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The Mediterranean Sea

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Table of contents

Part I. Geology, Chemical and Physical Oceanography

1. The Geological Origins and Paleoceanographic History of the Mediterranean Region: Tethys to Present
Vincenzo Picotti, Alessandra Negri, Bruno Capaccioni

2. A Channeled Shelf Fan Initiated by Flooding of the Black Sea
William B. F. Ryan, Dina Vachtman, Cecilia McHugh, M. Namik Çağatay, Yossi Mart

3. Past, Present and Future Patterns of the Thermohaline Circulation and Characteristic Water Masses of the Mediterranean Sea
Nikolaos Skliris

4. Past, Present and Future Patterns in the Nutrient Chemistry of the Eastern Mediterranean
Michael Krom, Nurit Kress, Ilana Berman-Frank, Eyal Rahav

5. Marine Chemosynthesis in the Mediterranean Sea
Marco Taviani

Part II. Ecology: Taxa and Trophic Levels

6. Microbial Components
Marta Estrada, Dolors Vaqué

7. The Mediterranean Sea – Primary Productivity
Noga Stambler

8. Autochthonous Seaweeds
Félix L. Figueroa, Antonio Flores-Moya, Juan J. Vergara, Nathalie Korbee, Ignacio Hernández

9. Autochthonous Seagrasses
J. Lucas Pérez-Lloréns, Juan J. Vergara, Irene Olivé, Jesús M. Mercado, Rafael Conde-Álvarez, Ángel Pérez-Ruzafa, Félix L. Figueroa

10. Alien Benthic Algae and Seagrasses in the Mediterranean Sea and Their Connection to Global Warming
Razy Hoffman

11. The Zooplankton
Enric Saiz, Ana Sabatés, Josep-Maria Gili

12. Zoobenthos
Josep-Maria Gili, Rafael Sardá, Teresa Madurell, Sergi Rossi

13. Foraminifera
Anna Sabbatini, Caterina Morigi, Maria Pia Nardelli, Alessandra Negri

14. Mediterranean Corals Through Time: From Miocene to Present
Agostina Vertino, Jarosław Stolarski, Francesca R. Bosellini, Marco Taviani

15. Mediterranean Coral Population Dynamics: A Tale of 20 Years of Field Studies
Erik Caroselli, Stefano Goffredo

16. The Making of the Mediterranean Molluscan Biodiversity
Bruno Sabelli, Marco Taviani

17. Recent Changes in the Distribution of Autochthonous Marine Molluscs in the Mediterranean Sea
Paolo G. Albano

18. Advances in Predicting the Impacts of Global Warming on the Mussels Mytilus galloprovincialis in the Mediterranean Sea
Basile Michaelidis, Hans-O. Pörtner, Inna Sokolova, Lars Tomanek

19. Holoplanktonic Mollusca: Development in the Mediterranean Basin During the Last 30 Million Years and Their Future
Arie W. Janssen, Katja T. C. A. Peijnenburg

20. Ocean Acidification and Warming Effects on Crustacea: Possible Future Scenarios
Awantha Dissanayake

21. Bryozoan Constructions in a Changing Mediterranean Sea
Chiara Lombardi, Paul D. Taylor, Silvia Cocito

22. The Fishes of the Mediterranean: A Biota Under Siege
Menachem Goren

23. Physiological Responses of Marine Animals Towards Adaptation to Climate Changes
Elena Fabbri, Enrico Dinelli

Part III. Global Climate Change and Ecosystem Effects

24. A Comparative Analysis of Trophic Structure and Functioning in Large-Scale Mediterranean Marine Ecosystems
Alberto Barausse, Luca Palmeri

25. Bioconstructions in the Mediterranean: Present and Future
Petar Kružić

26. Marine Bioerosion
Christine H. L. Schönberg, Max Wisshak

27. Metamorphoses: Bioinvasions in the Mediterranean Sea
B. S. Galil, Menachem Goren

28. Future Trends of Mediterranean Biodiversity
José Templado

29. Regime Shifts in the Marine Environment: How Do They Affect Ecosystem Services?
Alexandra C. Kraberg, Karen H. Wiltshire

Part IV. Mediterranean Man and Sea: Myths, Origins, Challenges and Opportunities

30. Mediterranean Culture and Climatic Change: Past Patterns and Future Trends
Anna Maria Mercuri, Laura Sadori

31. The Mediterranean Human Population: An Anthropological Genetics Perspective
Marco Sazzini, Stefania Sarno, Donata Luiselli

32. The Mediterranean and the Voices Transported by Time
Maria Helena Trindade Lopes

33. Mediterranean Royal Purple: Biology Through Ritual
David Iluz

34. Socioeconomic Aspects: Human Migrations, Tourism and Fisheries
Dafna M. DiSegni, Mordechai Shechter

35. Effect of Climatic and Anthropogenic Disturbances on Sponge Fisheries
Thierry Pérez, Jean Vacelet

36. Seafood Safety and Human Health Implications
António Marques, Rui Rosa, Maria Leonor Nunes

37. Mediterranean Aquaculture in a Changing Climate
Rui Rosa, António Marques, Maria Leonor Nunes

38. Climate Change, Extreme Weather Events and Health Effects
Francesca Donato, Paola Michelozzi

39. Conflicts and Security Risks of Climate Change in the Mediterranean Region
Jürgen Scheffran, Hans Günter Brauch

40. Developing Resource Management and Marine Policy for the Eastern Mediterranean Sea
Michelle E. Portman

Keywords: Environment, Marine & Freshwater Sciences, Freshwater & Marine Ecology, Microbial Ecology, Plant Ecology, Environmental Economics

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