Marujo, Helena Águeda

Positive Nations and Communities

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Table of contents

Part I. Introductory Perspectives

1. Two Images: Rhizome and Gift-Exchange in Life and Service
Christopher J. Kinman

2. Positive Institutions, Communities, and Nations: Methods and Internationalizing Positive Psychology Concepts
Grant J. Rich

Part II. Display of Psychological Attributes: From Personal to Social

3. The Altruism Spiral: An Integrated Model for a Harmonious Future
Lawrence Soosai Nathan, Antonella Delle Fave

4. The Importance of Friendship in the Construction of Positive Nations
Graciela Tonon, Lía Rodriguez Vega

5. Satsang: A Culture Specific Effective Practice for Well-Being
Kamlesh Singh, Anjali Jain, Dalbir Singh

6. Cocurricular Activities and Student Development: How Positive Nations Encourage Students to Pursue Careers in Psychology
Mercedes A. McCormick, Grant J. Rich, Deborah Harris O’Brien, Annie Chai

Part III. Realization: From Individual to Collective

7. The European Football Championship as a Positive Festivity: Changes in Strengths of Character Before, During, and After the Euro 2008 in Switzerland
René T. Proyer, Fabian Gander, Sara Wellenzohn, Willibald Ruch

8. Positive Psychology and Interpersonal Forgiveness Within Cultures
Júlio Rique Neto, Robert Enright, Bruna Seibel, Silvia Koller

9. South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Process as Applied Positive Psychology in Nation Building
Marié P. Wissing, Q. Michael Temane

Part IV. Agency: From Passive to Active

10. Gross National Happiness: A Case Example of a Himalayan Kingdom’s Attempt to Build a Positive Nation
George W. Burns

11. The Revolution of Happiness and Happiness in Revolutions: The Case of the First Portuguese Republic
Miguel Pereira Lopes, Patrícia Jardim Palma, Telmo Ferreira Alves

12. Positive Community Psychology and Positive Community Development: Research and Intervention as Transformative-Appreciative Actions
Luis Miguel Neto, Helena Águeda Marujo

13. From South-West Africa to Namibia: Subjective Well-Being Twenty-One Years After Independence
Martina Perstling, Sebastiaan Rothmann

Keywords: Psychology, Positive Psychology, Quality of Life Research, Cross Cultural Psychology

Publication year
Cross-Cultural Advancements in Positive Psychology
Page amount
24 pages

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