Han Shih, Jr-Shian Chen

47. A Fuzzy-Based System for Evaluation of Trustworthiness for P2P Communication in JXTA-Overlay
Kouhei Umezaki, Evjola Spaho, Keita Matsuo, Leonard Barolli, Fatos Xhafa, Jiro Iwashige

48. Applying Cluster Techniques of Data Mining to Analysis the Game-Based Digital Learning Work
Shu-Ling Shieh, Shu-Fen Chiou, Gwo-Haur Hwang, Ying-Chi Yeh

49. Design and Implementation of Social Networking System for Small Grouped Campus Networks
Jung Young Kim, Seung-Ho Lim

50. Effective Searchable Symmetric Encryption System Using Conjunctive Keyword
Sun-Ho Lee, Im-Yeong Lee

51. Secure Method for Data Storage and Sharing During Data Outsourcing
Sun-Ho Lee, Sung Jong Go, Im-Yeong Lee

52. Study on Wireless Intrusion Prevention System for Mobile Office
Jae Dong Lee, Ji Soo Park, Jong Hyuk Park

53. A Component Model for Manufacturing System in Cloud Computing
HwaYoung Jeong, JongHyuk Park

54. Traditional Culture Learning System for Korean Folk Literature, Pansori
Dong-Keon Kim, Woon-Ho Choi

55. Auction Based Ticket Selling Schemes with Multiple Demand from the Agents in Static Environment
Sajal Mukhopadhyay, D. Ghosh, Narayan C. Debnath, N. RamTeja

56. A Decision Tree-Based Classification Model for Crime Prediction
Aziz Nasridinov, Sun-Young Ihm, Young-Ho Park

Part III. Artificial Intelligence Applications for E-Services

57. Innovation Performance on Digital Versatile Disc (DVD) 3C Patent Pool Formation
Yu-Hui Wang

58. Top-k Monitoring Queries for Wireless Sensor Database Systems: Design and Implementation
Chi-Chung Lee, Yang Xia

59. Protection Management of Enterprise Endpoint Based on the ITIL Management Framework
Mei-Yu Wu, Shih-Fang Chang, Wei-Chiang Li

60. Adaptive Content Recommendation by Mobile Apps Mash-Up in the Ubiquitous Environment
Chih-Kun Ke, Yi-Jen Yeh, Chang-Yu Jen, Ssu-Wei Tang

61. A Real-Time Indoor Positioning System Based on RFID and Kinect
Ching-Sheng Wang, Chien-Liang Chen, You-Ming Guo

62. Intuitional 3D Museum Navigation System Using Kinect
Ching-Sheng Wang, Ding-Jung Chiang, Yu-Chia Wei

63. Application of QR-Code Steganography Using Data Embedding Technique
Wen-Chuan Wu, Zi-Wei Lin, Wei-Teng Wong

64. Combining FAHP with MDS to Analyze the Key Factors of Different Consumer Groups for Tablet PC Purchasing
Chen-Shu Wang, Shiang-Lin Lin, Heng-Li Yang

65. Game-Based History Ubiquitous Learning Environment Through Cognitive Apprenticeship
Wen-Chih Chang, Chiung-sui Chang, Hsuan-Che Yang, Ming-Ren Jheng

66. The Behavioral Patterns of an Online Discussion Activity in Business Data Communication Class
Chiu Jui-Yu, Chang Wen-Chih

67. Integration of a Prototype Strategical Tool on LMS for Concept Learning
David Tawei Ku, Chi-Jie Lin

Part IV. Advanced Social Network Technologies

68. Application-Driven Approach for Web Site Development
Chun-Hsiung Tseng

69. The Analysis of the Participants’ Personality for the Contestants of the National Skills Competition
Kung-Huang Lin, You-Syun Jheng, Lawrence Y. Deng, Jiung-Yao Huang

70. Ontology-Based Multimedia Adaptive Learning System for U-Learning
Lawrence Y. Deng, Yi-Jen Liu, Dong-Liang Lee, Yung-Hui Chen

71. The Taguchi System-Neural Network for Dynamic Sensor Product Design
Ching-Lien Huang, Tian-Long John Wan, Lung-Cheng Wang, Chih-Jen Hung

72. Using Decision Tree Analysis for Personality to Decisions of the National Skills Competition Participants
Dong-Liang Lee, Lawrence Y. Deng, Kung-Huang Lin, You-Syun Jheng, Yung-Hui Chen, Chih-Yang Chao, Jiung-Yao Huang

73. Intelligent Reminder System of Having Medicine for Chronic Patients
Dong-Liang Lee, Chun-Liang Hsu

Part V. Data Management for Future Information Technology

74. A Skewed Spatial Index for Continuous Window Queries in the Wireless Broadcast Environments
Jun-Hong Shen, Ching-Ta Lu, Ming-Shen Jian, Tien-Chi Huang

75. Advancing Collaborative Learning with Cloud Service
Yong-Ming Huang, Chia-Sui Wang, Jia-Ze Guo, Huan-Yu Shih, Yong-Sheng Chen

76. Using MapReduce Framework for Mining Association Rules
Shih-Ying Chen, Jia-Hong Li, Ke-Chung Lin, Hung-Ming Chen, Tung-Shou Chen

77. Cloud Feedback Assistance Based Hybrid Evolution Algorithm for Optimal Data Solution
Ming-Shen Jian, Fu-Jie Jhan, Kuan-Wei Lee, Jun-Hong Shen

78. Molecular Simulation Methods for Selecting Thrombin-Binding Aptamers
Jangam Vikram Kumar, Wen-Yih Chen, Jeffrey J. P. Tsai, Wen-Pin Hu

79. An Efficient Group Key Management Scheme for Web-Based Collaborative Systems
Yung-Feng Lu, Rong-Sheng Wang, Shih-Chun Chou

80. The Diagnosis of Mental Stress by Using Data Mining Technologies
Hsiu-Sen Chiang, Liang-Chi Liu, Chien-Yuan Lai

Part VI. Intelligent Agent System and Its Applications

81. Intelligent Rainfall Monitoring System for Efficient Electric Power Transmission
Rong-Chi Chang, Teng-Shih Tsai, Leehter Yao

82. A Computational Data Model of Intelligent Agents with Time-Varying Resources
Anthony Y. Chang

83. An Intelligent Energy-Saving Information Interface Agent with Web Service Techniques
Sheng-Yuan Yang, Dong-Liang Lee, Kune-Yao Chen, Chun-Liang Hsu

Part VII. Intelligent Robotics, Automations, Telecommunication Facilities, and Applications

84. 3D Trajectory Planning for a 6R Manipulator Robot Using BA and ADAMS
P. Masajedi, Kourosh Heidari Shirazi, Afshin Ghanbarzadeh

85. Performance Improvement of Human Detection Using Thermal Imaging Cameras Based on Mahalanobis Distance and Edge Orientation Histogram
Ahra Jo, Gil-Jin Jang, Yongho Seo, Jeong-Sik Park

86. Sensibility to Muscular Arrangement of Feedforward Position Control for Non-Pulley-Musculoskeletal System
Hitoshi Kino, Shiro Kikuchi, Yuki Matsutani, Kenji Tahara

87. Mobile Sensing-Based Localization Method for Illegal Electricity Usage by Using Inspection Robot
Bat-Erdene Byambasuren, Mandakh Oyun-Erdene, Dong-Han Kim

88. Development Age Groups Estimation Method Using Pressure Sensors Array
Junjirou Hasegawa, Takuya Tajima, Takehiko Abe, Haruhiko Kimura

89. Bio Rapid Prototyping Project: Development of Spheroid Formation System for Regenerative Medicine
Takeshi Shimoto, Nozomi Hidaka, Hiromichi Sasaki, Koichi Nakayama, Shizuka Akieda, Shuichi Matsuda, Hiromasa Miura, Yukihide Iwamoto

90. Robot Control Architectures: A Survey
Evjola Spaho, Keita Matsuo, Leonard Barolli, Fatos Xhafa

91. Experiment Verification of Position Measurement for Underwater Mobile Robot Using Monocular Camera
Natsuki Uechi, Fumiaki Takemura, Kuniaki Kawabata, Shinichi Sagara

92. Emergency Detection Based on Motion History Image and AdaBoost for an Intelligent Surveillance System
Jun Lee, Jeong-Sik Park, Yong-Ho Seo

93. Marker Tracking for Indirect Positioning During Fabric Manipulation
Mizuho Shibata

94. Vision-Based Human Following Method for a Mobile Robot Using Human and Face Detection
Se-Jun Park, Tae-Kyu Yang, Yong-Ho Seo

95. Precise Location Estimation Method Using a Localization Sensor for Goal Point Tracking of an Indoor Mobile Robot
Se-Jun Park, Tae-Kyu Yang

96. Motion Capture Based Dual Arm Control of a Humanoid Robot Using Kinect
Kyo-Min Koo, Young Joon Kim, Yong-Ho Seo

97. Scalable Building Facade Recognition and Tracking for Outdoor Augmented Reality
Suwon Lee, Yong-Ho Seo, Hyun S. Yang

98. Head Pose Estimation Based on Image Abstraction for Multiclass Classification
ByungOk Han, Yeong Nam Chae, Yong-Ho Seo, Hyun S. Yang

99. Recovering Human-Like Drawing Order from Static Handwritten Images with Double-Traced Lines
Takayuki Nagoya, Hiroyuki Fujioka

100. Noise Reduction Scheme for Speech Recognition in Mobile Devices
Jeong-Sik Park, Gil-Jin Jang, Ji-Hwan Kim

101. Implementation of a Large-Scale Language Model in a Cloud Environment for Human–Robot Interaction
Dae-Young Jung, Hyuk-Jun Lee, Sung-Yong Park, Myoung-Wan Koo, Ji-Hwan Kim, Jeong-sik Park, Hyung-Bae Jeon, Yun-Keun Lee

102. Speed Control Using a PID Algorithm for an Educational Mobile Robot
Se-Young Jung, Se-Jun Park, Yong-Ho Seo, Tae-Kyu Yang

103. Performance Analysis of Noise Robust Audio Hashing in Music Identification for Entertainment Robot
Namhyun Cho, Donghoon Shin, Donghyun Lee, Kwang-Ho Kim, Jeong-Sik Park, Myoung-Wan Koo, Ji-Hwan Kim

104. Preliminary Experiments of Dynamic Buoyancy Adjusting Device with an Assist Spring
Norimitsu Sakagami, Amira Shazanna Binti Abdul Rahim, Satoshi Ishikawa

105. Optimization of a Cart Capacity Using the Three-Dimensional Single Bin Packing Problem for a Serving Robot
Ara Khil, Kang-Hee Lee

106. A Study on Splitting LPC Synthesis Filter
Kwang-Bock You, Kang-Hee Lee

107. Teleoperation of a Master–Slave Pneumatic Robot Arm System Over the Internet: Consideration of Delay Between Oregon and Fukuoka
Shunta Honda, Tomonori Kato, Hiromi Masuda, Ittirattana Jullakarn

108. Fundamental Study of a Virtual Training System for Maxillofacial Palpation
Tatsushi Tokuyasu, Erina Maeda, Takuya Okamoto, Hiromu Akita, Kazuhiko Toshimitsu, Kazutoshi Okamura, Kazunori Yoshiura

109. Design of a 2-DOF Wearable Mechanism for Support of Human Elbow and Forearm
Tetsuya Morizono, Motoki Suzuki

110. Variable Quantile Level Based Noise Suppression for Robust Speech Recognition
Kangyeoul Lee, Gil-Jin Jang, Jeong-Sik Park, Ji-Hwan Kim

111. An Efficient Resource Management Scheme Based on Locality for P2P Overlay Network
Chung-Pyo Hong, Jin-Chun Piao, Cheong-Ghil Kim, Sang-Yeob Na, Tae-Woo Han

112. Parallel SAD for Fast Dense Disparity Map Using a Shared Memory Programming
Cheong Ghil Kim

113. A Study on Object Contour Tracking with Large Motion Using Optical Flow and Active Contour Model
Jin-Woo Choi, Taek-Keun Whangbo, Nak-Bin Kim

Keywords: Engineering, Communications Engineering, Networks, Information Systems and Communication Service, Computer Systems Organization and Communication Networks

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