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Thermal Infrared Remote Sensing

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Table of contents

1. Theoretical Background of Thermal Infrared Remote Sensing
Claudia Kuenzer, Stefan Dech

2. Geometric Calibration of Thermographic Cameras
Thomas Luhmann, Johannes Piechel, Thorsten Roelfs

3. Thermal Infrared Spectroscopy in the Laboratory and Field in Support of Land Surface Remote Sensing
Christoph A. Hecker, Thomas E. L. Smith, Beatriz Ribeiro Luz, Martin J. Wooster

4. Challenges and Opportunities for UAV-Borne Thermal Imaging
Margarete Vasterling, Uwe Meyer

5. NASA’s Hyperspectral Thermal Emission Spectrometer (HyTES)
Simon J. Hook, William R. Johnson, Michael J. Abrams

6. NASA’s Hyperspectral Infrared Imager (HyspIRI)
Michael J. Abrams, Simon J. Hook

7. Spaceborne Thermal Infrared Observation – An Overview of Most Frequently Used Sensors for Applied Research
Claudia Kuenzer, Huadong Guo, Marco Ottinger, Jianzhong Zhang, Stefan Dech

8. Thermal Remote Sensing with Small Satellites: BIRD, TET and the Next Generation BIROS
Eckehard Lorenz

9. Landsat and Thermal Infrared Imaging
Terry Arvidson, Julia Barsi, Murzy Jhabvala, Dennis Reuter

10. Review of High Resolution Thermal Infrared Applications and Requirements: The Fuegosat Synthesis Study
José A. Sobrino, Fabio Frate, Matthias Drusch, Juan C. Jiménez-Muñoz, Paolo Manunta

11. Cross-Comparison of Daily Land Surface Temperature Products from NOAA-AVHRR and MODIS
Corinne Myrtha Frey, Claudia Kuenzer, Stefan Dech

12. Comparison of the Thermal Sensors of SEVIRI and MODIS for LST Mapping
Caixia Gao, Xiaoguang Jiang, Zhao-Liang Li, Françoise Nerry

13. A Water Vapor Scaling (WVS) Method for Improving Atmospheric Correction of Thermal Infrared (TIR) Data
Glynn Hulley

14. Time Series Corrections and Analyses in Thermal Remote Sensing
José A. Sobrino, Yves Julien

15. Thermal Remote Sensing of Sea Surface Temperature
Christopher J. Merchant

16. Soil Moisture from Thermal Infrared Satellite Data: Synergies with Microwave Data
Claudia Kuenzer, Ursula Gessner, Wolfgang Wagner

17. Application of the Apparent Thermal Inertia Concept for Soil Moisture Estimation in Agricultural Areas
Claudia Notarnicola, Katarzyna Ewa Lewińska, Marouane Temimi, Marc Zebisch

18. Thermal Remote Sensing of Active Vegetation Fires and Biomass Burning Events
Martin J. Wooster, Gareth Roberts, Alistair M. S. Smith, Joshua Johnston, Patrick Freeborn, Stefania Amici, Andrew T. Hudak

19. Analysis of Lava Flow Effusion Rate Using High Spatial Resolution Infrared Data
Valerio Lombardo, Maria Fabrizia Buongiorno

20. Thermal Analysis of Volcanoes Based on 10 Years of ASTER Data on Mt. Etna
Maria Fabrizia Buongiorno, David Pieri, Malvina Silvestri

21. Thermal Infrared Remote Sensing of Surface and Underground Coal Fires
Claudia Kuenzer, Jianzhong Zhang, Li Jing, Guo Huadong, Stefan Dech

22. Thermal Infrared Remote Sensing of Geothermal Systems
Christian Haselwimmer, Anupma Prakash

23. Analysis of Surface Thermal Patterns in Relation to Urban Structure Types: A Case Study for the City of Munich
Wieke Heldens, Hannes Taubenböck, Thomas Esch, Uta Heiden, Michael Wurm

24. Mineral Mapping with Airborne Hyperspectral Thermal Infrared Remote Sensing at Cuprite, Nevada, USA
Dean N. Riley, Christoph A. Hecker

25. Validation of Thermal Infrared (TIR) Emissivity Spectra Using Pseudo-invariant Sand Dune Sites
Glynn Hulley, Alice Baldridge

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Remote Sensing/Photogrammetry, Landscape/Regional and Urban Planning, Environmental Monitoring/Analysis, Earth Sciences, general

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Remote Sensing and Digital Image Processing
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18 pages
Natural Sciences

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