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Sustainable Bioenergy Production - An Integrated Approach

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Table of contents

Part I. Setting the Scene

1. Sustainable Bioenergy Production: An Integrated Perspective
Hans Ruppert, Martin Kappas, Jens Ibendorf

2. Bioenergy Villages in Germany: Applying the Göttingen Approach of Sustainability Science to Promote Sustainable Bioenergy Projects
Peter Schmuck, Swantje Eigner-Thiel, Marianne Karpenstein-Machan, Benedikt Sauer, Hans Ruppert, Walter Girschner, Folker Roland

Part II. Do We Have Enough? – Biomass Potentials for Energy Generation

3. Estimation of Global Bioenergy Potentials and Their Contribution to the World’s Future Energy Demand – A Short Review
Martin Kappas

4. A Process-Based Vegetation Model for Estimating Agricultural Bioenergy Potentials
Markus Tum, Kurt P. Günther, Martin Kappas

5. Modelling Site-Specific Biomass Potentials
Roland Bauböck

Part III. Can Bioenergy Production Be Environmentally Sound?

6. Integrative Energy Crop Cultivation as a Way to a More Nature-Orientated Agriculture
Marianne Karpenstein-Machan

7. Scale-Relevant Impacts of Biogas Crop Production: A Methodology to Assess Environmental Impacts and Farm Management Capacities
Wiebke Saathoff, Christina Haaren, Michael Rode

Part IV. Economic Optimisation of Bioenergy Production

8. Optimising Bioenergy Villages’ Local Heat Supply Networks
Anke Daub, Harald Uhlemair, Volker Ruwisch, Jutta Geldermann

Part V. Bridging Bioenergy Production and Society

9. Growth of Biogas Production in German Agriculture: An Analysis of Farmers’ Investment Behaviour
Karol Granoszewski, Christian Reise, Achim Spiller, Oliver Musshoff

10. Social Acceptance of Bioenergy Use and the Success Factors of Communal Bioenergy Projects
André Wüste, Peter Schmuck

11. Applying the Sustainability Science Principles of the Göttingen Approach to Initiate Renewable Energy Solutions in Three German Districts
Peter Schmuck, Marianne Karpenstein-Machan, André Wüste

12. Assessment of Different Bioenergy Concepts in Terms of Sustainable Development
Swantje Eigner-Thiel, Meike Schmehl, Jens Ibendorf, Jutta Geldermann

Part VI. Combustion of Biomass for Heat and Power

13. Emissions of Organic and Inorganic Pollutants During the Combustion of Wood, Straw and Biogas
Torben Seidel, Jürgen Orasche, Hans Ruppert, Jürgen Schnelle-Kreis, Hans Hartmann

Part VII. Bioenergy from Polluted Soils

14. Bioenergy Production as an Option for Polluted Soils – A Non-phytoremediation Approach
Benedikt Sauer, Hans Ruppert

Keywords: Environment, Sustainable Development, Renewable and Green Energy, Agriculture, Landscape/Regional and Urban Planning, Interdisciplinary Studies, Nature Conservation

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