Sarkar, Fazlul H.

Epigenetics and Cancer

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Table of contents

1. Systems and Network Biology to Investigate Epigenetic De-regulatory Mechanisms of MicroRNAs in Pancreatic Cancer
Irfana Muqbil, Fazlul H. Sarkar, Ramzi M. Mohammad, Asfar S. Azmi

2. Role of MicroRNAs in Cancer Epigenetics
Kishore B. Challagundla, Petra Wise, Muller Fabbri

3. Epigenetic Regulation of EZH2 and Its Targeted MicroRNAs
Sandy Leung-Kuen Au, Irene Oi-Lin Ng, Chun-Ming Wong

4. Epigenetics and MicroRNAs in Renal Cancer
Shahana Majid, Sharanjot Saini, Guoren Deng, Rajvir Dahiya

5. Epigenetic Regulation of MicroRNA in Colon Cancer
Qiong Zhang, Mukesh Verma, Sharad Khare

6. Epigenetic Regulation of miRNAs in Breast Cancer Formation and Progression
Zhiqian Zhang, Zhengmao Zhu, Baotong Zhang, Jin-Tang Dong

7. Epigenetic Variations of Stem Cell Markers in Cancer
Sripathi M. Sureban, Dongfeng Qu, Courtney W. Houchen

8. Recent Updates on Epigenetic Biomarkers for Prostate Cancer
Karen Chiam, Tanya Kate Day, Tina Bianco-Miotto

9. Epigenetics and Racial Disparities in Prostate Cancer
Benjamin A. Rybicki

10. Epigenetic Signatures of Breast Cancer Genes
Shrikant Anant, Animesh Dhar, Satish Ramalingam

11. Exploiting Epigenetic Modifiers to Circumvent Melanoma Dual Resistance to TCR-Engineered Immunotherapy- and BRAFV600E-Kinase Inhibitor
Ali R. Jazirehi

12. The Role of Epigenetics in Radiation Therapy and the DNA Damage Response
Steven P. Zielske

13. Plant Polyphenols as Epigenetic Modulators of Glutathione S-Transferase P1 Activity
Vijay S. Thakur, Sanjay Gupta

14. Epigenetic Regulations of mRNAs and miRNAs by Nutraceuticals
Yiwei Li, Dejuan Kong, Aamir Ahmad, Bin Bao, Fazlul H. Sarkar

15. Towards Curative Cancer Therapy with Maspin: A Unique Window of Opportunity to Target Cancer Dormancy
Alexander Kaplun, M. Margarida Bernardo, Sijana Dzinic, Xiaohua Li, Ivory Dean, Benjamin Jakupovic, Jason Liu, Elisabeth Heath, Wael Sakr, Shijie Sheng

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