Behnassi, Mohamed

Sustainable Food Security in the Era of Local and Global Environmental Change

Behnassi, Mohamed - Sustainable Food Security in the Era of Local and Global Environmental Change, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Combating Food Insecurity: A Global Responsibility

1. Managing Food Systems, Climate Change and Related Challenges to Ensure Sustainable Food Security: The Urgent Need of a Paradigm and Policy Shift
Mohamed Behnassi

2. The Meat Crisis: The Ethical Dimensions of Animal Welfare, Climate Change, and Future Sustainability
Joyce D’Silva

3. Dietary Options for Climate Change Mitigation
Tozie Zokufa

4. Linking Forests and Food Production in the REDD+ Context
Gabrielle Kissinger

Part II. Managing Linkages Between Climate Change and Food Security

5. Gender, Climate Change and Household Food Security: A South Asian Perspective
Nira Ramachandran

6. The Threats of Climate Change: Implication for Food Crisis in Sub-Sahara Africa
Olubunmi Lawrence Balogun, Sulaiman Adesina Yusuf, Kayode Ayantoye

7. Climate Change and Food Security in Kano Nigeria: A Model for Sustainable Food Production
Salisu Lawal Halliru

8. Climate Change and Food Insecurity: Institutional Barriers to Adaptation of Marginal Groups in the Far-Western Region of Nepal
Nirmal Kumar Bishokarma, Sagar Raj Sharma

9. The Impacts of Climatic Change and Options for Adaptation on Some Subsistence Crops in the Sudano-Sahelian Zone of Cameroon
Prosper Somah Techoro, Michael Schmidt

Part III. Food Security and Food Production and Consumption Patterns

10. Productive Potential of Urban Agriculture Towards Food Security: Evidence from Southwest Nigeria
Oluremi Akintayo, Babatunde Oyewole

11. The Role of Bahrain Local Food Production System in Ensuring Sustainable Food Security
Salma Saeed Ahmed Bani

12. General View Point, Perception and Acceptance of Organic Food Products Among Urban Consumers in the Thai Marketplace
Seksak Chouichom, Lawrence M. Liao, Masahiro Yamao

13. Food Diversity and Nutritional Status in School Children in Morocco
Youssef Aboussaleh, Ahmed Ahami, Mohamed Afechtal

14. Local or Indigenous Chicken Production: A Key to Food Security, Poverty Alleviation, Disease Mitigation and Socio-Cultural Fulfilment in Africa
Kolawole Daniel Afolabi

15. Responding to Food Production Challenges in the Face of Global Warming at Community Level in Kenya: The Role of a Local University
Jokastah Kalungu, Walter Leal, Moses Mwangi

Part IV. Enhancing Food Security by Innovation: Selected Successful Practices

16. Food Security in Knowledge-Based Economy: Role of Trans-national Seed Corporations
Sangeetha Parthasarathi

17. Food Security Constraints and Role of Biosaline Agriculture in Meeting Food Demand in the Gulf States
Shahid A. Shabbir

18. Land Use Change and Food Security: Has Introduction of Rice Production in Cotton Zone in Benin Met Optimal Allocation of Resources by Households?
Sènakpon E. Haroll Kokoye, Silvère D. Tovignan, Rosaine Nérice Yegbemey

19. Oil Palm Expansion: Competing Claim of Lands for Food, Biofuels, and Conservation
Ari Susanti, Paul Burgers

20. Performance of Raised Beds and Conventional Planting Method for Wheat (Triticum Aestivum L.) Cultivation in Punjab, Pakistan
Ijaz Rasool Noorka, Saba Tabasum

Keywords: Environment, Sustainable Development, Earth System Sciences, Social Sciences, general, Agricultural Economics, Renewable and Green Energy, Public Health

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