Tong, Vincent C. H.

Geoscience Research and Outreach

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction: The Context

1. Geoscience and Educational Research in Outreach Activities
Vincent C. H. Tong

2. Perceptions of Time Matter: The Importance of Geoscience Outreach
Samuel A. Bowring

Part II. Field-Based Approaches

3. Engaging Alaska Communities and Students in Cryospheric Research
Kenji Yoshikawa, Elena Sparrow, Julia Stanilovskaya

4. The Salish Sea Expedition: Science Outreach from the Gangplank
K. Westnedge, A. Dallimore

5. Problem-Based Learning in the Field Setting
Lung Sang Chan, Loretta M. W. Ho

Part III. Online Approaches

6. From Local to EXtreme Environments (FLEXE): Connecting Students and Scientists in Online Forums
William S. Carlsen, Liz Goehring, Steven C. Kerlin

7. Communicating Scientific Research Through the Web and Social Media: Experience of the United Nations University with the Our World 2.0 Web Magazine
Brendan F. D. Barrett, Mark Notaras, Carol Smith

8. Marine Geosciences from a Different Perspective: “Edutainment” Video Clips by Pupils and Scientists
J. Dengg, S. Soria-Dengg, S. Tiemann

9. Small, Subject-Oriented Educational Resource Gateways: What Are Their Roles in Geoscience Education?
Matteo Cattadori, Cristiana Bianchi, Maddalena Macario, Luca Masiello

Part IV. Workshop- and Laboratory-Based Approaches

10. The European Experience of Educational Seismology
A. Zollo, A. Bobbio, J. L. Berenguer, F. Courboulex, P. Denton, G. Festa, A. Sauron, S. Solarino, F. Haslinger, D. Giardini

11. EARTHTIME: Teaching Geochronology to High School Students in the USA
Britta Bookhagen, Noah McLean, Robert Buchwaldt, Matthew Rioux, Francis Dudás, Samuel Bowring

12. Little Meteorological Workshop: An Extracurricular School Activity for Pupils
Kornelija Špoler Čanić, Dubravka Rasol

13. Grasping Deep Time with Scaled Space in Personal Environs
Bo Holm Jacobsen

Part V. Programme Design

14. Integrating Geoscience Research in Primary and Secondary Education
Elena B. Sparrow, Leslie S. Gordon, Martha R. Kopplin, Rebecca Boger, Sheila Yule, Kim Morris, Krisanadej Jaroensutasinee, Mullica Jaroensutasinee, Kenji Yoshikawa

15. Bridging Scientific Research and Science Education in High Schools Through Authentic and Simulated Science Experiences
Lucette Barber

16. Using Guided Inquiry Tools with Online Geosciences Data from the Great Lakes
Sandra Rutherford

Part VI. Promoting Research-Enhanced Outreach

17. Communicating Climate Science from a Data-Centered Perspective
Matt Rogers

18. Geoscience Outreach Education with the Local Community
Jennifer Saltzman

19. Using Research to Promote Action in Earth Science Professional Development for Teachers
Chris King

Keywords: Education, Science Education, Earth Sciences, general, Educational Technology, Higher Education

Publication year
Innovations in Science Education and Technology
Upbringing, Education

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