Schwartz, Mark D.

Phenology: An Integrative Environmental Science

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Mark D. Schwartz

Part I. Phenological Data, Networks, and Research

2. East Asia
Xiaoqiu Chen

3. Australia and New Zealand
Marie R. Keatley, Lynda E. Chambers, Rebecca Phillips

4. Europe
Annette Menzel

5. North America
Mark D. Schwartz, Elisabeth G. Beaubien, Theresa M. Crimmins, Jake F. Weltzin

6. A Review of Plant Phenology in South and Central America
L. Patrícia C. Morellato, Maria Gabriela G. Camargo, Eliana Gressler

7. Antarctica
Lynda E. Chambers, Marie R. Keatley, Eric J. Woehler, Dana M. Bergstrom

8. International Phenological Observation Networks: Concept of IPG and GPM
Frank-M. Chmielewski, Stefan Heider, Susanne Moryson, Ekko Bruns

Part II. Phenologies of Selected Bioclimatic Zones

9. Tropical Dry Climates
Arturo Sanchez-Azofeifa, Margaret E. Kalacska, Mauricio Quesada, Kathryn E. Stoner, Jorge A. Lobo, Pablo Arroyo-Mora

10. Mediterranean Phenology
Donatella Spano, Richard L. Snyder, Carla Cesaraccio

11. Phenologies of North American Grasslands and Grasses
Geoffrey M. Henebry

12. Mesic Temperate Deciduous Forest Phenology
Jonathan M. Hanes, Andrew D. Richardson, Stephen Klosterman

13. Phenology at High Latitudes
Frans E. Wielgolaski, David W. Inouye

14. Phenology at High Altitudes
David W. Inouye, Frans E. Wielgolaski

Part III. Phenological Models and Techniques

15. Plant Development Models
Isabelle Chuine, Iñaki Garcia Cortazar-Atauri, Koen Kramer, Heikki Hänninen

16. Animal Life Cycle Models (Poikilotherms)
Jacques Régnière, James A. Powell

17. Daily Temperature-Based Temporal and Spatial Modeling of Tree Phenology
Xiaoqiu Chen

18. Plant Phenological “Fingerprints”
Annette Menzel

19. High-Resolution Phenological Data
Mark D. Schwartz, Liang Liang

20. Weather Station Siting: Effects on Phenological Models
Richard L. Snyder, Donatella Spano, Pierpaolo Duce

Part IV. Sensor-Derived Phenology

21. Remote Sensing of Land Surface Phenology: A Prospectus
Geoffrey M. Henebry, Kirsten M. Beurs

22. Near-Surface Sensor-Derived Phenology
Andrew D. Richardson, Stephen Klosterman, Michael Toomey

Part V. Phenologies of Selected Lifeforms

23. Aquatic Plants and Animals
Wulf Greve

24. Birds
Tim H. Sparks, Humphrey Q. P. Crick, Peter O. Dunn, Leonid V. Sokolov

25. Reproductive Phenology of Large Mammals
Jeffrey Kerby, Eric Post

Part VI. Applications of Phenology

26. Vegetation Phenology in Global Change Studies
Kirsten M. Beurs, Geoffrey M. Henebry

27. Temperature Sensitivity of Canopy Photosynthesis Phenology in Northern Ecosystems
Shuli Niu, Yuling Fu, Lianhong Gu, Yiqi Luo

28. Phenology and Evapotranspiration
Richard L. Snyder, Donatella Spano

29. Phenology in Agriculture and Horticulture
Frank-M. Chmielewski

30. Winegrape Phenology
Gregory V. Jones

31. Phenology in Higher Education: Ground-Based and Spatial Analysis Tools
Kirsten M. Beurs, Robert B. Cook, Susan Mazer, Brian Haggerty, Alisa Hove, Geoffrey M. Henebry, LoriAnne Barnett, Carolyn L. Thomas, Bob R. Pohlad

Keywords: Life Sciences, Plant Ecology, Climate Change, Atmospheric Sciences, Ecotoxicology, Zoology

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