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Moonlighting Cell Stress Proteins in Microbial Infections

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Table of contents

Part I. Cell Stress, Cell Stress Proteins and Protein Moonlighting

1. Bacterial Stress Responses
Peter A. Lund

2. A Brief Introduction to the Eukaryotic Cell Stress Proteins
Brian Henderson

3. New Ideas on Protein Moonlighting
Constance J. Jeffery

Part II. Microbial Cell Stress Proteins Acting as Moonlighting Virulence Factors

4. Chaperonin 10, a Pro- and Anti-inflammatory Host Modulator
Anthony Coates

Helicobacter pylori Peptidyl Prolyl cis, trans Isomerase: A Modulator of the Host Immune Response
Manikuntala Kundu

6. Macrophage Infectivity Potentiator Mip Exhibits Peptidyl-Prolyl-cis/trans-Isomerase Activity, Binds Collagen IV and Enables Legionella pneumophila to Transmigrate Across Tissue Barriers
Michael Steinert, Can Ünal

7. Evolution of Bacterial Chaperonin 60 Paralogues and Moonlighting Activity
Shekhar C. Mande, C. M. Santosh Kumar, Aditi Sharma

Mycobacterium tuberculosis Chaperonin 60 Paralogues Contribute to Virulence in Tuberculosis
Richard W. Stokes

9. The Legionella pneumophila Chaperonin 60 and the Art of Keeping Several Moonlighting Jobs
Rafael A. Garduño, Audrey Chong

10. Chaperonin 60.1 of the Chlamydiae (cHSP60) as a Major Virulence Determinant
Aruna Mittal, Rajneesh Jha

11. Insect Symbiotic Bacterial GroEL (Chaperonin 60) and Plant Virus Transmission
Rena Gorovits, Henryk Czosnek

Histoplasma capsulatum Chaperonin 60: A Novel Adhesin and Vaccine Candidate
Joshua Daniel Nosanchuk, Allan Jefferson Guimarães

13. The Role of Stress-Induced Activation of HSP70 in Dendritic Cells, CD4+ T Cell, Memory and Adjuvanticity
Thomas Lehner, Yufei Wang

Candida albicans Ssa: An Hsp70 Homologue and Virulence Factor
Sumant Puri, Mira Edgerton

15. Hsp90 Plays a Role in Host-Bacterial Interactions: Insight Gained from Acanthamoeba castellanii

Harish K. Janagama, Jeffrey D. Cirillo

Part III. Host Cell Stress Proteins that Promote Bacterial Virulence

16. Role of Peptidyl-Prolyl cis/trans Isomerases in Cellular Uptake of Bacterial Protein Toxins
Holger Barth

Listeria monocytogenes and Host Hsp60 – An Invasive Pairing
Kristin M. Burkholder, Arun K. Bhunia

18. Cell Surface Stress Proteins and the Receptor for Lipopolysaccharide
Kathy Triantafilou, Martha Triantafilou

19. Host Molecular Chaperones: Cell Surface Receptors for Viruses
Tomoyuki Honda, Keizo Tomonaga

20. BiP (Grp78): A Target for Escherichia coli Subtilase Cytotoxin
Adrienne W. Paton, Hui Wang, James C. Paton

21. Cholera Toxin Interactions with Host Cell Stress Proteins
Ken Teter

22. Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress-Associated gp96 Chaperone is a Host Receptor for Adherent-Invasive E. coli

Nathalie Rolhion, Arlette Darfeuille-Michaud

Escherichia coli K1 Meningitis and Heat Shock Protein, gp96
Nemani V. Prasadarao

Part IV. Novel Interactions of the Cell Stress Response in Infection

24. Bacterial Cell Stress Protein ClpP: A Novel Antibiotic Target
Heike Brötz-Oesterhelt, Peter Sass

25. Host Neuroendocrine Stress Hormones Driving Bacterial Behaviour and Virulence
Michail H. Karavolos, C. M. Anjam Khan

Keywords: Biomedicine, Biomedicine general, Protein Science, Microbiology, Bacteriology

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