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Transcriptional and Translational Regulation of Stem Cells

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Table of contents

1. The Stem Cell State
Gary R. Hime, Helen E. Abud

2. Induction of Pluripotency
Corey Heffernan, Jun Liu, Huseyin Sumer, Luis F. Malaver-Ortega, Rajneesh Verma, Edmund Carvalho, Paul J. Verma

Part I. Model Stem Cell Systems (A) Invertebrate

3. Germline Stem Cells and Their Regulation in the Nematode Caenorhabditis elegans

Aaron Kershner, Sarah L. Crittenden, Kyle Friend, Erika B. Sorensen, Douglas F. Porter, Judith Kimble

4. Transcriptional and Post-transcriptional Regulation of Drosophila Germline Stem Cells and Their Differentiating Progeny
Helen White-Cooper, Simona Caporilli

5. Stem Cells in the Drosophila Digestive System
Xiankun Zeng, Chhavi Chauhan, Steven X. Hou

6. Mechanisms of Asymmetric Progenitor Divisions in the Drosophila Central Nervous System
Rita Sousa-Nunes, W. Gregory Somers

Part II. Model Stem Cell Systems (B) Vertebrate

7. Transcriptional/Translational Regulation of Mammalian Spermatogenic Stem Cells
Cathryn A. Hogarth

8. Transcriptional Regulation and Specification of Neural Stem Cells
Kimberly J. Christie, Ben Emery, Mark Denham, Helena Bujalka, Holly S. Cate, Ann M. Turnley

9. Transcriptional Control of Epidermal Stem Cells
Briana Lee, Xing Dai

10. Regulation of Intestinal Stem Cells by Wnt and Notch Signalling
Katja Horvay, Helen E. Abud

11. Transcriptional Regulation of Haematopoietic Stem Cells
Adam C. Wilkinson, Berthold Göttgens

12. Regulation of Mesenchymal Stem Cell Differentiation
David Cook, Paul Genever

Part III. Molecular Families Implicated in Stem Cell Regulation

13. The Musashi Family of RNA Binding Proteins: Master Regulators of Multiple Stem Cell Populations
Jessie M. Sutherland, Eileen A. McLaughlin, Gary R. Hime, Nicole A. Siddall

14. JAK-STAT Signaling in Stem Cells
Rachel R. Stine, Erika L. Matunis

15. Myc in Stem Cell Behaviour: Insights from Drosophila

Leonie M. Quinn, Julie Secombe, Gary R. Hime

16. The Role of Nuclear Receptors in Embryonic Stem Cells
Qin Wang, Austin J. Cooney

17. Epigenetic Regulation of Stem Cells
Anton Wutz

18. Regulation of Stem Cell Populations by microRNAs
Julie Mathieu, Hannele Ruohola-Baker

19. Myb and the Regulation of Stem Cells in the Intestine and Brain: A Tale of Two Niches
Jordane Malaterre, Lloyd Pereira, Robert G. Ramsay

Keywords: Biomedicine, Biomedicine general, Stem Cells, Cell Biology, Developmental Biology

Publication year
Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology
Page amount
10 pages
Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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