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Multi-Scale Modeling and Characterization of Infrastructure Materials

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Table of contents

1. Fracture Toughness Testing Aspects for Assessing Low Temperature Behaviour of Bituminous Binders
Moises Bueno, Martin Hugener, Manfred N. Partl

2. Evaluating the Representative Volume Element of Asphalt Concrete Mixture Beams for Testing in the Bending Beam Rheometer
Crystal Rae Clendennen, Pedro Romero

3. Consideration of Grain Size Distribution and Interfacial Transition Zone in the Prediction of Elastic Properties of Cementitious Composites
Francois Duplan, A. Abou-Chakra, A. Turatsinze, G. Escadeillas, S. Brule, F. Masse

4. Multi-scale Characterization of Asphalt Mastic Rheology
Ebrahim Hesami, Ali N. Ghafar, Björn Birgisson, Niki Kringos

5. Integrating Physicochemical and Geochemical Aspects for Development of a Multi-scale Modelling Framework to Performance Assessment of Cementitious Materials
Yogarajah Elakneswaran, Tetsuya Ishida

6. Investigation on Mechanical Properties of Bituminous Materials through 2D/3D Finite Element Numerical Simulations
Fateh Fakhari Tehrani, Fatima Allou, Joseph Absi, Christophe Petit

7. Challenges While Performing AFM on Bitumen
Hartmut Fischer, Lily D. Poulikakos, Jean-Pascal Planche, Prabir Das, James Grenfell

8. A Preliminary Numerical Study on ITZ in Cementitious Composites
Yun Gao, Geert Schutter, Guang Ye, Mingzhong Zhang

9. Improvement of the Test Method for Determining Moisture Damage Resistance
Haleh Azari, Alaeddin Mohseni

10. Mode II Cracking Failure in Asphalt Concrete by Using a Non-conserved Phase Field Model
Yue Hou, Lei Zhang, Pengtao Yue, Troy Pauli, Fengyan Sun, Linbing Wang

11. Asphalt Internal Structure Characterization with X-Ray Computed Tomography and Digital Image Processing
Ibrahim Onifade, Denis Jelagin, Alvaro Guarin, Bjorn Birgisson, Nicole Kringos

12. Evaluation of Anti-clogging Property of Porous Asphalt Concrete Using Microscopic Voids Analysis
Wei Jiang, Aimin Sha

13. Representative Volumes for Numerical Modeling of Mass Transport in Hydrating Cement Paste
Neven Ukrainczyk, Eduard A. B. Koenders, Klaas Breugel

14. Exploring the Observed Rheological Behaviour of In-Situ Aged and Fresh Bitumen Employing the Colloidal Model Proposed for Bitumen
Olli-Ville Laukkanen, Terhi Pellinen, Michalina Makowska

15. Effect of Film Thickness of Asphalt Mixture in Compression Test
Ying Li, Dong Wang, Linbing Wang, Lei Zhang, Xudong Wang

16. Insulating Pavements to Extend Service Life
Rajib B. Mallick, Aaron Sakulich, Bao-Liang Chen, Sankha Bhowmick

17. Prediction of Linear Viscoelastic Behaviour of Asphalt Mixes from Binder Properties and Reversal
Quang Tuan Nguyen, Hervé Benedetto, Cédric Sauzéat

18. A 3D/2D Comparison between Heterogeneous Mesoscale Models of Concrete
Filip Nilenius, Fredrik Larsson, Karin Lundgren, Kenneth Runesson

19. Meso-Scale Analysis Considering Effect of Fiber Inclination in Fiber Reinforced Cementitious Composites
Hiroki Ogura, Minoru Kunieda, Hikaru Nakamura

20. Development of an Adherence Energy Test via Force-Displacement Atomic Force Microscopy (FD-AFM)
Troy Pauli, Will Grimes, Mengxi Wang, Peng Lu, Shin-Che Huang

21. Towards a Multi-scale Framework to Optimize Ageing Resistance of Asphaltic Materials
Prabir Kumar Das, Niki Kringos, Björn Birgisson

22. Effects of Nano-sized Additives on the High-Temperature Properties of Bituminous Binders: A Comparative Study
Ezio Santagata, Orazio Baglieri, Lucia Tsantilis, Giuseppe Chiappinelli

23. Differential Scanning Calorimetry Applied to Bitumen: Results of the RILEM NBM TG1 Round Robin Test
Hilde Soenen, Jeroen Besamusca, Lily D. Poulikakos, Jean-Pascal Planche, Prabir K. Das, Niki Kringos, James Grenfell, Emmanuel Chailleux

24. Review of Multiscale Characterization Techniques and Multiscale Modeling Methods for Cement Concrete: From Atomistic to Continuum
Wenjuan Sun, Ya Wei, Dong Wang, Linbing Wang

25. Effects of Various Modifiers on Rheological Property of Asphalt
Guo Meng, Tan Yiqiu

26. Coupled Creep and Damage Model for Concrete at Moderate Temperatures
Minh-Quan Thai, Benoît Bary, Qi-Chang He

27. Mitigating Resolution Problems in Numerical Modeling of Effective Transport Properties of Porous Materials
Neven Ukrainczyk, Eduard A. B. Koenders, Klaas Breugel

28. A 3D Image Correlation Algorithm for Tracking Movement of Aggregates in X-ray CT Images of Asphalt Mixtures Captured during Compaction
M. Emin Kutay, Nelson Gibson, Xinjun Li

29. Research into Applications of Acrylic Fibres in Porous Asphalt: Laboratory, Numerical and Field Study
Milliyon Fekade Woldekidan, Jan Voskuilen, Dave Vliet, Greet A. Leegwater

30. Finite Element Modeling of Rejuvenator Diffusion in RAP Binder Film – Simulation of Plant Mixing Process
Martins Zaumanis, Rajib B. Mallick

31. Micromechanical Simulation of the Permanent Deformation Properties of Asphalt Concrete Mixtures
Habtamu Zelelew, Enad Mahmoud, A. T. Papagiannakis

Keywords: Engineering, Building Materials, Characterization and Evaluation of Materials, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

Publication year
RILEM Bookseries
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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