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Maturing Megacities

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. The Pearl River Delta in Progressive Transformation
Uwe Altrock, Sonia Schoon

Part II. Transforming into Megacities

2. Second Metamorphosis? Urban Restructuring and Planning Responses in Guangzhou and Shenzhen in the Twenty-First Century
Mee Kam Ng, Jiang Xu

3. The Influence of Regional Planning Administration on Local Development
Xiangming Ma

4. Cross-Border Governance: The Merger of Guangzhou and Foshan
Xun Li, Ruitong Wu

Part III. The Reorientation Toward Urban Regeneration

5. Three Olds: Experimental Urban Restructuring with Chinese Characteristics, Guangzhou and Shenzhen in Comparison
Sonia Schoon

6. Examining China’s Urban Redevelopment: Land Types, Targeted Policies, and Public Participation
Lin Ye

Part IV. Economic Upgrading

7. Maturing Governance Over Time: Groping for Economic Upgrading in Guangzhou’s Zhongda Cloth Market
Sonia Schoon, Friederike Schröder

8. Formal and Informal Economies in Guangzhou’s Zhongda Cloth Market
Xiangdong Wan

9. Regeneration of Derelict Industrial Sites in Guangzhou and Shenzhen
Uwe Altrock, Hang Ma

Part V. The Evolution of Integrative Governance

10. Gaming and Decision-Making: Urbanized Village Redevelopment in Guangzhou
Zhiqiang Zhuang

11. Villagers’ Participation in Mega-Urban Upgrading. Liede Village: Guangzhou’s Pioneer
Xiaohong Tan, Sonia Schoon

12. Elite Vision Before People: State Entrepreneurialism and the Limits of Participation
Hyun Bang Shin

Part VI. Public Open Space Between Appropriation and Marketing

13. Parks as Soft Location Factors
Juan Zhao

14. The Role of Public Space in the Upgrading of Manufacturing Sites
Qiang Cai, Tao Cai, Jibin Ren, Hongchun Liao

15. The Role of Public Space in the Upgrading of Urbanized Villages
Katharina Wiethoff

Part VII. Conclusion

16. Maturing Megacities: Lessons from the Pearl River Delta Experiences
Uwe Altrock, Sonia Schoon

Keywords: Geography, Landscape/Regional and Urban Planning, Urbanism, Regional/Spatial Science

Publication year
Advances in Asian Human-Environmental Research
Natural Sciences

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